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    Probus here in Devonport is all females ............ it's actually called Ladies Probus Club Of Devonport. I've met and made friends with some lovely people. My next door neighbours are members and there is always something going on plus we have trips and meals out. All very enjoyable. I have voluntary jobs too. One of them is on two evenings a week the others during the day. Always busy. That, plus caring for our animals, the garden, and catching up with friends ............... never a dull moment
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    I have a new woman in my life. She is so obedient. She does everything I ask straight away. Her name is Alexa.
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    The day has come. After nomination refusal in July 2018, I appealed. After 1 year of waiting for AAT company changed ABN and I had to withdrew my appeal and lodge nomination and application again. I checked immi account this afternoon and my application status was still Received. I checked again at 8pm and it was finalized. Timeline in my signature. Good luck everyone.
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    I have a long association with Probus which is an arm of Rotary, non profit and an organisation designed to put seniors(60 years+) in touch with each other. As a member of Probus we find there is something social going on almost every day of the week and you get to meet many like minded people from your local suburb. When I joined I found I had met several people before when my kids were at kinder and primary school so it was a bit of a happy reunion for me. The only downside is we are always off eating together so you could put on weight- but then our club has a cycling group and a walking group so I guess that helps to balance the rest! Anyway, anyone interested could check out this website. I am not paid to say this, incidentally, it is just that I know when people leave work, retire and lose contacts it can be a bit daunting, especially if you are also a migrant. https://www.probussouthpacific.org/directories/lookup
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    As at 21 Feb: "We don't provide processing times for Contributory Parent, Parent, Contributory Aged Parent and Aged Parent visa applications. Applications for these visas are subject to capping and queueing. However, based on current planning levels, we estimate new Contributory Parent visa applications lodged that meet the criteria to be queued are likely to take approximately at least 52 months to be released for final processing. New Parent and Aged Parent visa applications lodged that meet the criteria to be queued are likely to take approximately 30 years for final processing."
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    Just watched that, thought Palin was a bit doddery at the beginning but it must have been the opening journey. He soon picked up an he was fantastic as usual. Fascinating stuff
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    It’s correct to say that for people who applied in 2010, the processing time is only 10 years. The point is that every year, they receive far more applications than they process, so the queue gets considerably longer with each year that goes by. They never increase the annual quota to catch up, in fact they seem to do the opposite
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    What, the link from Greenpeace? Or the link showing he's a paid lobbyist for a Nuclear energy company? Which facts are you disputing?
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    Thinking about it when we were planning to apply for the Australian PR in 2011, my agents told me that the process is changing and to get our applications in as soon as possible. This was before the EOI was put in place. Thanks to Go Matilda we were able to get through within 6 months of starting the process. It was much more simpler then. Things have gotten much harder and I see people struggling to qualify even if they have their jobs on the list. Immigration for sure has become much more tighter.
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    This is not an option for the OP as they are too young. On shore parent applications are for "aged" parents only.
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    Go fishing, one can catch a meal for tea and get exercise, just relax in peace and quiet, or admire the scenery....Which, to my way of thinking, is infinitely better to listening to a load of old Mums gas-bagging about their grandkids... Cheers, Bobj.
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    Hi OP, I was the same as you, never really really “settled” before baby but thought Aus was ok and worth it to be with hubby. After baby number 1, mother in UK with breast cancer (thankfully fully recovered) and father with kidney cancer (sadly passed) the pull home became unbearable and when the time came to get back on the plane to Aus I couldn’t do it. It was awful and led to the breakdown of my relationship but in my experience those nagging feelings are nagging for a reason, don’t ignore them. If your husband wants to return too I wouldn’t wait. You could always rent your Aus place out? In 4 years who knows what your situation will be...don’t wait. 4 years is a long time to want to be somewhere else. feel free to PM me of you want.Best of luck xx
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    He’s had a curry and a few beers now, he’s a little tired
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    Ted arrived safe and sound
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    Congrats jayjay enjoy hoping we all will get good news soon
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    Many many congratulations Jay jay
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    Another...I still get automated calls saying that they are NBN and to press 1 to talk to a technician, or my internet connection will be cut off...They have been 'going to cut off my internet connection ' since March 2019. Cheers, Bobj.
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    This is what we need to be eating!
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    You are such a handsome fluffball George....
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    VAC2 Payment request received today. VAC2 Payment done today. 143 GRANT Letter received today. 48 Months of Long Waiting is over today. Thanks to all on this Forum for contributing very valuable information related to cpv 143 which really helped us to do it ourselves.
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    Visa granted today - we're over the moon!! The long wait is over. Arriving in Oz on 29/2! Thanks everyone for all your help and support.
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    You can switch to 864 but you have to withdraw your 143 application, pay a new first vac and most importantly you start with a new lodgement date so your parents would start again from a much later lodgement date. It doesn’t appear to be faster any more. There’s been no movement for months and if you go back a few posts Alan Collett posted a reply from PVC which implied processing times for 864 are likely to be aligned with those of 143 There have also been some articles recently written in Australia about immigration and apparently they say there are too many people there on bridging visas I think all any of us can do is just be patient and get on with our lives and hope one day to be reunited with our families. IF Australia wants bright young immigrants to work to pay its taxes and develop the country etc they have to accept that some will want their parents with them too - those parents who contributed to the upbringing and education of those bright young immigrants.!