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    I’d agree. The only people who should be flying flags are national institutions and international consulates, IMHO. Private or public citizens wearing such things in their shirt/blouse lapels etc should be ok - why not. Or car stickers etc, I’f one must, but then what about Nazi stickers? Personally it’s an insult to free speech to have Nazi memorabilia or keepsakes/merchandise. Who in earth would want an affinity and to condone links to such a horrific regime/party? But clearly flags should be mainly for officialdom.
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    Deposit set up at comm bank. All paperwork uploaded at centrelink and copy to immigration. Money was paid in cash, no 150$ set up cost. Bank staff fully au feit with process, took about 90 mins as no.1 son did not bank CBA.
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    A Pom posts a list of pommy TV programs he’s seen or will watch, and that miraculously becomes Aussies obsessed with British life? You really are a confusing chap!
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    We received the 2nd Vac request on 17 Dec 19 and immi asked we booked the ticket for my sister ( dependant child ) to depart Aus within 28 days we used bpay to pay 2nd Vac on 09 Jan 19. Immi called me the same day to confirm the payment gonna through successfully and mentioned that my sister was still in Aus. They can only grant visa once she is offshore. It normally take 3 days they said. my sister departed Aus on 13 Jan 19 ( last day of timeframe) gluck eveybody. We knew December xmas time is very busy so it takes longer time for them to process documents. Be patient good things will come to you. Thank you everybody for such amazing help & support.
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    Email received today requesting further documents, finally
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    I think it should be illegal. I don't really like people flying flags of any type. If any flag is allowed it should be an Australian flag. Imagine if your neighbour was Indian and flying an Indian flag and another neighbour is flying a Union Jack. If you are in Australia you should be only flying an Aussie flag but preferably no flags at all. Who needs them ?
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    Should usually be 3-4 weeks before. Completely depends on your local council's backlog which ceremony you end up at, but I'd say it's likely 26th Jan is all done now. I know from my local council (Moreland) that i'm not on 26th Jan or their February lists, our approval was late October. I'm just preparing for up to another 3 months wait, that way won't be too disappointed! Is there anything pressing for you time-wise, or just want to have it done? Also remember, the reported average between approval and ceremony is 4-5 months -
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    BPay is generally best these days. Paying by credit card or PayPal introduces an additional charge: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/fees-and-charges/explanation-of-visa-application-charges/surcharges Best regards.
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    I can understand the locals not wanting to evacuate, I'm talking about the holidaymakers. I can understand they'd be worried about leaving all their stuff behind, but I don't think I would put that consideration above my wellbeing. The health implications of staying for days or weeks in that smoky atmosphere could be quite serious.
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    Jim Courier was pretty good in his day, albeit that was getting on for 30 years ago, but it irks us and we are not experts in any way and he is commentating on 2 of probably the greatest players for many years that he is rambling on about what they are doing wrong all the time. They have their current full team of experts sitting at either end of the court and giving advice, which is up to them to accept or not. He then waffles on about matches donkeys years ago with facts and figures which he is probably reading from a book and no relevance to the game you are watching. Most of the other commentators commentate on the game and that's it, great.
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    I don't find that to be the case at all (apart from the Royal Family, but in case you hadn't noticed, they're Australia's Royal Family as well). However, it has to be said that British TV drama is much better than US or Australian TV drama and that is why I watch it.
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    Yes, you are correct and probably every woman's magazine will be plastered with it too.
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    Shouldn’t be long now for you both, LBee and Esteban.
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    I agree it’s about extremes , hence the name change from Global warning to climate change as the narrative back then was it’s getting hotter that was what was being told and when this was proved not to be the case the name was changed . The climate has changed since earth was created How much of current change is induced by man ?
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    Hello all, New to the forum - we applied on 11/01 and glad to see that the processing has picked up thepace little bit compared to early last year .. fingers crossed - wont have to wait year
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    my OPPO phone has never let me down , bought outright , built by Samsung ……..cant see the point in paying $1200 plus $200 apple care when you get the same item , does the same thing for $300...…...its all for show ……...
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    Keir Starmer will be the next leader even though he is a bit of a prat
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    But they are it’s true, bet you your papers are full of Harry and Megan, am I correct?
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    If it's specific to one user I doubt it's software related. I'm guessing you have some sort of profile database, and I would guess simmo's is corrupted in some way.
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    I have been asked to come on to this thread. Despite Cal and Ali’s numerous requests lately the constant bickering has continued. Maybe people need to remind themselves with regards to the forum rules, especially questioning moderators. I cannot believe you all act like children then when reprimanded twist it and blame the mods. I dread to think what this forum would be like without the hard working moderators who do this in their own personal time. I’m sure they have much better things to be doing.
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    exactly, just wish it was optional. many women here like to have hijab, many others don't. To me, I still like to have hijab in Iran, when you are adapted to this type of clothes, it is hard to change it suddenly. because I'm afraid of being hurt by deeply religious men in Iran. Although I hate hijab ,and do not feel like to be a Muslim at all! I see that when a girl here walks on street with her scarf around her neck, many men turn their heads toward her looking at her like she is a whore. I don't like that look. maybe I am coward...
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    They are a lot but they are the best by a long way I think. I love my iPhone, it’s one luxury that’s a must for me
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    A mansion opposite London's Hyde Park has been bought by a Chinese gentleman for 210 million pounds.