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    Today is my last day at work so I'll be looking into Aussie pension. It'll be touch and go whether I get anything as my wife is still working part time and we both get incomes from pension schemes from the UK. I have super here too but you can still have a fair amount and still get some pension. As a couple it's about $900,000 before the pension cuts out altogether. If I'm due any I'll be taking it for sure. Have to arrange an appointment with centerlink, it's too hard to try and work it out on line or on the phone. Come lunchtime today i'm off down the pub
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    Hi, we transferred money into Aus $ then sent to our agent’s client account who then paid through BPay. We sent money 12.12 agent paid 13.12 and visa granted same day! Very quick through BPay!
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    Hello Depends on what you are prepared to do, and are not too fussy about what you do. If you are going to be fussy or precious about it, you may find yourself a little lacking in options or jobs. For example, cleaning toilets at a caravan park is hardly exciting or glamorous, but it pays pretty well and you can sometimes get free accommodation thrown in for good measure. My backpacking paid jobs with added perks included : Working in a deli & butcher (with a free lunch), working as a cashier in a clothes shop (discounts on clothes), barmaid & waitress, making coffee & sandwiches in a cafe (with a free lunch), taking money at the door of a nightclub, working as a chambermaid in a hotel, working as a receptionist in a motel (with free accommodation), working as a cleaner at a backpackers hostel (with free breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation), working as a hostel manager (with free accommodation), cleaning toilets at a cinema complex (with access to free films), fruit picking, handing out leaflets. Also depends on whether you are a saver or you like to party. If you are getting paid, but also have free accommodation, it is easier to save than if you have to pay for lodgings. I did party quite a lot and spent money on a good time, but I was also able to save and travel round much of the country too. My best suggestion is to have some sort of skill base before you leave home (like learning to pull beers, waitress, operate a coffee machine, etc...) as that will give you an added boost over others also looking for work.
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    So much for caring sharing Boris Johnson's new "one nation govt" The Conservatives live up to their"nasty" reputation" https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/dec/17/windrush-victim-rejects-insulting-offer-of-22000-payout-compensation
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    A few: Fairytale of New York (Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl) So Here it is Merry Christmas (Slade) White Christmas (Bing Crosby) Silent Night Auld Lang Syne However, this year I feel grinch-like and am avoiding the whole of Christmas
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    The 90s. My boys were big grunge fans. Nirvana, Pearl Jam and this mob ... The Offspring and many others.
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    Hello Anywhere on the Northern Beaches (stretching from Manly up to Avalon) will fulfil your needs, except # 6. If you need to be near the airport, then down south near the beach (Maroubra) would be better. Surry Hills or Paddington or Glebe are nice for inner city living It really depends what lifestyle you like. Inner city living would personally drive me insane with all the noise, pollution and crowds, but some people thrive on that environment.
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    We have seen applicants from March are getting visa grant in this month, so there is a strong chance you might get grant within 1 or 2 months. Applicants from asian countries do not get visit visa very easily as they belong to high risk countries in terms of visa compliance. Please upload all relevant document on Immi Account as soon as possible, do not wait for case officer to ask you for documents. Make sure Police certificates, medicals and biometrics are completed. Waiting for case officer to ask you for documents will only delay your application.
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    Both of my parents died early, my mum when I was 16 and my dad in my late twenties. I used to envy friends who still went shopping with mum etc. now not so much as they are dealing with elderly and frail parents. My husbands dad is still going at 90, just and he feels guilty that we are not there to care for him, but his sister is. We did our share whilst in the UK when he had heart bypass and broken arm, it was us who drove him to stay with us until he recovered and me who went back with him to ensure he could cope again on his own so I don’t feel too guilty. He isn’t the easiest of men........
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    What do you think @Toots ? These guys are great.
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    @mppc I thought I was going to see you post good news then!! I feel your pain!!
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    A Scottish friend's granddaughter has almost finished her 2 year WHV. She has had jobs in bars and done casual office work in Sydney and managed to get in a fair bit of travel. She has also worked on a large farm in South Australia.
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    My niece has been in aus for almost 2 years on a WHV, she gets jobs for a few months, saves and then heads off with a group usually.
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    Might be worth trying a different web browser. Firefox is a pretty good one if you haven't already tried it.
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    I have my fingers crossed the rate stays >$1.90 until mid Feb.... Like you the rate is significantlt better than when we started planning this, lets hope it keeps improving!
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    This was on the radio on my drive to work today, it’s a classic
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    I was looking at this as a guide to how much we could spend on a house in Australia. When we sell we should clear £500k in the UK which if we had transferred in May (at bank rates and before fees etc.) would have been $885k (exc rate 1.77/GBP) If we had kept it until today (esc rate 1.93/GBP) that same £500k would be $965K Basically when you exchange makes a massive difference to your finances - exchanging this is Dec 2019 (rather than May 2019) essentially is the same as having cleared £550k on the house sale rather than £500k In the case of a £500K transfer, every 0.01% difference in exchange rate is $5,000 so it makes sense to maximum this anyway you can
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    HORRAYYYYY!!! My parents and younger brother got their PR today!!!! Excellent Xmas gift, although they came 2 years late but better be late than never!! Merry Xmas to you all and thanks for everyone's support throughout this painful waiting time!
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    Woolworths sell Pork Pies too. (in the deli counter ) and our local one also sells Batchelors Mushy peas, original and chip shop style. The pork pies are not quite as good as UK ones though, in my opinion of course. Cal x
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    Hi juditta,. I set up an online TransferWise account. You can open up to 5 foreign currency accounts and transfer between them. It's very easy . I believe they give market rates and only charge a small transfer fee. Bank to bank have extra charges and sell below market rate
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    Yep. You can get tinned mushy peas and our local IGA sell good pork pies, scotch eggs, black pudding. If you ask the local IGA for something they'll try and get it.
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    What an era! I was living like a rockstar back then.
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