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    Hi all my dear friend , After nearly 7 years since I moved here or 2587 days to be more precise I’ve got my PR granted yesterday!:)!:) Can’t describe my feeling at the moment , so happy and proud of this I can easily say the biggest achievement in my life! After 2 student visas, 485 visa, after that 457 visa finally was turn for 186 DE permanent visa It took lot of effort , lot of sacrifice, blood and tears definitely, working such a hard work for all of this years , spending money for the educations, visas, lawyers, skill assessment but at the end it’s definitely worthed! It’s worthed cuz I love this country soo much :)! Thanks for all of you guys for your support and advices I have received on this forum, I can tell you one thing for sure, don’t give up never, and stay positive because tomorrow or next week you can be the next one cheers , it’s time to finally open MOËT Champagne to celebrate this the best Christmas present ever My timeline: Visa and nomination submitted at the same time in June 2019. Medical and AFP check Immigration requested on a 28th of October Medical and AFP check cleared on 4th of November Visa and nomination granted yesterday 4th of December!!!! occupation: Mettal fabricator/Boilermaker
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    Wait was over last friday and just wanted to let everyone know in here, and noone worry toomch you get good news just unexpectedly. It is happening faster these days too My timeline is Birth contry- nepal Visa and nom applied as cook trt- 31july2019 No of applicant- me and wife Nomination approved and s56 for police and wife bachelor's cert- 3rd of september Submited s56- 7th september Got golden email- 29 november
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    I can update on the above; woke up this morning to three lovely emails GRANTING us all our visas. Happy ??? - Oh Yes !!!!
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    Thanks MAZ, Thanks shygirl24, Thanks cyberteonixxxxxx Thanks everyone, this forum was like my second family here I swear , we were always sharing sad and good news all together All of you are my family no matter what Cheers and stay strong your time is coming
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    Hi Guys, I got the email for second vac today . My parents are in Australia, so when do they need to leave the country? After making the payment or the immi will inform us to leave the country so that they can take decision?
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    Hi Everyone, First time posting on this forum, just thought I’d give a brief introduction of myself. I moved to Australia when I was young, been an Australian citizen for 14 years now but will always miss home, as we all do. Moved to Brisbane originally and then in 2006 moved to Darwin. If you have any specific questions about anything related to living in working in Darwin please ask! I moved back to Brisbane in 2014 and have missed Darwin ever since. Strongly considering making the move back up north in the New Year. Thanks for reading!
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    I suppose Gretta knows better than spok?
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    It's less exciting than it sounds... I'm a management consultant and I work with two types of organisations 1) Large banks and financial companies 2) Governemnt treasuries
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    Congrats and we were only talking about timelines on Sunday!! Enjoy the celebrations. I hope my email is on the way
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    What a gutless little prig. Time to get some of those chicken memes ready bunbury. This guy is yellow. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50679252
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    Prior to the Normans arriving in Britain, there were the Romans, the Anglo Saxons (from Germany) and the Vikings. What a bunch of mongrels we are.
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    Maybe buy the AUDs now anyway? Best regards.
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    Am hoping 2nd vac is requested before this bubble bursts!
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    Always sad when a country loses its cultural identity. Immigration needs to be controlled.
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    And why not? It is fair to say that a terrorist is not a decent human being, not all terrorists are Muslim, nor are all Muslims terrorists. But for some the only terrorists are Muslim terrorists, as posts scattered across this thread would attest to. Also calling this bias out is frowned upon. I agree, I am no fan off any evangelists, of all religions- as an atheist. No Muslims have come up to me and tried to convert me, but if they did, I’d treat that then the same as Jehovah’s witnesses and numerous ‘Christian’ friends and family who have tried to get me to ‘convert’
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    Why do you dismiss out of hand the view of 163 Economists? Is your opinion based on a key economic miscalculation they have made or simply a reaction to the party putting the proposals forward? Either way I'm surprised by your subsequent posts on this thread tbh Bunbury, as it's not like you to use a tragedy to point score, or to belittle women based on their appearance. T x
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    Hi guys, after 7 weeks waiting my PR has finally been approved. The grant email is the best gift I ever received! Best wishes to everyone who still waiting here! Your golden email will come soon!
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    Hi Ballaratburd, we lived in Perth for 28 years and loved it. We chose WA because of the weather and the beaches and it suited us to a T. If you are looking for a less busy lifestyle then Perth will suit you. I’m sure you will get loads of replies on your question, everyone will have their own opinion of Perth, but all I can say is we loved living there, loved the quieter lifestyle, and the “isolation” comments you may receive are in my opinion over exagerated.
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    And his attempt to backtrack, once he'd been told his mistake, was just as laughable. Said he was just trying to reassure the Coloradians in the audience that he was keeping them safe. He was talking to an audience in New York.
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    this is pure gold........he doesn't even know the states of his own country, openly laughing at him.
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    I'd want to get you something that lasted longer than lunchtime!
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    Yep, he's doing well, he's just given the Eastern flank of Europe to his mate Putin, given him a stranglehold on the middle east, destroyed the confidence of eastern europe in resisting Russian expansion, I wonder how much he owes in Russia.
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    Trash talk? He was talking about women in general, for example your mother, your sister. Do they like it actually?
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