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    Hi all my dear friend , After nearly 7 years since I moved here or 2587 days to be more precise I’ve got my PR granted yesterday!:)!:) Can’t describe my feeling at the moment , so happy and proud of this I can easily say the biggest achievement in my life! After 2 student visas, 485 visa, after that 457 visa finally was turn for 186 DE permanent visa It took lot of effort , lot of sacrifice, blood and tears definitely, working such a hard work for all of this years , spending money for the educations, visas, lawyers, skill assessment but at the end it’s definitely worthed! It’s worthed cuz I love this country soo much :)! Thanks for all of you guys for your support and advices I have received on this forum, I can tell you one thing for sure, don’t give up never, and stay positive because tomorrow or next week you can be the next one cheers , it’s time to finally open MOËT Champagne to celebrate this the best Christmas present ever My timeline: Visa and nomination submitted at the same time in June 2019. Medical and AFP check Immigration requested on a 28th of October Medical and AFP check cleared on 4th of November Visa and nomination granted yesterday 4th of December!!!! occupation: Mettal fabricator/Boilermaker
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    Wait was over last friday and just wanted to let everyone know in here, and noone worry toomch you get good news just unexpectedly. It is happening faster these days too My timeline is Birth contry- nepal Visa and nom applied as cook trt- 31july2019 No of applicant- me and wife Nomination approved and s56 for police and wife bachelor's cert- 3rd of september Submited s56- 7th september Got golden email- 29 november
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    Thanks MAZ, Thanks shygirl24, Thanks cyberteonixxxxxx Thanks everyone, this forum was like my second family here I swear , we were always sharing sad and good news all together All of you are my family no matter what Cheers and stay strong your time is coming
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    Hi Guys, I got the email for second vac today . My parents are in Australia, so when do they need to leave the country? After making the payment or the immi will inform us to leave the country so that they can take decision?
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    Hi Everyone, First time posting on this forum, just thought I’d give a brief introduction of myself. I moved to Australia when I was young, been an Australian citizen for 14 years now but will always miss home, as we all do. Moved to Brisbane originally and then in 2006 moved to Darwin. If you have any specific questions about anything related to living in working in Darwin please ask! I moved back to Brisbane in 2014 and have missed Darwin ever since. Strongly considering making the move back up north in the New Year. Thanks for reading!
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    I suppose Gretta knows better than spok?
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    This is interesting to watch now and a reminder that the scientists are not always right and probably change their minds every few decades or so.
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    These interviewers like to think they are the star sometimes and want to make it all about them. Who cares what he wants ?
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    We try to play the game! We bring smallish amounts almost day by day at the moment. That way, if the rate goes down tomorrow we feel we have won, and if it goes up we bring a bit more!! Best rate for ages.
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    I have no idea what Mundine is up to these day. He's netted roughly $30 million from his boxing career, amassing a huge property portfolio in the process. He's well known for his generosity and helps his people (indigenous Australians).
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    So risible that an unsubstantiated account is made into a joke. Pure comedy gold. The factknown to us are: RA - settled undisclosed amount, $8M figure is a pure unsubstantiated fantasy. Folau - Not getting his day to crusade in court, and get damages of $14M he wanted
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    We just have. It’s equal opportunity scrutiny for all the wingnutts, not just the Muslim ones. Christians too - the ones who go on about bush fires being god’s wrath for not being prejudiced against gays.. In other news, in the UK the Muslim lobby group in Birmingham lost their abhorrent battle to ban teaching about same sex relationships in schools. This extended to turning up to the school/s mob handed, chanting and abusing the kids and teachers under the guise of ‘peaceful protest’ Glad to see the UK Govt and law hasn’t lost it’s balls when calling these homoohobe cretins out, and to account.
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    If calling out gobshites like Mundine and Folau for their despicable views and behaviour is hate filled prejudice, somebody better give that memo to the PM - ScoMo. He clearly didn’t get it when he effectively told Folau to leave it out - the bushfires debacle. Never thought it was possible, but there you have it, I’m in agreement with the PM- prejudiced and hate filled, we stand up to reprehensible actions and words. Nevermind, whilst that camaraderie may be short lived, and standing up against privileged fools may be unfashionable in Australia we’ll carry on calling them and their behaviour out.
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    I'm sure you can black up, go around bare foot carrying a spear and living in a humpy if you really need to maintain the cultural identity parley. Me, I dress up in Saxon gear and build a roundhouse in the back yard. Things were great here till those bloody normans immigrated.
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    Was that the black Christian man ranting at the white Jewish man and child ? Bet your heads nearly exploded
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    You do need to check the bottom line. I am registered with a few companies and often the one that charges a fee gets me more dollars in the end. Banks are usually not the best option and don’t let you lock in a rate. It can make a huge difference, even a modest rate increase can get you thousands more dollars on larger transfers.
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    Even for a pom bathing only once every 6 weeks doesn't ring true to me. He must really stink by now.
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    Hi Everyone, Finally I can say, im Australian Permanent Resident now. My visa approved on Saturday 30 November. I share my timeline Rcb, visa nomination applied 15 march 2018 Rcb approved 4th April 2018 medical done 6oct 2019 Visa and nomination opened 19 oct 2019 s56 for visa and nomination for visa asked IELTS result and AFP for nomination asked Job description, job contract, employees details and status documents uploaded for nomination on 23rd October documents uploaded for visa on 28th October Nomination approved 17th November Visa approved Saturday 30th November 4:26am cafe manager, regional WA, DE 187 Onshore Best of luck everyone. thanks,
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    It has been a long time for silent reader. Received my golden email today. The wonderful early Christmas gift! Here is my timeline Occupation: Software Engineer State: NSW Processing Office: NSW PESE Stream: 186 Direct Entry Applicants: 1 Nomination Lodged : 14 Oct. 2019 Nomination Approved: 02 Nov. 2019 s56 Request for medicals : 02 Nov. 2019 | Initial Assessment Medicals cleared : 7 Nov. 2019 | Further Assessment Visa granted on 2 Dec. 2019 Hope everyone get your golden email before Christmas.
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    Don't worry, I applied on 15/8/19 and still nothing. There is no official info how they queue applications but in general it is somehow by date with additional criteria such as: - is job position really needed? (for example you can see lot of IT positions finalized pretty quick) - is sponsor accredited? - how big the company is? I am of course just guessing but I am pretty sure there are some internal rules for this. There are people who get it in 10 days and people who get it in a year... without knowing their rules it might seem random
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    He is simply a cult leader with absolutely nothing of value to say, sadly. There have been cults before and there will be cults in the future. Most only wind up harming a relatively small number of people. This particular cult has a wider reach so has the potential for greater harm. I keep hoping Trump fails in doing real lasting harm and becomes just a comedic footnote in hostory. A substantial subset of the population are prone to falling for cults and America has a larger proportion of such people than other countries.
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    We were recently chatting to some Americans who absolutely love Trump. They weren't dumbbums, either. He appeals to that masculine, trample all over the opposition and win type i.e. average businessmen!They think he is the best thing since sliced bread. On the other hand, we were also recently speaking with an American obstetrician who loathes him and holds him responsible for the death of many Americans who cannot afford proper health care. Guess it depends where you are at.
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    I have one in my kitchen utensil draw. I thought every household did. If you must get me something though, I wouldn't mind Donald Jr's new book.
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    Yep, he's doing well, he's just given the Eastern flank of Europe to his mate Putin, given him a stranglehold on the middle east, destroyed the confidence of eastern europe in resisting Russian expansion, I wonder how much he owes in Russia.
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