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    Yes it’s pouring with rain on our part of the Sunshine Coast. The 2nd good thunderstorm over us now. I really hope that it rains everywhere and helps to damp down some of the fires. Don’t know how long it will last but grateful for any rain.
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    What do you wish you had but never will? The huge barra I lost off the rocks...Guesstimated at 135-140 cm. And the huge golden snapper...Guesstimated 8 kg. BUGGA!!! And again, BUGGA!!! Cheers, Bobj
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    Landed a 98 cm barramundi this morning and bit of a spanish mackerel... Released the barra as it is closed season for them. Cheers, Bobj
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    Funny how actors assume they are experts on all manner of issues. The fame must go to their heads.
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    @Parley. A 7 ft shark off the Newry Islands, Qld then a 119 cm barramundi in PeterFaust Dam, Proserpine Cheers, Bobj.
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    The ability to sing in tune! I love music but only sing when no one can hear or in a crowd. Trouble is I have a good ear so I know when I get it wrong and it inhibits me and makes it worse. I have a friend who sings loudly and out of tune and has no such inhibition and although I cringe I wish I could do that.
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    Tucked away in Tassie ................ but yes I have read about all that scamming stuff. Don't hear much about it happening here but as you say it probably does. Just watched a documentary about the Crown Prince of Saudi. "One year after the murder of columnist Jamal Khashoggi, a two-hour FRONTLINE documentary investigates the rise and rule of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia (MBS). Correspondent Martin Smith who has covered the Middle East for FRONTLINE for 20 years examines the crown prince’s vision for the future, his handling of dissent, his relationship with the United States — and his ties to Khashoggi’s killing." After watching it I'm more than happy to be tucked away in Tassie far away from the total sh*thole that is the Middle East.
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    My visa was finalised today! Almost 22 months since we applied and just over 8 years since we first moved here. Best of luck to everyone waiting x
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    Perthbum’s usual outlook on life.
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    Wow. That is amazing. What memories.
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    Some lucky people are getting granted even less than a month. I am really confused what are the factors IMMI consider to pull up file.
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    Fixing the various pension anomalies is a juicy target for Australia in a potential FTA with the UK, as is the need for the UK to index-link UK pensions in Australia the same as they do in other countries. The pressure of British retirees on the Australian benefits system will only grow if the value of a British pension is ever decreasing. The last time it was discussed publicly (in the early days of UK austerity), William Hague admitted it was unfair but that the UK had no extra money...end of conversation. They might be minded to find that money now if the UK holds a weaker hand in negotiations, both economically and politically.
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    https://news.sky.com/story/general-election-farage-claims-no-10-offered-brexit-party-candidates-jobs-to-stand-down-11861383 This is a real toughie. How can you tell who is lying in an argument between two liars? Does it really matter, when they are arguing over a lie, and the people voting for them seem to take masochistic pleasure in being lied to anyway? Is this even newsworthy?
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    I think your visa will not be approved until you leave and go offshore. If you are holding the same passport for your application and you are in the county already. For example if you have a French and Italian passport and you applied offshore on you French passport for your 187 Chef visa and you are in Australia with your Italian passport then your visa can still be granted. But if you have only one passport and you in Australia already but your application is offshore your visa won't be processed until you leave. This is my understanding, (through a friend who has Italian and Brazilian passports) if anyone finds this explanation wrong please don't get hyper about it, just present your explanation.
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    It will always be better than Blighty, no matter what happens.
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    Raining gold this morning, email received requesting us to depart Australia so that the 309/100 can be granted. Have to be at least out for 5 working days apparently so just busy trying to book as we have to leave no later than 04th December. I think they must be clearing up 2018 now as well so hopefully a few more grants today and next week!
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    Hi everyone, our visa was granted on the 13th after 15months wait 🥳 After 8 years in Australia we are finally permanent residents and can finally start living and planning our lives properly. Thank you for everyone for their support and good luck for those who are still waiting
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    Contact a good migration agent first. The reputable ones will give you a free initial consultation which will give you all the basics
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    Hi there That question on pensions is not a black and white answer as it will depend on a huge range of things mostly to do with your current position and future goals and objectives (predominantly around retirement). Just some background though, a UK pension cannot be transferred to an Australian QROPS Super Fund (since 2005) until a person reaches age 55. From that point it may be possible to transfer a pension (depending on the type) as some cannot be transferred (government defined benefit unfunded schemes) however whether it is the right thing to do or not is a different matter and if the balance is quite large then usually a straight transfer is not possible due to Australian contribution limits therefore phased/staggered transfers would be required. See here for a bit more info https://vistafs.com.au/main/page_uk_pensions_age_55.html. There may also be options for people under age 55 to consider around transferring their pension, again though this would need to analysed at an individual level but moving say to an SIPP could be a consideration given then the ability to invest in currency and funds that are Aus Dollar denominated. See more here https://vistafs.com.au/main/page_uk_pensions__age_55.html. Happy for you to reach out via PM or email ( andrew@vistafs.com.au ) to create initial contact and then possibly move to advice if necessary and at an appropriate time. Regards Andy
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    Good luuuuuuuuck Rosie! Hope we all get processed really quickly here in WA, and maybe even have our citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day 2020! How cool would that be hey?!
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    We moved back to UK and enjoyed the first 3 months but once the novelty of being back wore off we didn’t settle. We moved back to oz a few years ago. Going back and forwards was a huge waste of money but needed to be done to realise oz is home now.
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    No regrets. Never looked back after coming home. More freedom, better career, better location, more hobbies, more friends, my family, better food, better telly, better beer and pubs, great healthcare, my state pension, the list goes on....I wouldn’t swap my life in a beautiful village with green open space, views and fresh clean air to go back live in a dry stinking hot suburb in a sweat box house where you can hardly breathe or get a decent nights sleep.....a sandpit garden, trapped behind a 6ft grey colour bond fence doing almost the exactly same things day after day. There was nowhere to go. Really ? swap my life in U.K. for that, absolutely no chance. 11 years back now and really grateful for the life I’ve got here. Australia was not bad or anything but U.K. is a truly fantastic country to live in. Think carefully before you throw all this away if you’re not sure.
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