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    Please don't turn this thread into an Oz v UK great egg debate.......
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    My visa was finalised today! Almost 22 months since we applied and just over 8 years since we first moved here. Best of luck to everyone waiting x
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    I love scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and cream … once a year delight (usually Christmas)
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    A bit more on the AOS payment. My son went into Commonwealth bank yesterday to make the payment. It took a good 30 minutes to set up the bond for the bank guarantee and he was fortunate because the bank employee who dealt with it used to work in a bank next to a Centrelink office. She had dealt with many previous applicants, knew what she was doing and was very particular about making sure it was right. I’m sure it would have taken longer otherwise. My son then uploaded the bank guarantee, account documents and original letter without problems. Hopefully it will go through smoothly. Have to say though that the whole process could, very readily, throw anyone who is not totally proficient in English. The original letter from Centrelink needs careful reading, it’s a complicated process and everything has to be done to the letter. Also another thing to be noted is that there is an additional 150$ Administration charge by the bank for setting up the bond in the first place.
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    We won't Simmo - we don't live there anymore nor intend to (if that changed we'd register to vote), I don't feel it's right to exercise a vote under those circumstances. I know others will and that's ok, but it doesn't sit well with me to do it.
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    You cannot do it in 5 years nor can you do it in 50 years if there is no plan to do so and no will to change. Do I think that Australia could generate 100% of electricity from renewables in 5 years in practical terms? Maybe not, but within 10 years, sure. But there has to be a plan to work towards and a will to carry that out. There is neither. I will repeat that I am not proposing Australia end mining coal or exporting it. It is up to other countries to work through their own solutions but Australia could help show the way. It won’t though because I keep hearing from Australians that they are not capable and are insignificant.
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    I am in Cumberland NSW My hubby will get his ceremony on 18/11. He got the invitation letter just 1 month after approval so fingers crossed I will get mine soon
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    I fry eggs on a low/medium heat for a minute or two only, giving them a little splash with the oil (sunflower oil - I know olive oil is better for you but for somethings it just doesn’t seem as nice and eggs is one of them). Tend to have poached eggs more than fried and I really love a good omelette. Oh and scrambled with a knob of butter added. I’m quite fussy about eggs, they have to be very fresh and free range. Cadbury’s chocolate eggs are also a favourite of mine, especially buttons.
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    Just wanted to share my timeline: date of application: 24/02/2019 date of test email: 12/11/2019 initial test date: 16/12/2019 rescheduled test date:13/11/2019 date of approval: 13/11/2019 date of ceremony: Waiting good luck to everyone
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    One mine local to us has around 200 years supply at current extraction rates
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    I just got an infringement notice in the mail today from Victoria Police. Alleged Speed 46km/h in a 40km/h zone. $207.00 Penalty. I feel like I have been scammed. First one in about 4 years. What a rort though.
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    Coal is fine as part of the mix. It needs to be part of the solution forever. Or at least the forseeable future.
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    Thanks so much @Jellybean T we really cant wait now
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    .................. and the plum in the mouth accent no matter where they live in the UK. Always thought it odd that the posh Scots spoke with that same plummy accent.
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    Do not insult our lovely little hens! Eggs from those awful factory farm type of things are the same the world over. Those poor chooks. I get my fresh eggs from the farm where we keep the horses. You are a giddy goat PB.
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    Rosiejaq I can hardly believe how much you have been messed about over the last 10 months, not only do you have the worry over the Aos saga but also worrying about the safety of your family in Oz as well. If any one deserves good news it's definitely you. I hope you hear good news very soon and can finally book those one way tickets to Australia. Wishing you a speedy visa grant.
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    I'm similar to s713, Mum brought us here because her Sister was here, who brought their mum here, Mum didn't want to particulary come but she had to be where her mum was. Her Sister is a bit of a controlling type. Anyhoo, We both don't hate Australia, but we both have never felt it is home, and hell if we still don't feel like that after 26 years, well it's time to go 'Home' and that's what we are doing. Her Mum, My grandma passed in 2016, my ex pushed myself and the kids away in 2018. No reason to stay here anymore. I know we haven't gone back just yet(soon), but I can tell you we won't regret it, not even one bit.
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    As I always say, "Life is too short; live it and don't ever give up!" @The Pom Queen, A log cabin in a tiny, tidy town. Sept 2017 Cheers, Bobj.
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    No regrets. Never looked back after coming home. More freedom, better career, better location, more hobbies, more friends, my family, better food, better telly, better beer and pubs, great healthcare, my state pension, the list goes on....I wouldn’t swap my life in a beautiful village with green open space, views and fresh clean air to go back live in a dry stinking hot suburb in a sweat box house where you can hardly breathe or get a decent nights sleep.....a sandpit garden, trapped behind a 6ft grey colour bond fence doing almost the exactly same things day after day. There was nowhere to go. Really ? swap my life in U.K. for that, absolutely no chance. 11 years back now and really grateful for the life I’ve got here. Australia was not bad or anything but U.K. is a truly fantastic country to live in. Think carefully before you throw all this away if you’re not sure.
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    Hi Guys. New to the forum. Just thought I would post my timeline and see what you thoughts are? CITY/AREA : ALICE SPRINGS ONLINE / PAPER : ONLINE DATE OF APPLICATION : 17/10/2019 DATE OF EMAIL : 3/11/2019 TEST DATE 10/12/2019 What do you think my chances of and Australia Day Ceremony are? Cheers
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    I'm off the naughy step. Now just need to control myself. Thanks to the moderators who have helped me in my rehabilitation.
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    Interesting to read this we are now in our 7th year and love it we moved to Sydney and built our home a couple of years ago here. We took our kids back to visit the UK last Christmas, our youngest who was 9 when we came over had been pining for the UK for 6 years. We had a great time and loved seeing family and friends, hubby and I had been back a few times for family reasons but it was the first time for the two youngest. Since coming back our youngest son hasn’t mentioned going to live back in the UK, he is still proudly English but he sees his life in Aus now. Our eldest son lives and works in Melbourne with his Aussie fiancée, we all have citizenship now (it is SO worth getting), our wages weren’t bad in the UK but they are amazing here and we love our jobs. We are very thankful for everything we have and enjoying seeing more of Australia every year we are here.
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    I was so paranoid after the issue I had that I now don't answer my phone unless I know the actual name that comes up on the screen. I put all my contacts into my phone so I just reject any unknown numbers.
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    Answer the question. Bill Shorten ran on a radical climate alarmist platform and was totally rejected by everyone. Noone is denying anything and Australia is meeting its Paris commitments