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    Hi there Paul here. well it’s been 10 years . Started off feb 2007 watching wanted down under one wet Monday morning . After a week of none stop rain I said who wants to go to live in Australia to my family wife 42 me 41 Paul jnr 13 tom 12 jack 7 Katie 5 months . We had a vote and we all said yes . Im a fabricator welder . So I looked at my options online and I had enough points 125 to get a skilled visa 175 at the time . Well by the time I got my skilled visa they had moved the goal posts and I never had enough points . So I said looking on here . You could get state sponsorship a 175 visa . So I went down that path . On the 30 Th of September 2008 we got the visa . We had taken our medical in the June so we had be out here by June 2009. We were very lucky we sold our house mid January and we had already thought we would have to rent the house out ,as we had flights booked for 25 Th of February. So lucky the bloke we sold too let us stay in it rent free till the day we left . So 13 suitcases 4 kids and a stressed wife we set off on the best decision of our lives . We were very lucky again my work friend had moved out here 18 months before us and picked me up at the airport and let all of us stay at his house with his family 3 kids . So jet lagged and staying in my mates house all 11 of us and dog . graham got me my first job it wasn’t the best but it got me going . Since then I’ve moved jobs 11 times . I’ve work all over Australia one job was on a oil and gas project 8 hrs flying time away from sunny Brisbane our home . The heat was unbearable at time and working 26 nights and 9 days off was tough . My boys love the place after a month of being here Paul jnr came home from school and said dad Australia is amazing. It made me so happy that they loved it . Since being here my eldest boy Paul got a job as auto cad operator a draftsman with a fire engineers . Sine then he’s completed his cert 3 and 4 in drafting and Is hopefully starting his degree in fire engineering next year . Sponsored by work . Tom my middle boy is a plaster and jack is doing a civil engineering degree. Katie is 13 this year and has just stared high school. The wife has a government job in the hospital 10 mins drive from home . ive given up working away now and I’m a leading hand boiler maker in a fabrication work shop 9km away from home . If anyone is thinking of coming here go for it . It really is the lucky country and I feel lucky being here . Good luck to anyone trying to get here . paul and family
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    ....if you wish to donate your hard earned to a greedy, arrogant, dishonest, hypocritical multimillionaire. If you wish to be a good Christian....or a good human being....donate to people who are really suffering through no fault of their own.
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    When you say not dangerous, I spotted one on my dashboard whilst doing 80 in traffic. That was pretty damned distracting. Good argument for a new car with better seals.
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    We had a house built in the UK in 1996 - all of the houses being built from that time (and just before) would more than likely have en-suite's with showers in addition to family bathrooms. Imagine it's a trend that's continued. Might not find them in older houses unless the owners have dome some home improvements
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    It's a huntsman, big but not dangerous. I had 2 of them crawl over my hand when I was weeding my garden one time. Cheers, Bobj.
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    And the poms would win in a canter
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    Been here 52 years, living in multiple states/territories. Sure do have some stories, another time maybe
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    People can join me in supporting Izzy's fight against the establishment here. https://www.gofundme.com/israel-folau-legal-action-fund
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    Lol .. I read this and thought 'good job I know you or I'd think you were a chauvinist being so disparaging to women
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    I certainly think that if there's any complexity then a registered agent is the way to go to ensure that not only have the i's been dotted and the t's crossed, but some peace of mind for yourself. Good luck - please do keep us posted how things go.
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    Hi guys Bought our first Campervan in January we love it go everywhere in it and love free camping and meet great people [emoji2]
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    Thank you. I've talked to my partner about my concerns and I think we're both going to feel more comfortable with the help of a migration agent. Besides our case might be a little more complex because my partner is a little bit well known in Australia and we've had a bit of media attention on the relationship which adds to the stress of the application and part of the reason I sometimes feel that Australia and I have a bit of a tense relationship.
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    They can be a bit misleading. Sometimes employers/agencies don't remove old ads after the jobs are filled, and agencies sometimes advertise "phantom" jobs as a way of attracting candidates for their database.
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    No respect for the man. This should never have got to the stage where he's calling off a potential act of war at the last minute. This should have been carefully analysed behind closed doors. Says a lot about the quality of his defence staff.
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    Even if you disagree with his religious beliefs, so what ? They are his beliefs and the law says he cannot be discriminated against for his religious beliefs. That is what I expect the court to say.
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    Being in a minority doesnt make you wrong. Being wrong makes him wrong.
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    It’s a pity you didn’t know....hopefully things will start happening in July. We’re waiting for our Aos to be reassessed as they made a ballsup of the original submissions! We’ve been told that they should’ve processed it correctly in about 2 weeks so hopefully we’ll have to pay Aos soon and then wait for 2nd VAC.....on tenterhooks now
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    Heyyyyy, we got our visa yesterday So relieved!!! Applied on 14th Dec for 489. Direct Grant.Gonna be arriving in Adelaide on 26th August 2019. Fingers crossed for yours to arrive soon.
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    Funny how the old thing still comes up about baths. Maybe it was because after the war people were poor in the UK so once a week was pretty normal for having baths. Horrible thought but that was how it was. Guess we all stank together as kids so no one noticed. After being away in Australia for some years we were all horrified at the smell of people in the tubes back in the 1990s but these days I assume all is good and everyone is clean and wholesome??
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    Can't generalize about 'Oz' weather but Perth weather is about as good as it gets tbh
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    Still a damn sight better than anywhere else!
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    I agree with all the above replies. Stop and have a really good think before you move, and write it down as it’s often clearer that way. Living in Australia is NOT just about living in the sun and frolicking on a beach and eating from a barbecue, which many folk in the UK think we do ! Life goes on as it does in the UK. Bills to pay, mortgage to pay, car to pay for, you still need to go to the dentist, doctor, opticians etc. you can still get sick, need an operation etc etc, life goes on wherever you are ............... Having said that, we spent 28 years there and loved it. And we just arrived back in the UK yesterday, to settle back here. It IS a very expensive exercise, so you do need to be fully committed to moving as per the above posts. I wish you well with whatever you decide to do.
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    No way, they are going booommm....why not do yourself a favor and buy some
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