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    Morning everyone Just received my GOLDEN EMAIL. good luck for everyone waiting . I have submitted my new NZ police clearance and NZ MOJ on 18th April . Waited 37 days . @Fungyour,s will be next 13th March requested for my NZ police clearance and NZ MOJ consent uploaded on 16th March 12th April - Requested NZ police clearanace and NZ MOJ for my husband - uploaded on 18th April 25th May - Visa grant more details in my signature Thanks
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    I think you already know what the answer is, you just have to find the courage to stand up to them. If you stop going home very year they might actually change their mind and decide to visit.
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    Hi Guys, I have received the golden email today, almost 2 months and I can only count my blessings! and would like to share my details since I have been threading on this forum, which is very helpful. Occupation: Accountant Birth Country: LR Number of Applicants: 2 Application submission: 26th March 2019 ENS Approval: 23rd April 2019 Further Request Infor ( Police Clearance & Health Check): 23rd April 2019 Final submission: 21st May 2019 Visa Grant: 25th May 2019 Good luck to those who are still waiting ! good news will come very soon for you all !
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    You're worried about upsetting the parents who expect you to sleep in a campervan on their driveway but won't let you book into a hotel?? What would you say to someone else in your position? Are you able to cancel your trip this Xmas because it's going to be bloody miserable, your husband must be a saint to put up with it. I appreciate it won't be easy (I had a very controlling mother too) but it's time to put yourselves first.
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    Can't even believe I'm typing these words! I haven't got my golden email yet but the silver one has arrived yesterday Long journey, here it goes: Occupation: Cafe Manager Location: Melbourne, VIC Country: HR Business turnover: around 7 million Staff: We have 3 sites, I manage the biggest one and have around 50 staff under my watch. Only 2 other people on 457 Visa (cooks, soon applying for their 186 TRT) 1st 457 approved: August 2014 2nd 457 approved (changed employers): April 2015 Lodged 1st 186 TRT Visa and Nomination: May 2017 Nomination refused without any documents request: June 2018 (apparently business wasn't financially strong enough to keep me for another 2 years) Visa application withdrew before being refused: June 2018 Lodged 2nd 186 TRT Nomination: July 2018 Lodged 2nd 186 TRT Visa: August 2018 Received famous email on April 4th 2019 regarding Nomination being allocated to CO soon and on April 5th also received email regarding Visa being allocated to CO soon Medical exams done on April 2019, right after receiving both emails above Nomination approved without any further documents request: May 24th Waiting on Visa approval. Immi has requested home country police clearance again, which we will submit on Monday 27th. Looking forward to good news! Once my 1st Nomination was refused I have lodged AAT as well (did at the same time my 2nd Nomination and Visa applications were lodged. With Immi you can never be too safe I guess). My MA said that I can ask for AAT fee refund, might do so once Visa is approved. What a happy Friday it was!!!
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    Seems that Dominic Rab is second favourite. The same Dominic Raab who, when he was Brexit Secretary, only realised that we were an island and that Dover was important last year? The same Dominic Raab who, when he was Brexit Secretary, quit and then voted against the Withdrawal Agreement he negotiated? Yeah, he’s as much an ignorant, incompetent as the rest of them. This whole debacle has exposed how woefully incompetent our entire political class is. Not a leader amongst them.
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    Yeah but you know what she is like with dates, she is as good with dates as you are with facts and figures
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    Oh what rubbish. She screwed it up all by herself and nobody else is to blame. Totally incompetent. Totally out of touch with the people. Totally unsuitable for the position. She should have gone years ago. Complete waste of everyone's time.
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    Happy to share my 186 de nomination got approved today, now eagerly waiting for the golden mail. More details in the signature.
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    I think that was already factored in, it is now irrelevant, she just couldn't cobble it together any more. We keep forgetting she is a dyed in the wool Tory, she has concentrated on the party and she has now gone and left the country at the mercy of a bunch of OAP's Disgraceful We have to have a General Election
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    So the next leader of the Tory party and de faco leader of a nation of 63 million will be chosen by around a 100,000 OAP' Conservative party members, archaic, it just about sums up the whole woeful mess, a bunch of extremists have got what they wanted, they've hijacked the country . FFS. how did we get here. A party which the UN have accused of deliberately setting out to impoverish people and of using the same thinking that set up the ' workhouse' regime.
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    Hello folks, New here but did some reading of this site when I prepared our application. We had what felt like a long wait for nomination but then after we submitted application, it was very fast, which was not what I expected at all and we were delighted. Our case was straight forward apart from having an adult daughter at university. Therefore we completed the application ourselves with one trip to see a registered migration lawyer who helped me understand the breadth of evidence needed to ensure my daughter would be likely considered dependent. He also helped us interpret "de facto" as she has a uni boyfriend. We had asked for NSW Health to use the Labour Agreement Scheme for our nomination but they refused on the basis that as Kiwis we "had no need for permanent residence". This was a blow as we knew DE would be longer. That cost us six months. As Kiwis we can live and work here but we cannot vote or access uni fee loans and are excluded from certain civil service jobs, as well as other things. There is also always the risk that later changes could undermine our right to be here and we felt a parental responsibility to try and secure PR (and ultimately citizenship) for the children we had brought here. We waited two years when we arrived because currently Kiwis in Oz count their time on the special category visa toward citizenship (this may change) and also after two years with same employer we avoid skills assessment including English assessment. The feeling when we got the emails was a fantastic mix of delight and relief - good luck to everyone else waiting. Our wait was only 14 months from immi in the end, but an extra 6 months getting the nomination submitted by employer. Rough timeline (I didn't keep track exactly) Occupation: Registered nurse State: NSW Birth Country: UK Stream: 186 DE Number of applicants: 4 Nomination applied: February 2018 (initially requested employer to sponsor under Labour Agreement in July 2017) Nomination approved: Early December 2018 Visa applied: Early February 2018 Asked to attend medicals: Early May Visa granted: 24 hours after medicals cleared. IMMI Status: Finalized
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    Very sad - she did her very best . It all goes back to some of those scumbags in Westminster, some labour , some in her own party , who promised in their manifestos to honour the result of the referendum . 500 voted to trigger article 50 , which meant that we were to leave the European union , with or without a deal on March 29th 2019 . A large proportion of these politicians , then set about breaking that promise . The deal she put forward , was a compromise , which is usually how these things are sorted , with compromise . They wouldn't back it , so here we are , fighting e.u elections , which should never have been the case . Sad thing is , she will be remembered as a failure , which I feel is wrong . She didn't fail Westminster, Westminster failed her.
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    Finally got permanent residency for australia on 21st may 2019 143 applied on 21 august 2015.
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    Hi Guys, Great news, IMMI seem to be getting their house in order. We received our "Golden" email today - 24/05/2019. 13 days from nomination to Approval with a 5 day break for the Medicals to be processed. I completed my application myself and my company used an MA. I hope that I can stick around and offer advice to and one that needs it. Good Luck to you all, this forum was very helpful.
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    That would be nice. PIO's two Experts on Perth showing me around.
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    This was our last trip on the boat to an island we often went to, to camp overnight,, so bare minimum of stuff to me (but probably not to you @Bobj lol ) sadly we lost all our camping gear and the boat in fire a few months ago, so will have to start collecting some camping gear over winter for when it warms up again.
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    Newcastle. Lots to do and see. Get a train down to Whitley Bay (it's a 15 minute trip) Stunning beach and the park does free concerts all through summer inc,using some very big names. Middlesbrough. Stay in southern part / southern edge. North is not good. South is nice, gives access to North Yorks national park, great villages such as Yarm, Stocksley and other. Stewart's Park is worth a trip. Has the museum of Captain Cook. A secret tip. The church opposite is very old and is the place Capt Cook was christened. All of the wood including pews were made by he mouse man. See how many mice you can find. A short walk from the park is fairy dell. A stunning woodland. Just north of the park are some shops which have a old Boro butchers that sell some of the best versions of north east foods such as peas pudding. Short drives from Boro are Whitby (great small town famous for its ruined Abby and the setting of Dracula. And the tiny village of Robins Hoods Bay. Stunning village very popular with tourists.
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    Women having a Penis sown on...adopting children and trying to live a normal life !!!!! That's really messed up.........
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    I've seen many children absolutely thrive in same sex foster placements through my work. I've worked with many children who live with same sex couples and display no confusion and experience no issues with bullying or substance abuse. I think there isn't enough evidence to say it's a bad thing for children. I appreciate my professional work experiences are not the same as an objective scientific study of the matter but I can only discuss what I've observed. I think kids are miles ahead of us all when it comes to gender and sexuality etc...they really just don't care one way or the other. It's all us folk from older generations that grapple with it. I grew up in a traditional family with mum at home and dad at work. I was never aware of any sexuality between them and was entirely unaware of their sex life (thank god). I don't see any difference with a same sex couple.
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    No, actually you can learn much more out of the classroom.
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    Hi all, My PR is granted today. Thank you all for informative sharings in this forum. Good luck everyone. Here is my info. Profession: Industrial Engineer Current Status: On Visa 457 Visa applied: 186 TRT Nomination and Visa Applied: 17th Apr 2019 (Application status: Received) Nomination Grant: 22nd Apr 2019 (Application status: Initial Assessement) Request medical check: 22nd Apr 2019 Medical clearance: 13th May 2019 (Application status: Further Assessment) Visa grant: 22nd May 2019 (Application status: Finalised) Country: ASEAN, so-called HR Number of Applicants: 4 State: VIC Status: Finalised
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    Just to inform any future "confused" applicants (like me) that I have received my PR roughly 2 months after I got the nomination. Immi hasn't requested any other documents and it was just a matter of time when the were approving the visa.
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    They should be able to travel on their Australian passports. They will get a visa stamp on arrival with a limited stay. Unlike Australia UK doesn’t stipulate the use of UK passport for citizens.
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    Be good for the Brexit War
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