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    Happy days! Finally after all the hassles and challenges, I logged into my immi account late last night (for what felt like the hundredth time yesterday alone) and at 7pm it had moved straight to finalised (nothing further requested so the new police certs that are on their way (ours expired from UK and AUS last month) are a waste of time and money!!), our 186 has been granted! Awaiting the official email from our MA but having logged in again this morning there are now grant letters on the account also! NSW PESE. Good luck to each and every one of you still waiting, I have total empathy with the ones who have waited longer and wish you a speedy resolution, to the ones coming to 'the party' recently and flying through the timings - congratulations also, you don't know how 'lucky' you are to have missed out on months / years of uncertainty and concern . Never give up, stay strong and hopefully sooner rather than later you'll all have your grants also. Thanks to those who give up their time to assist on this forum - your patience is a virtue and you all help quell nerves and manage expectations - thank you so much for the sage advice you continue to offer the larger community - its invaluable. Can someone update me on the spreadsheet please - July 2018, "BFC" - many thanks. Im not sure if we received the famous email on 4th April as we had just landed in the UK but it maybe no coincidence that the MA advised us to get our medicals done ASAP on that date...? I can only assume we (or maybe other clients of theirs) received the email??!? The best advice was to put a bottle of champagne 'on ice' - I put one in the fridge at the weekend with wishful thinking and its getting drunk tonight! Thanks all!
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    I had two miscarriages before 12 weeks. Both were the same as a heavy period. A sad time in our lives but not something to analyse to the nth degree. Funny how most of the rabid anti-abortion supporters are men. I also know four women who had abortions. I supported them even though it was an issue I was uncomfortable with.
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    How would the Liberal government new visa changes affect Visa's: - https://www.taylormadeimmigration.com/?q=2019-20 Migration Plan A nice comparison of changes from 2017/2019 to 2019/2020+ (quality is not the best, but don't shoot the messenger).
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    Are you under the influence of alcohol? Have to be to post this!
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    Guys golden mail got this afternoon feel like I am in moon now best of luck all of you guys.
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    I just enjoy seeing different places and spending time away with my OH, our dogs and our friends. We also get to do things we don’t when we are at home, fishing, kayaking etc.
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    Do you get many farmers in Brummie Wetherspoons ?
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    The UK government said that they could not support British steelmakers under EU rules on state aid. When it was pointed out that Italy had supported their steel industry by giving research grants to Italian steel, basically subsidising the industry by funding the extraneous activities for them...UNDER EU RULES, the UK Government went quiet. It chose not to do the same. The argument over Chinese steel is well known, it's cheap and not as good, but fit for the purposes it's made for. We cannot compete with that. The Brexiter argument for the UK was that our superior, specialised steel would always find a market and that we were being held back by the EU. Unless of course, this was a pack of lies for the consumption of the Brexit voters in Scunthorpe. If the UK Government now decides it can go bankrupt, I guess this is them "taking back control" in the construction of a future economy where they don't matter.
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    Away to your bed PB. Night night. Hope you feel better in the morning.
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    Hi All, finally got a golden email this morning as a cook TRT applied 30 june 2017 nom and visa both. nom refused 29 may 2018 because of benchmark. visa refuse 28 june 2018. applied AAT for nomination 18 june 2018. applied AAT for visa 16 july 2018. AAT call over meeting on 12 feb 2019 and ask for all documents within 2 week. AAT set a side decision(in my favore) and subtitute nom with approval on 12 April 2019. same day remit visa application to immi and immi asked for medical, AFP and oversea police check with deadline of 10 may, which provide on 5 of may and today got it. finally being in aus since 2007 its look very different today, hope u all get visa soon. Best of luck everyone
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    But why all these comparisons between British and Chinese steel? Chinese steel will always be cheaper than British whether in or out of the EU. To be relevant to the topic you need to compare British and German (or other EU27) steel to see if there is any chance of it having a market post Brexit.
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    Noisy vehicles all over Aus should be made illegal on public thoroughfares.
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    Yes. When replying to a post it is a good idea to read the post you are responding to. Novel for some, I know. I will repeat myself for your benefit - with apologies to others on this thread. If people were better educated and had greater access to birth control there would be far fewer unwanted pregnancies and fewer abortions
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    Congratulations to you! Thank you to write this in very details. I think most people on this forum are very stressful and thankful for all the kind replies and writings.
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    I'm not actually sure if it's legal in Tasmania or not but it should be illegal to modify a V8 engine/exhaust so that is makes a horrendous noise. I look at some of the dropkicks driving their modified Utes and think WHY? Is it just a look at me , look at me thing or are they just very, very dumb. There aren't many of them around Devonport but I see the same ones ........ a red one, a silver one and a lime green one all driven by blokes who are old enough to know better.
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    The commodity now being brokered is the UK, it’s future generations and it’s overall future.
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    For us it is just about leaving the city and complications of modern life behind...being at one with nature and all of that getting back to basics stuff. It's a difficult balance, because the access to modern tech also makes life easier.
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    Of course there are. Nobody is actually pro-abortion. It is about pro-choice. You are free to voice your views but it is your kind that arE threatening lifetimes in prison so who are the real bullies?
  19. 2 points
    Seen a grant today from an application submitted 1st dec and a rfi for an application submitted 6th dec. Hope you hear something this week @Emz82
  20. 2 points
    I've said it on here before. Jacob Rees Mogg is an ignorant person's idea of what an intelligent man is.
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    100% British expat couple got hit with £40k bill for birth while IN the UK . These two took residency overseas living the good life, came home when the wife was pregnant to have the baby thinking it was their privilege and right to use something which they are not paying into and lo and behold got whacked with a 40 grand bill. Apparently now the change is - if you are not paying your NI and are non resident for tax purposes, are no longer on the electoral role and not registered as being resident at a UK address, from now on you are no longer entitled to free NHS treatment. This covers all expats. I guess that's only fair and about time we stopped getting screwed by health tourists even if they are British. .
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    .............. including Harley Davidsons. Horrible noisy flashy things.
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    I was gutted. The final series was so bad. Worse than lost. Really bad. Rushed. Poor quality. Bad writing. Totally out of character. Just didn't make sense. Such a terrible end to a terrific series.
  24. 1 point
    For a moment I thought you knew about cars What's the fascination of doing 136mph on a race track? You remind me of a 12year old boasting to his mates that his dad's car can do 136mph 'cos that's what's written on the speedo
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    I just don’t have the emotional strength to read the whole thread, can we get any further into medieval law? Is this truly really happening in the 21st century? I can’t actually speak...
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