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    Hi guys! It came!!! After 12 months I took my golden email today! No docs request, direct nomination and visa grant! thank you for your support! You are awesome!! please someone could update the spreadsheet? I am row 12 in March 2018 sheet (LR)!! hopefully a lots will follow me!!!
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    Hi Guys, I have been following this forum from last one month and always hearing people posting that, they got their PR and I am so happy listening those news and waiting till today. Finally today I got my PR approved and want to share this the forum. My best wishes to everyone waiting and hope they get as soon as possible. Refer to my signature for my time line details. If some one can update my details into the sheet that would be great and helpful. Many Thanks for all.
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    Hi there everyone, good news, got my 186 TRT approved just now.
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    Frankly, I would say that if missing family is a concern for you now, then I would think very, very, very seriously about whether you should migrate at all. "Missing family" is the number one reason why people end up going back home. People who need close contact with their family never "get used" to not having it. In fact, the attachment is so strong that we've seen several marriages break up here on PomsinOz, when the wife (or husband) desperately wants to go home but the other partner doesn't want to leave Australia. Bear in mind that when you first migrate, you will have absolutely no friends and no support network, so you're going to notice the absence of family even more. It will take a couple of years to form new friendships so it can be a long haul. The most successful migrants are people who are already used to coping without family support.
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    just because you disagree with what someone is saying you don"t " assault " them with an egg etc ... it looked pre planned ... who walks around with an egg in their hand ... the young man started it ... I would be embarrassed if that was my son ...
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    I wish I could like Marisa's post 10 times over. For me, leaving family and very good friends was the hardest part of migrating even though I had left home very young and lived in 3 different countries. It's also hard when your parents are older as you worry about them more. i've been here nearly 38 years now and don't really feel any close ties to the UK. Some migrants however never feel Australia is home and yearn to return to their homeland. Thankfully for me (and my Aussie husband) I don't have those feelings and Australia is now where I am happy and content.
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    It was premeditated, egg in hand iPhone at the ready to film basically an unprovoked attack. I honestly don’t condone violence but how was Anning supposed to know what had just hit him on his head. I think I can understand his first shock reaction,he didn’t know what had hit him, not sure about the rest. Wonder how other posters would have reacted, walk away turn the other cheek or retaliate?
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    Yes he got what he deserved. I don't know what all the fuss is about. He clouted the lad who egged him. Still don't know what all the fuss is about.
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    You don't need to read his "manifesto" to understand where all this comes from. You can read any amount of anti Muslim, anti immigration, white supremacist material publicly available - including from Australian politicians, Trump etc. and the Murdoch press since the Tampa affair; the likes of Bolt and his "Invasion" articles; Bannon, Poncey Yannopolis (or whatever his name is), Blair Cottrell, Laura Southern etc. etc. It's going to be interesting when he gets into the main NZ prison system. Plenty of scarey Maori dudes there who won't be impressed by his white supremacist ideology - or his complaints about his country being "invaded". Ironic when he crows about his white Anglo heritage and feels the injustice of "his" country being invaded - but is, himself, the descendant of invaders to this country.
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    Interesting article on that subject:
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    The young kid got what he deserved then couldn't resist getting on twitter and saying that to get put in a headlock by bogans you just egg a politician. Anning is an absolute tool for what he said. He'll get his reaction at the ballot box and in parliament.
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    The best post of yours I’ve read yet. A proper dose of reality, which is sorely lacking from so many immigrants...
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    Global Processing times now updated on the website TRT - unchanged DE - now same as TRT Visa Stream 75% Of Visas Processed 90% Of Visas Processed 186 - Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186) Direct Entry Pathway 12 months 13 months 186 - Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186) Transition Pathway 12 months 13 months
  14. 3 points
    This is like the stories where someone's Mrs finds porn on their computer and they cry "hacked!". I always 'like' funny cat & dog movies on Facebook and now I can't move for the friggin things. Just saying like.
  15. 3 points
    Occupation: Software and Applications Programmers nec - 261399 State: VIC Stream: 186 EN Number of applicants: 2 ENS 186 Visa and Nomination applied: 13 June 2018 Nomination Approved:15 March 2019 Visa Approved: 15 March 2019 IMMI Status: Finalised
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    Some more details on my case. My Nomination was refused 2 weeks ago. I spoke to my MA who immediately informed we need to act quickly and have two possible options. 1. MA would contact the department to ask them to vacate the decision to refuse my nomination - on the basis that the correct legislation wasn't followed. No guarantee this would be successful. 2. If above wasn't successful we would need to appeal to the AAT within 21 days. MA advised I had a strong case for this, unfortunately it would just be a long wait. Luckily my MA was able to get the department to review the decision and this week I received nomination approval and visa grant together. Now I'm still in shock - as I didn't actually believe that option 1 would be possible. I'm so grateful to my MA and would encourage everyone to use a reputable agent where possible. If I had applied myself I don't believe I would have had the same positive outcome. My MA is a large worldwide company - so that must have helped. I'm not going to go into the reason why my nomination was refused in the first place as that's my personal choice. I hope you all understand that. Looks like you all haven't got rid of me after all
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    Maybe they’re referring to the prospect of getting a job once arrived? The occupation is still on the skilled list, but that doesn’t mean it’s “in demand”
  18. 2 points
    Is that right? I must admit, I'm struggling to think of far left wing mass shooting.
  19. 2 points
  20. 2 points
    The slap looked like a reaction to the incident which is fair. The follow up punch however showed him to be the 'man' he is. Whats the saying - you get the politicians you deserve.
  21. 2 points
    For work opportunities, I'd still say Perth is better than Adelaide, in spite of the recent slump. For instance, the big national and international companies often maintain a Perth office because it's so far away, whereas they don't in Adelaide (because it's easily serviced from Melbourne or Sydney). So I'd say there is more admin, clerical and IT work in Perth than Adelaide. If you're very into the beach/outdoor life, then I don't think you'd notice the isolation of Perth. People who feel isolated (like me) are usually more into the Arts - of course Perth has cultural activities, but the arts scene is limited compared to what's available in the Eastern States. My only reservation about Perth is what happens if you don't like it, or can't get work. If you settle in Adelaide and can't find jobs, then you can fly to Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra etc for the day (the flight time is only one or two hours in each case), to attend interviews. Whereas if you're in Perth, it's 3 or 4 hours flying time to any of the Eastern states - so not only are the flights more expensive, but you probably need an overnight stay as well. Also, if you then decide to move, it can cost almost as much to ship your belongings from Perth to the Eastern States as it did to bring them from the UK! So in summary, I'd say if you know Perth well and/or have friends there, and you're pretty sure you're going to settle, it's a good choice. If you've never lived in Australia before, then another state might be a safer option. I really like Adelaide as a city but I would be a little concerned about work opportunities.
  22. 2 points
    Yes I know that but I still have not an iota of interest in FB. Odd one out that's me.
  23. 2 points
    It will all come down to cost. How much do you spend on a holiday each year now? Would that be enough to pay for a holiday back to the Uk, if you were in Australia. If so, then an annual visit, either you going back or bringing family out, is doable I couldn’t afford that so I went back every other year. You get used to the travel. It’s the fact that you never get to have a holiday anywhere else that starts to get annoying
  24. 2 points
    You have to see it from the Austrlian perspective. You are the last people it wants. It wants young healthy people who have lots of years to contribute to the economy rather than people that are likely to be just a burden to the country (I am speaking as an older person myself). So you are bottom of the pile (almost) in regards processing times. Though bear in mind there are visas that have processing times of over 50 years! In many ways you are lucky as many countries do not offer parent visas.
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    Good luck with the decision. The only thing I'd say is - be very, very careful of the rose-tinted glasses. I think it's built into human DNA to think that the grass is always greener somewhere else - it's why the human race has achieved so much. When you leave somewhere and move somewhere else, you start downplaying the negative stuff and exaggerating the good bits. We tried to settle back in England a couple of years ago. I was so miserable I almost had to go on anti-depressants. I know that for a fact, and yet I still find myself thinking back fondly on our time there, especially our lovely European holidays!! Remember, there must have been a reason you left Australia in the first place. Has that reason disappeared? If not, then it's going to be just as bad when you go back. Keep reminding yourself of that!
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