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    Hello, We've been following this forum for a couple of months and were always happy to see grants coming through, so I thought we'd share our!! Occupation: tennis coach Country: FR Stream: 186 TRT Number of applicants: 2 Visa and Nomination applied: 28 March 2018 Further Assessment on 21st Feb 2019 (Requested proof of registration to Tennis Australia) Status: Finalized (27 Feb 2019) Good luck to everyone
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    23 Feb my nomination was approved, way earlier than my expectations! Now finger crossed for the application!
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    Hello Guys, Received a mail from my HR that my Nomination got approved. Waiting for my PR now. Visa DE : 186 Occupation: ICT Business Analyst Nomination Date : 24/09/2018 Visa Date : 30/10/2018 Nomination Approved : 26/02/2019 PR Grant : Waiting Looking at the ENS timeline excel sheet, the application lodged with SAF levy , processing is bit fast compare to the previous application lodged with training Benchmark and the visa grant date is just of 1 week after the nomination approved. Hope this analysis will be help for others.. All the best Guys..
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    Morning Everyone!!! I've received my golden email yesterday 26/02/2019 after exactly 12 months from applying!! It was a very long stressful journey but I had faith in God that i will receive my PR eventually good luck everyone and thank you all for your support
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    Hi just like to say we have been here 10 years today me my wife and 4 kids. Its been the best decision I've ever made in my life to come here. I came here for the kids more than myself. The y were 14 13 9 and 2 when we got here. Eldest is working for a fire engineers as a jnr engineer there paying for his studying. Middle boy is a plaster and youngest boy is doing a civil engineering degree. Katie has just started high school. Wife works for queensland health. I'm a boilermaker and iv worked all over Australia. Working on oil and gas projects. I used poms in oz from 2007 to help me get my visa. Australia has been very good for all of us.
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    Good morning Australia! Long time silent reader. I received the golden email last night! It was a long and anxious journey but we managed to push through! Thought it was a deadend but never gave up hope. sending out the positive vibes out there! We can all do this!
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    Hello, Visa granted yesterday. RCB and visa applied Feb 2018. Nomination approved: Feb 5th 2019. Visa granted Feb 26th 2019. State: Tas Position: Supply Chain Manager PS: the visa approval took one week more because my son's passport was expired. Once uploaded in the system, the grant came on the same day. See you all around. Keep walking and do not give up. Thank you all for the infos during this time of processing.
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    Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary, we will be clocking up 13 years by the end of the year, time sure flies but like you we have no regrets and Australia has been good to us. Cal x
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    No, I'm not a stocking or a pair of tights I firmly believe climate change is happening. More and more extreme weather events are happening all over world, both hot and cold.
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    Oh my days...i can't breath!!!! Saw @Paddsy (huge congratulations to both you and @AdStanna btw!) post at the end of my work day and realised that today was the first day in a long time where I haven't reloaded my emails every 5 seconds. Que opening email whilst preparing for the usual disappointment...both 309 and 100 granted!!!! I have no more words, I'm just going to sit here and drink the champers that's been in my fridge waiting much more patiently than I have! @CEP please please tell me you got yours too!!!!
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    HENLEY BEACH CREW - NEW LIST I've gone through quite a lot of this thread trying to find information, but still have a couple of gaps. Please do fill more of you own details, correct any mistakes I might have made and post again. I've extrapolated some of the dates from the wait times so they might be a day or two off. Hopefully the formatting will be easy to keep the same. Name Visa Status Visa Type Date Applied Days Wait Est. Arrival Notes (optional) Dan S GRANTED ? 6 Mar 2018 291 4th March 2019 FIS GRANTED ? 23 Oct 2018 93 April 2019 Jetblast GRANTED 489 24 Oct 2018 80 April/May 2019 Jimbo GRANTED 489 30 Oct 2018 76 March 2019 Jonno1981 GRANTED 489 31 Oct 2018 129 ? 2 case officer contacts SJA GRANTED 489 13 Nov 2018 80 ? Renault WAITING 489 15 Nov 2018 103 ? Jenki75 WAITING 190 16 Nov 2018 102 ? Gurinder Kaur WAITING ? 22 Nov 2018 95 ? Jellica WAITING 190 28 Nov 2018 90 ? D32 WAITING 489 30 Nov 2018 88 ? JonandSophieTravel WAITING 489 14 Dec 2018 74 ? 2 people. Lived in Adelaide in 2011 for 7 months Leighmarsh151084 WAITING 190 14 Dec 2018 74 ? Joseline WAITING 489 23 Jan 2019 34 ? Sonia WAITING ? ? ? ?
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    Hi Everyone Applied January 2018 Visa and Nominations. Approved Nomination 07/02/2019, Child care worker NT immi call 25/02-2019 asked working with Children Card submitted same day. i got that golden email today. Nominations process NSW visa Grant WA
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    hi there, i have been a silent reader on this page for a while, just happy to announce that my nomination has been approved for 186 TRT. This page has given me hope to believe in good. thanks everyone. waiting for the golden email anxiously.
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    I’m leaving it up to the legal experts. Recommend you do the same.
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    @natmis We were in the same situation - medicals done with a previous application but the nomination subsequently refused. We submitted a new application and more recently the nomination was approved but medicals expired in over 6 months ago. We mde the decision to wait until after the nomination was approved before getting updated medicals and police checks, from a purely financial point of view as we were unsure the nom would be approved this time. Our personal 186 app is yet to be opened but we have booked our new medicals in any case so hopefully when they do open its decision ready. You can do new medicals without a new request from Immigration, the Bupa medical center I went to called immigration direct when I attended the center and got a new HAP ID there and then, obviously theres a risk of not getting through to immigration on the day or others that might mean you cant get an updated HAP ID. They did say they are trying to encourage people to wait for the new medicals to be requested from a case officer.
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    Im still here @CEP patiently waiting although patience getting thinner by the day Our day has to come soon sweet xxx
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    When we applied for our 186 PR visa, my daughter was 19. She worked part time and attended college and lived at home. We just had to list what we provided for her, like food, board etc. I have friends who moved over to Oz around same time as me 2017 and 2018 whose adult children (the oldest being 25) all in full time work but living at home came with them. All of them on a 186 visa
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    Moving target. They were going to operate today after seeing the ultrasound, but then decided there weren’t enough staff?? Then told here she was going home until an available date/time in the next week or so. Now they’ve decided she won’t be able to handle attacks so keeping her in, possibly overnight. Thank god for mobile phones eh
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    So why has Yaxley picked the brown ones? I'll give you a clue, it serves his right wing racist agenda.
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    Unfortunately not, as they aren't brown.
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    Oh, yes! Fish Fingers in heavily buttered white bread and Heinz
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    It’s ok @Katiebobbles I think I have toyed with the idea that the spreadsheet is being used as workflow management/ crowd control in the past on here lol!
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    AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! I got mine today at 16:45!! Both 309 and 100 granted. @CEP you must be getting yours tomorrow if it didn’t come today!!!!!!
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    We're near Kinross, so a bit north of Edinburgh, and honestly don't find the weather a bother at all. It is glorious again this morning, and I'm looking forwards to having a nice long walk down to the river. I suppose we're all different, like different things, and find different things enjoyable/a bother. The evenings and mornings are noticeably lighter now too
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