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    Finalised!!!!! Granted a couple of minutes agooo!! omg I am shaking!!!!!! Thank you guys!!!!!
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    Btw, I am pregnant! Haha baby due in early april 2019. Hubby is the one sponsored!!
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    It seems like someone has slipped something in their coffee Honestly, its the best few days for movement that I can remember on here long may it continue.
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    Yes!!!!! Saturday would have been 35 days!!! Soo so blessed. Hopefully your grants come through!! Literally, I checked this morning at 9:45am and at 10ish it changed to Finalised.
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    Hopefully by the end of Feb they should be well into the March applications
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    Wow, the Department have really turned up the tempo for the end of January after weeks of dribs and drabs. Hold tight! Congrats all.
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    Hi Guys, I have received an email requesting AFP, Police Check from the UK and a Health Examination. I should be able to get this all back by the end of next week with any luck. Looks like we're on the home straight! Good luck everyone! Alex
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    Finally received contact from case officer exactly 11 months after applying. Requested some documents from the business operator. Updated excel sheet. At least there's a case officer assigned which is a positive thing. Looking forward to the golden email in the coming days.
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    I wouldn’t torture yourself tbh. The dates make no sense. For example I applied late December 2017 and had my ceremony in August 2018. People who applied after me are still waiting for tests! It does seem some areas are quicker than others though. We are in SA.
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    You are only exempt from paying the levy if you are not eligible to use Medicare. That's obvious - because it would not be fair having to pay for something that you cant access. You, on the other hand, ARE eligible to use Medicare (because you get it under the reciprocal arrangement) so you must pay the levy.
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    Oh no. Maybe it is something related to AFP and their timelines? Anyway, fingers crossed for you mate. I am sure it is around the corner!
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    In this case they should get less tax from us since we cannot get those benefits!
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    This was interesting and something I was not aware of - wow, talk about cutting it close (mine was granted in November). It looks like it's the wording that deceiving; - "Newly Arrived Resident’s". If you arrived a long time ago, you wouldn't be a resident, just a newly arrived foreigner I guess. Let us know what the MA says, however, I suspect it would be legit and stand (not ideal).
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    They are just being cautious it is a good way to pick up any developmental issues. They will want to see that your child is is within the normal range for their age group. My guess is they have been told to check this recently as I have heard someone else mentioned they were asked to bring a school report for their 8 year old.
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    Chips = crisps Hot chips = chips
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    Yesterday. A bleak day on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland.
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    Hope all the best for you. Really admire your patience.
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    They are fully formed children though who are part of our lives, have personalities. You are right that I would sacrifice my own life if it meant one of the kids surviving. Hopefully never have to be in that situation though. The number of People that would be in a situation mentioned in the original post would be miniscule too. I'd leave the decision up to them.
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    Hey all, Great news!!! Got my Nomination approved yesterday, on 28/01. They've asked my partner for another health examination as it's been more than 12 since she had one. Not sure why they're asking only her to have it since we both had it on 11/2017, though. Anyways, I'm so excited! Hang there and good luck guys!
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    Hello and thanks to everyone. I have been a silent reader during the last 2 stressful months. This forum supported me a lot and gave me a lot of helpful information. My Visa was granted yesterday. Not further documentation required Occupation: Quality Assurance Manager State: NSW Stream: 186 ENS DE Number of applicants: 1 ENS 186 Visa and Nomination applied: February 27th 2018 Visa Granted on the 28 January 2019 IMMI Status: Finalized
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    Devils in the detail. If the womans life is in danger or the fetus not viable (good words to use to stop emotion coming into it) then it's up to the parents involved to make the choice I reckon. If I thought the choice was between my wife and a child without a wife I would go for an abortion every time. Same if the fetus was not viable.
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    Can I just say they have an absolute cheek, I know it doesn’t help your situation but the UK nursing and midwifery training is miles ahead of Australia! I have had plenty students here and the amount of placement and contact hours they have is laughable. Good luck with it all [emoji106]
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    Anyone who thinks geelong is an hours drive from Melbourne in the morning is off their trolley.
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    We need to be checking this site https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-processing-times/family-visa-processing-priorities/parent-visas-queue-release-dates
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    Hi all, really hoping CEP, gemtrae and charbok you get your Visa grant this week. Apart from my RFI I didn't add anything though I had uploaded alot of info at start. Keep warm, this week to those still here and stay cool out in Oz!