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    Received email today, accountant category applied on 07 Mar 2018, Nomination and PR approved on 12 Jan 2019. No further documents asked and direct granted, status changed from Received to Finalised this morning.
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    Like the list the other day with all those companies who've left, including Cadbury who were already 49% American and became wholly American, in turn then owned by shareholders from all over the world. They can go where the heck they like and nobody can stop them, but to blame grants ? The UK takes grants, we take financial sweeteners from Saudi all the time and we defend them to keep their business for ourselves and the USA. Everybody seems to have been happy to turn a blind eye to that, including the BAE fraud case that was curtailed personally by Blair. In the national interest. This is how the world works and we're not going to change it unless the economic system of the free world collapses into anarchy. The idea that they can espouse the benefits of free trade and then complain when it bites them on the arse is ludicrous. Included in that list was James Dyson, another who's lied to people and taken money from the EU and then criticised them, whilst insulating himself and his manufacturing in Malaysia ! He knows damn well he wants nothing to do with UK manufacturing because it's unproductive and expensive. But e also knows there are people who cannot think for themselves or work anything in detail, so we have this schmozzle of people just making things up and crossing their fingers. We have the people of Sunderland voting 61% leave, when Nissan are in hoc with loans from EU bank and have also taken huge grants from the EU (and the UK). The people of Sunderland have benefitted from that, maybe other European countries see that as favouritism towards the UK? Certainly Renault who part-own Nissan and are of course, French. Renault are screaming out to be allowed to build more cars in the EU. So who is going to hold the power here? Here is a Nissan worker: So are we prepared to stamp our feet and let Nissan walk out, or are we going to bribe them to stay and then make the taxpayer pay that back in suppressed earnings, as is the usual UK model? And if so, how is that different to an EU grant being given for development with money delivered from all partners, including the UK, which we're also a recipient of? We can retreat to the days where we made things but to call for FTA's and then complain when they adversely affect us is ludicrous, especially when the argument is that they want the FTA's that will move companies away because we are not a manufacturing nation and will never be so again. It is nonsense. It's British politics that have led to poor adult education and wage suppression. We have millions of functionally illiterate people in this country (some are on this messageboard as we can all see). We have extremely poor adult education and have failed to handle or predict change for a large number of the population. We have what is kindly described as a bunch of low quality old-timers who want to make a point, but no practical advice or expertise how to bring about the change needed to survive. These were the ones who failed the exams...what makes anybody think they know what they're talking about now? They're pissing in the wind. This is a far, far, far bigger problem than Brexit because people are your assets. The current solution of a silly deal, or a no deal, will just accelerate the demise because we are in no way prepared as a nation to be flexible, educated, or decisive enough to handle these changes. I was discussing it with a Chinese colleague at work and she was perplexed at the UK as a small nation that's trying to commit suicide, and just the general standard of understanding of how things work. It's illustrated every single day just what a mess the country has become......and some old berk will come along and say "but we don't know what's going to happen yet". Yeah, right...you don't know what's going to happen mate because you wasted your entire life not thinking about anything.
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    So glad to see golden emails coming through!!!! Good luck to all of us!
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    HI all, I silent reader here. After a long journey finally we've got our Golden email yesterday. Keep focus and faith everyone, I can't describe the feeling to received the GRANTED email. 186 TRT HR- Brazil No applicants-2 Onshore Nomination and Visa application- 28/02/2018 - QLD Nomination approved: 04/02/2019 Visa approved: 11/02/2019 Application status- Finalized Occupation- Architectural Technician Good luck to everyone!!
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    Hi Everyone, I have been a silent reader for over months and this page helps me a lot to go through this tough time. I finally got PR granted today! Don’t lose hope everyone, things will come at the right time. Nomination application lodged 6 Feb 2018 visa application lodged 13 March 2018 nomimation approved: 27 November 2018 visa application status : Finalised 11 January 2019 WISH EVERYONE BEST OF LUCK!
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    I think it's called sovereignty.
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    It appears you imbibe in your home made beer and spirits a bit too much going by a lot of your posts.
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    Got an email this morning.... ..... VISA GRANTED!! Wooo!!! Thanks for everyone on this thread for the conversation, support and motivation!
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    Time for some 2017 approvals!! BTW in the last 6 months I already put 6 bottles of sparkling in the fridge to attract good news, but somehow I always find another reason to open them Losing faith here !!
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    Hi all, notified yesterday to leave Australia to grant 309/100 visa. 241 days after applying...now hopefully it comes in quickly next week. At last! Good luck to anyone else still waiting.
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    Got my visa approved couple of hours ago. I'm as happy as Larry.
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    one of my cuttings ...
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    Something made me very cranky this morning. Out for my usual walk I passed a small car park opposite the ocean. Only one car parked there. The occupants had just finished their Macdonald's breakfast. They gathered all the cups and containers together and chucked them out of the car window ignoring the large rubbish bin 6 feet away from the car. I could see they were waiting for my reaction. I picked up all their crap and even though I was sorely tempted to throw it back through the car window on top of them, I put it in the bin. Some people are just the pits. Rant over.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the OP has accepted he can't get a permanent visa. They're asking about a 12 month visa, which I assume is the 600 visa. The trouble is that once the 12 months is up, what will he do? He can't just apply for another 12 month visa. Anyway, I believe they sometimes ask for a medical clearance for visas over 6 months, so that could be a hurdle. He should also check whether his disability payments would be affected by leaving the UK for an extended period. I know that in Australia, if you leave the country for more than a few months, the benefits are stopped - I have no idea how it works in the UK.
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    I think the same, cannot see how he could get a permanent visa. I also think if he could get a 12 month tourist visa then that would almost be worse as he’d just have to return in the end and try and pick up where he left. I’d suggest to speak with a migrant agent just to see if there are any options. The only other option is for you to return to the UK to care for him, I wish you well.
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    I got my grant! Applied 23/10/2018 - granted 11/02/2019. 80 Days exactly.
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    I think your signature has wrong dates. we're still in January... Parabéns by the way
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    London is pretty much the only place in the UK where I would use public transport. The tube system is excellent, if getting to a point where there are just too many people for it at peak times. I use the buses here in Adelaide all the time. Easy and cheap - much cheaper than parking all day in the city.
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    @Nora @bigbroWe were told by our MA that the nominations are dealt with by one department and the application was dealt with by another after nomination approval. You should receive a copy of the nomination approval from your sponsoring company too. This is what it says on ours ....As the approved nominator, it is essential that you provide the nominee with a copy of this letter and the attached nomination approval notice and a copy of the duty statement for the position.
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    I updated my international travel movements with a document attached to my account...
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    Just like you do except in your case you scrounge around looking for negatives about Australia. Get a hobby PB.
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    If you don't see yourself spending the rest of your life in Australia, go back right now. Don't let pride hold you back. I say go now, because if you leave it too long, you may stuff up your entitlement to the British aged pension. Meanwhile, if you leave Australia before retirement age (whatever that will be by that time - 67? 68?) then you won't be able to claim the Australian govt pension at all, not even pro rata. If you've got a healthy private pension you may not care about that, but it's important to be aware of it.
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    Yup. Not easy is it? I find that regular visits are enough for the most part - a month of solid quality time trumps the odd day here or there. We do Skype but none of us finds it that fantastic - the girls would rather be off playing than sitting still talking to an old person who is trying to elicit conversation by asking loads of questions. Some days - like yesterday - I get the odd wave of overwhelming sadness that I couldn't give them a hug (more for me than for them) but generally I get by quite nicely with out of sight out of mind. We get regular updates and the odd pic from daddy and they know that we love them and think about them then we have a special month when we do lots with them. With my grandson who lives in UK, we Skype, he would rather be playing and we get to see him maybe once every couple of months for a day - much the same really. Probably more pics of the grandson because his daddy has better technology. No magic answer really other than do with your life what you want to do! There are always holidays in whichever direction you find that you are not.