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    Some partial good news... Nomination has been approved on 22 December 2018 while we were on holiday!! Hopefully we close getting the GOLDEN email, as I read this forum I presume the Nomination is the big one to get through, hope it is true. :-) It seems that the Accountant Occupation has been struggling lately with high points (80-85) on the 189 to get nominated, getting this far with a nomination approved seems positive.
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    I have to admit that I also bought a bottle of Champagne last night... Just to test @Bellabonkers 's theory!
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    Hello, Best news came yesterday!! Still do not believe it! Everything is good but better now! Nomination and visa approved yesterday after 10 month and 7 days wait! Feel so lucky! See below for details. 6 years on Australia! All the effort paid off and dreams coming true. For all you waiting there, keep on the positive thoughts! I know its easier said than done but hold tight Thanks very much Occupation: Student Counsellor Country: HR Stream: 457 - 186 TRT Number of applicants: 2 ENS 186 Visa and Nomination applied: 28/02/2018 Nomination and visa approved 07/01/2018
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    @bayside- It's getting very spammy.
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    @Kashif.IqbalI can completely understand what you going through and i am pretty sure most of our forum members can connect with you but my friend, we all try to find a solution to get out of this instead worrying too much of outcome which is not in our hands because you can only do so much once you have submitted application i sincerely suggest just forget about it and even forget about outcome. infact you and me are in same ship because in november 18 i was in your situation i was too much worried got in to depression and anxiety i went to see doctor, obviously doctor suggested that not to worry about it and gave some depression tablets to tell you truth after i took tablets i was like WTF???? i was like nahh man.. i got to do something so below are the things i did which helped me and still going strong. 1) I came to understand once i submitted documents, i simply "MUST" wait till i get reply from immi. 2) i am completely prepared for worst outcome (Rejection) (FYI - i am in Australia since 10yrs) 3) I have stopped worrying about people back at home,friends,family who have expectations that i would be successful/settle in Australia, because end of the day it is my life i do not need to worry about other people expectations because it's simply an unwanted burden i'll be carrying. 4) i have joined in new gym , practicing meditation. 5) i have started to socialize more than i used to , meeting new people ( check out MEETUP APP) 6) well this one most of our forum friends wont agree but i stopped visiting this forum too once in a week or 2. (that's another reason i am replying to you so late) 7) i am living in the "PRESENT MOMENT" remember not yesterday not tomorrow not today in afternoon " just now in present" whether am i happy or not that's all it matters. Overall i am doing what ever i can to live my life instead of thinking or worrying about visa outcome and more over i came to understand this P.R is just one small tiny part of my life (even though i spent 10years of my life in australia ) i got my whole life infront of me , with the life experience i had in Australia i have learned to be resilient in difficult situation which i am pretty sure more to come in my life. Bro. just don't worry anymore LIVE YOUR LIFE- ENJOY EVERY MOMENT - LAUGH OUT LOUD - JUST BE THERE.
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    You seemed to have spelled "right" wrong, or do you confuse them easily? In fact, only 2hrs ago: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-46789601
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    Thanks Hex. Hopefully its golden email directly. fingers crossed.
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    ABSOLUTELY! I firmly believe that 90% of your visa is approved once you get that nomination part over with- the rest is protocol and a walk in the park. Judging from your timeline you may not even be requested further documentation! Have you filled in form 80? I did it JUST to be safe! YOUR GOLDEN EMAIL AWAITS (buy a bottle of champagne )
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    The UK state pension anomaly is on the Australian negotiating document (posted some months ago on here) as one of the key demands to be resolved if the UK wants a post-Brexit trade deal.
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    How good would that be !
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    IELTS valid in the 3 years before you applied for the visa, so it depends on when you applied https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/meeting-our-requirements/english-language/competent-english
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    Great news! I also applied 28 feb last year!
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    12 years in Aus for us yesterday - still finding things to do in Perth that neither involve BBQ's or the Beach and my kids didn't leave home at 15 (said tongue in cheek).
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    YAY Golden email for us today! No questions asked - AFP were current but UK police check expired for 1 month and Medicals expired 27/12. Company used MA for nomination but we did the application ourselves. See signature for timeline. All the best for those who are still waiting..no doubt we will meet again on the citizenship timeline!
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    Hi all, We've finally received our Golden email an hour ago!! I wish everyone all the best.. Hopefully all the grants will start coming through very soon in the new year! I've just gone and bought a Australian Flag and a Blow-Up Kangaroo which I will surprise my Husband with when i get home today!
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    i think anglo's tend to believe that if you lose your rag then you lose the argument. With respect, the Brits are a different bread to our continental neighbours.
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    Well done. We don’t do BBQ or beach either fwiw.
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    @Nora That's great news - I knew there had to be more to it! Glad it's as simply as PCC. From personal experience, they'll revisit your application (with the uploaded PCC's) within a month and 2 weeks (this happened twice with me). So get them done Good things are coming your way! Holding thumbs.
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    @Hex My MA is in today, and he did receive attachments to the letter. The Department is requesting for new home country police checks for Hubby and I. And I guess when those are done/uploaded my MA will "click" on the button I mentioned yesterday.
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    We already have one. It is called the Indian Ocean.
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    Any protest marches I participated in were peaceful. I really don't think violence works at all. A lot of those protest marches are inundated with yobbos who really don't know what they are doing there. Just an excuse to swear a lot and throw a few punches.
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    I think it is sad if anyone is dying or dies no matter how old they are. 75 is not considered really old these days either. I was also devastated when my cat died at nearly 20.
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    There is, however as you point out, you must have a skill that's on the list and the relevant qualifications/experience. What often happens is that people who don't have those things, think that a WHV somehow offers them an alternative route to PR, where they don't need all that stuff - which is a myth.
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    You both know how I feel about this and yes as admin, I can also post on locked threads. However, I do realise the intentions and I would like to thank everyone for all your support these last few years. it wasn’t until I actually took a step back I could see it from an outsiders point of view. My family have had a part time Mum/wife and also as members I haven’t supported you all like I should be doing. ‘I have some work to do in the next couple of days on the forum, so I should be around but I think myself and @ali calculated my current word count per minute is one, although I think I may have improved since then. Then editing on top. So I won’t be very active until we can get on top of this swelling If I don’t get around to contacting you all privately, I would like to wish you all a Wonderful Christmas and hope that 2019 brings you lots of joy and happiness. Ps I believe @Squarepants has been trying to thank you all but I keep forgetting he can’t post on locked posts.
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