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    We haven't had a proper tree for years - just this little thing on a side table.
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    Yes they certainly do have form. The Genocide of the Armenians by the Turkish government during World War I represents a major tragedy of the modern age. In this - the first Genocide of the 20th century - almost an entire nation was destroyed. The Armenian people were effectively eliminated from the homeland they had occupied for nearly three thousand years. This annihilation was premeditated and planned to be carried out under the cover of war. I had Armenian neighbours in Sydney and they told me all about the genocide by the Turks.
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    They've got tatts. It must have been them.
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    Keep you brexit stuff in the brexit thread
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    Hopefully will be shipping this bad boy out to Australia. We used to buy a real one until it fell off the roof of the vehicle and caused a small accident!
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    Lets hope that immigration officials still visit the forum
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    I assume that calling me a moroon is supposed to be an insult, well whatever a moroon is I would rather be that than be someone who has sublitted an application with fraudulent answers on it Very true You will have told a lie when you stated NONE to the question regarding previous marriages and de facto relationships. There is a specific question for you to answer and one for your wife to answer regarding previous de facto relationships and marriages. There is a further point where they tell you to include certificates relating to previous marriages and divorces. Of course it is necessary to tell them. They need to see that you are legally married to your current wife. To do that they need to see you have no other wives around from whom you have not divorced. Whether your current relationship is genuine is really of no interest to me, I am just tired of seeing people openly admitting that they have not told immigration about previous marriages, sponsoring employers not existing any longer etc etc and yet they feel no guilt, they are not sorry that it is their actions which are causing greater scrutiny and thus longer waiting times for everyone Reading posts like yours it is easy to see why some countries are viewed as high risk.
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    A lie of omission is an intentional failure to tell the truth in a situation requiring disclosure. You should have disclosed information about your first wife when submitting. Immigration is quite strict about this.
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    You probably need to brush up your english skills. Lying by omission is still lying.
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    And they wonder why their countries are classed as high-risk..
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    Bobj thank you for that. Merry Xmas. KGW
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    Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection: 25th December 2016, 26th December 2016, 1st January 2017.
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    Racism explained for dummies.... (found it on facebook so healthy scepticism is alllowed).
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    Erdogan is cruel dictator who wants to turn Turkey into ANOTHER Iran, he kills the brave kurds who did so much to defeat ISIS
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    I thought the Mexicans were going to pay for it?
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    Let me guess......fake news spread by the Russians
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    True.. and it turns out they have been released without charge..
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    Bluff Beach and Spirit of Tasmania, the ferry which sails between Devonport and Melbourne.
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    Thought I'll quickly let you guys know.. Received an email Friday night around 6pm (QLD time).. Looks like our application is with PESE WA. They've requested a letter from the company just saying that our little girl (born after nomination was lodged) is included in the Company Nomination. We're not using a MA, so didn't event think to update the Nomination. She's included in VISA application. Company is closed now for the holiday's so we'll only be able to get the letter from them early January, upload and wait!
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    leaving to house sit for my grandson and his wife tomorrow ... they are spending Christmas down south ... a quiet restful holiday before the baby is born in January ...
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    I went to the Doctor recently ... I had three untra sounds and one CT scan in two weeks ...
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    I've seen robins here but not near the house. They usually flit around low trees and bushes. Lovely wee things. I've seen the pink robins too.
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    If they could tell me next week's tattslotto numbers then they might convince me. But not until then.
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    It there is one person on here who believes all that mumbo jumbo it will be Tink. I am surprised if any others get suckered.
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    How is everyone doing? All ready for Christmas? I'm still plodding along at uni. Got ITU as my next placement which I'm really happy about! Somehow still at uni but awaiting my first assignment of 2nd year results, had a dream I failed it last night, hoping it doesn't come true xD