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    St Mary's Church , Hayling Island , Hampshire . UK .
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    Today, my daughter and I will go and see the matinee performance of the Nutcracker at His Majesty's theatre and then be joined by hubby and son for dinner in the city as our Pre Christmas outing. Getting the boys to the ballet was an absolute none starter lol.
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    @MaggieMay24 What are your thoughts on creating / adding a new emoticon / reaction for "congratulations"? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for congratulating people on their approvals, I just think how many less pages / more refined the data would be without the tons of posts with "congrats". My thoughts are that, instead of replying to a post simply to say "congrats", you could show that same reaction by means of emoticon / reaction (like the "like" / "thanks" etc.). Just a thought?
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    Hi guys, This is my first time posting on the site. I've lurked in the background taking all your helpful advice and now I see an opportunity to put something back in. I'm a barrister in the UK and today I had the great news that my 189 application (and my partner's) has been granted. It's been quite a long haul. In fact, if there is a slower or more expensive way of getting a 189 visa I'd love to hear that story. When I first considered applying for a 189 visa I really struggled to find anything other than generic information about the process of applying as a lawyer and no information at all about how much it might cost. So, if there is anyone who is a solicitor, a lawyer or barrister who is thinking about applying, I hope this (very) long list of hoops I've had to jump through leaves you more informed than I was going into the process. Yes, it does mean re-qualifying. I got off pretty lightly having to do only 4 academic subjects and 2 practical subjects. Prepare a very thorough application for exemptions (I sent photocopies of the index to university text books, lecture handouts, etc that I found in my parents' loft to demonstrate the equivalence of the subjects I studied). This involves going back to university (it can be done by remote learning). Yes, that means lectures, tutorials, homework, coursework and exams. Yes, it does mean you will need to travel to Australia for a holiday to get admitted before you can even submit your Expression of Interest. DON'T apply for conditional admission like I did. You won't get it and you'll have wasted your time and money. No, you don't need a Skills Assessment Letter. Your certificate of admission as a lawyer will suffice. I've attached a spreadsheet showing the costs I've spent. In summary: On further study: a little under £10,000 On the process of being admitted in Australia (excluding the study costs above): a bit over £4,000, although about £1,000 of the cost of flights was returning in Premium Economy. On the fundamentals of making a visa application: over £5,000 Giving a grand total of: £19,078 over 2 years. 10.08.16 - Initial assessment of academic qualifications by LPAB received (Constitutional Law, Law of Associations, Legal Ethics, Practice & Procedure) 01.09.16 - Initial assessment of PLT (practical legal training) qualifications by LPAB received (One elective subject plus Commercial & Corporate Practice) 22.09.16 - Offered places on University of New England courses for academic subjects (distance learning) 05.10.16 - Applied for conditional admission as lawyer 24.10.16 - Started Corporations Law course 01.12.16 - Refused conditional admission by LPAB 20.02.17 - Started Constitutional Law course 23.05.17 - Constitutional Law exam 31.05.17 - Corporations Law exam 26.06.17 - Started Professional Conduct and Civil & Criminal Procedure courses. 13.08.17 - Commercial & Corporate Practice PLT oral assessment (College of Law) 11.09.17 - Commercial & Corporate Practice result 26.09.17 - Professional Conduct exam 27.09.17 - Civil & Criminal Procedure exam 20.10.17 - UNE academic results 10.11.17 - Final assessment of academic qualifications by LPAB 12.11.17 - Administrative Law PLT elective oral assessment (College of Law) 13.11.17 - Administrative Law PLT result 19.12.17 - Applied for unconditional admission as lawyer 06.02.18 - Application for admission approved by LPAB 23.03.18 - Admission ceremony in Sydney (Supreme Court of NSW) 05.04.18 - EOI submitted - Barrister ANZSCO 271111 (75 points) 08.04.18 - EOI updated 13.04.18 - Police checks requested 18.04.18 - Invited to apply for 189 visa 19.04.18 - Medicals booked 19.04.18 - Police checks prepared / dated 26.04.18 - Police checks received 09.05.18 - Medicals undertaken 16.05.18 - Medicals submitted to Australia by clinic 18.05.18 - Decision ready 189 application submitted 06.09.18 - Direct Grant I hope you find this useful! Australia Costs copy.xlsx
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    hey folks just to let you know my 489 was granted last week ( Tuesday ) and could not be happier now since we were already living and working full time in Tas, so the tough of having to leave was killing us. My timeline was - Arrived in Australia November 2016, living in Melbourne on a Working Holiday Visa, me and my fiance Vetasses carried out in June 2017 and passed 4th August for 8 years skill in Film and Video Editing. Applied for 489 in August 2017 with 70/60 points 489 accepted by Tasmania November 6th 2017 and granted a Bridging visa with a week left on the working holiday visa Moved to Tasmania in December Medical carried out In December ( passed with Crohns disease ) Case officer contacted June 2018 Visa granted last week July 2018 hopefully this is helpful to some in the start of the process. Thanks for all the help from the forum folks.
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    I only top up my TESCO sim when I go to UK, no monthly requirement. I then buy a data and call package to suit with the top up, I ended up going into a TESCO to sort it last time as it isn’t obvious how to do it and I forget! £20 gets you more than enough data and calls for a holiday, especially now wifi is more accessible. The number doesn’t seem to lapse though and I had no credit on mine for over 6 months, hubby had just over £2. In fact it is the same number I had on a contract in the UK, I just transferred it to the PAYG option before leaving.
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    Well, they came, they saw, they bubble-wrapped. 130 boxes of various sizes. So far, they missed a few minor items, but they also mistakenly took the kids’ clothes! We had several hold-all’s in a bedroom, and they took that one. Admittedly that was the least-bad one to take - nothing a trip to Primark can’t fix quite quickly - but it goes to show. I just kept going around with a roll of masking tape and a marker writing “SHIP ” or “LEAVE” on everything. Sometimes more than once. I kept checking, and if there was any doubt, I’d put another sticker on to remove that doubt. Masking tape and markers. Top tip. I’ll do that a day earlier next time. The thing is, they had three guys for a 3 bed house, and towards the end you could see they were tired and thinking about rush hour and home. In those circumstances you’d expect them to make rush decisions, or the wrong ones. Paying the extra for a better-resourced team can be worth it. The guys were here from 0830-1800. We also had much of the Ikea furniture go to ebay that day as well, but I arranged the pickups for the afternoon, when there was more space in the house, so it worked quite well. It was chaos though - the guys did an excellent job considering. Next time we’ll box things ourselves and accept the insurance liability. I use an app called “Sortly” and it’s been really good for keeping track of what’s in which box in both Australia and our loft here.
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    Ashgrove in Tasmania produces a Lancashire cheese - available for ordering online: https://www.ashgrovecheese.com.au/online-store/ashgrove-crumbly-tasty-lancashire/ Their products are available in the large supermarkets in this state (Tasmania): you may find them in the specialty cheese sections of Coles/Woolies etc. interstate.
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    Wow, I thought 7 weeks was good but they're now down to 5. There must have been almost no applications received after ours for them to jump 2 weeks straight away. Hope everything goes smoothly for you Jonno. Fingers crossed for your wife's tests not to cause any issues!
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    Feedback from MA to provide further documentation for my application this week, my status has now moved to further assessment from initial assessment...
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    Rain, glorious rain, thanks to ex tropical cyclone Owen. And all of it soaking into the ground rather than gully raking runoff. Cheers, Bobj.
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    I tend to agree with what Ozzie and others have said. You haven’t suggested there was an issue whilst your parents considered coming too, and whilst they have changed their minds for their own reasons, it doesn’t mean you should necessarily reconsider. My parents have always been of a “do your own thing” mindset, despite my OH and my father being golfing partners and us going out into the city as a 4 (us and my parents) for Saturday Afternoon drinks, having nights out together etc regularly. They have said since that that miss that, but not in a way to make us feel guilty. My OH’s parents on the other hand “punish us” if we don’t make the first move to Skype EVERY time, but our reaction is not to react and carry on as normal and they soon come around. I hope your parents will also ‘come around’ to the idea and whilst it may not be what they imagined, after a while they will hopefully see you happy and settled and get some comfort in that.
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    @HexI just want to say thank you, your still here even though your Visa has been granted and your always helping and replying fast. I think you should become a Migration Agent!
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    No. I'm simply familiar with the area and read the news. I enjoy analysing the property market too
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    I walked into a bakery to buy a cake and saw they were all 50 cents except one that was $1. I asked the baker why it was more expensive and he replied “that’s Madeira cake” [emoji1749][emoji3601]
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    And the point of that post is exactly.. We have just spent 25 pages with most posters of the opinion that Yaxley Lennon was a self publicist exploiting a criminal case involving Muslim men to further his own twisted agenda, obviously you do not have that opinion so have decided to reignite the debate by posting a report from early October. Good try, shall we see how many bite.
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    On the whole there are more sad stories posted than positive. It depends a bit on your lifestyle and circumstances. Generally speaking perhaps not many of the parents who are really struggling with the concept of their families moving across the world, have travelled much themselves? My father was in the army, moved constantly as a child. Joined an airline and then Went on my own to work in Zambia in my 20’s, then married my husband who was in the RAF, later we went onto be expats. When we retired from Asia our three grown up children were in England and we moved to Australia, not back to UK. Out of the many of our friends who are in their 70’s plus, almost the only ones who live near their children are the friends from our old village who never left. The children of the majority of people we know are scattered around the world, and as a result locally we look after each other two of ours followed us here, one is near in Brisbane the other in Sydney, but our only grandchildren are in UK. Like so many of the people we know, we accept that our grandchildren don’t live close, we chose to live somewhere else and we encouraged all our children to live their own lives. That doesn’t mean we don’t love each other, This post is in no way a criticism of parents who really miss their children and grandchildren and want to live close to them, but there are many many of us who love our families but live our lives without them near either from our choice or because our children have moved countries, either way we get on with life.
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    This isn't a photo of our garden but a few of the lemons I've just been picking from our tree. Picked the huge one from the middle of the tree. The big ones are always right inside.
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    lol, I thought you had misspelled perishing, sorry!
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    Bananas and mangoes Cheers, Bobj.
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    Our area has 'wall to wall' blue sky and temps from 18C to 28C over the last week. Cheers, Bobj.
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