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    Keep hearing a lot about 'riots' if Brexit doesn't happen. But what if it does happen and the cost of living goes up 10%, tens of thousands are made redundant, the economy crashes, everyone’s house value is wiped…. etc. Are people likely to be happy with all that? The sovereignty of our mushy peas with their guaranteed long-term green-ness might be some comfort but will that stop the baying lynch mob?
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    No, because of transitional arrangements for 457 visa holders. Basically, if you had a 457 with pretty much any occupation (originally the CSOL), then you can could be nominated for 186 visa. The March 18 deadline, if I remember correctly, would only apply to 186 DE nominations, not TRT, so you should be alright. Additionally, I don't think your MA would have filed for a visa you are not eligible for!
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    I think we can have ideas of what it'll be like before we arrive, when we are dreaming, and then the reality is very different! Like you say you are different people to back then, I think kids change everything too. I'd go home. Esp if you are both feeling the same way about it. I stuck it out for 8-9 years trying to make it work and now I'm moving back alone with two kids. I agree with you, we too came for opportunity and a 'better' life but that didn't happen, what is 'better' anyway? The kids have no family here, I have no support and the reality is it was better, in my case, for one person only. There are heaps of problems in Australia and we have no reason to be here. Even if UK's not great at least its ours! Good luck with your decision. Go with your gut, the head gets in the way. Don't worry about what other people think either, time is relative and when you are unhappy 9months can feel like 9years!
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    It won't be interesting. All we’ll get is a debate about a version of Brexit no-one wants vs a Brexit that’s un-achievable, that the public currently can’t vote for. So what’s it supposed to achieve? A pointless waste of time for all involved. Ah: Shame they rejected my idea of giving each participant a table-leg with a nail banged through it and worked on Battle Royale rules.
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    This is exactly my point as well - if they did, they shouldn't be an MA
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    @Tomlfc1992 Thanks mate, I made a promise to myself, that once approved I would try and help whom ever I could with this process. Knowing how stressful it is, and where I was when I started - it really helps being in the know and getting some guidance from time to time, when needed.
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    Kumar thanks for reply I thing U need first check your name spell than comment .... Do a spell check Only then, with the reader’s attention "hooked," should you move on to the thesis. The thesis should be a clear, one-sentence explanation of your position that leaves no doubt in the reader’s mind about which side you are on from the beginning of your essay. Following the thesis, you should provide a mini-outline which previews the examples you will use to support your thesis in the rest of the essay. Not only does this tell the reader what to expect in the paragraphs to come but it also gives them a clearer understanding
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    Hi All Finally after 42 months and 3 days, i just got the GRANT email last night Goodluck to you all 143 lodged on 15June15 Contacted by immi for health check and AOS on 01/04/18 Applied AOS on 09/04/18 AOS done on 27/08/18 Case officer assigned on 29/10/18 and request for form 80 and AOS approval letter FINAL VAC request on 29/11/18 Visa Granted 03/12/18
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    I think it's often not an intended scam of the system, rather people taking a creative approach in nominating an occupation that doesn't match what DHA considers appropriate for the role.
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    Thanks heaps for all your prompt responses Guys. Got same response from my MA, as long as you hold a 457 and nominated for 186 TRT with same occupation as per your current 457, the lodgement is valid and not to worry. I have just imported my application in immi account and it is showing last updated date as 21 Nov 2018 and submitted date as 21 May 2018, also my MA confirmed that He has not done any updates to the application from his side. Hopefully thats a good news.
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    We had similar situation. MA said as long as our 457 visa is valid we can apply and new rules won't affect us.So we could manage to apply before expiry of 457
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    This is the best Answer. I really appreciate your reply. It has cleared my confusion now. Hope you have a great day ahead. Thanks a lot Raul.
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    I used this back in the UK to upload the make/model/serial of all the companies laptops, to make it easier for recovery if they ever got stolen. Does anyone know of an Aus equivalent?
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    Yes. It is interesting that many Brexiteers are showing their true nature. Whilst trying to pretend that Brexit is about sovereignty they are now starting to advocate an overthrow of Parliament itself. The type of sovereignty they are seeking is probably more akin to an ancient form of monarchy. To be fair they always said they wanted to take control. They were coy though about the means of control they had in mind. If they achieve their no-deal Brexit the ensuing chaos leaves the UK ripe for a total overthrow of Parliament justified by the reality that Brexit was a failure that Parliament presided over. Their big problem may be the apparent lack of a fascist leader. Can’t really see Moggy or Bojo fitting the bill but then again Hitler and Mussolini were pretty unimpressive specimens so you never know.
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    I doubt that you will understand this distinction but I will try it with you. The referendum was the equivalent of an election with two choices on a ballot paper. The incumbent MP and ‘someone else’. In this instance nearly 49% voted for the incumbent (a much higher proportion of their electorate than most sitting MPs have incidentally). However ‘someone else’, won. The problem is that we are then stuck in an endless cycle of trying to work out who the 51% had in mind. I am betting that this will go well over the head of the Brexit groupies who have convinced themselves that the 51% all voted for exactly the ‘someone else’ they had in mind.
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    I walked into a bakery to buy a cake and saw they were all 50 cents except one that was $1. I asked the baker why it was more expensive and he replied “that’s Madeira cake” [emoji1749][emoji3601]
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    Hi, we are both in receipt of uk state pensions plus my husband also gets a private pension. Since we received our visa we have obtained Australian tax file numbers. We then completed uk tax forms (Individual tax form 2003), which we sent to ATO in Victoria for authorising our residential status and them forwarding them to HMRC UK. This should enable us to have our pensions paid gross in UK and sent directly to Australia where if applicable tax will be taken. We also completed HMRC forms for any tax rebate P85 on line. We had to contact ATO after a couple of weeks to expedite the Indivual forms 2003, which they escalated and dealt with in 48 hrs. Still waiting to hear from UK. Hope this helps Geoff & Gill
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    Well, we are almost there. We swam last night for the first time and again this morning. As you can see, we still have temporary fencing in place and there is a boarder of messy sandy dirt all around the pool. The concrete guy comes tomorrow to measure up how much and where we want it, also the fencing team will be here to measure up. The big umbrella will arrive this week some time once the concrete is down. After Christmas we will concentrate on landscaping. We are having a mini retaining wall across the back to stop any heavy rain coming down the paddock and pouring into the pool. Very happy with it so far
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    https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/foi/files/2018/fa180500128-decision-letter.pdf https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/foi/files/2018/fa180500128-document-released.pdf Have just seen this Freedom of Information request disclosure. I believe it is in line with previously discussed application numbers, but some might be interested. Best regards.
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    My husband bought a couple of pork pies which he reckoned were alright from a deli in Hobart. They are marketed as Pacdon Park pork pies and I looked up where else they are available. Apparently the Boatshed Market, 40 Jarrod Street, Cottesloe sell them too. I can't vouch for them as I don't eat meat. Here is their spiel: Our pork pie, traditionally eaten cold, is perfect as part of a Ploughman's Lunch, or with mustard and a cold beer! Made using traditional British Recipes and only the finest free range local pork. We bone out the pork in-house, and also make our own lard which gives them their delicious hot water crust pastry. Our pies are baked in the traditional manner, without using a supporting hoop or tin, which gives them their classic bow-sided shape of an authentic Melton Mowbray Pork Pie.
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    hi guys, anyone knoe the average time between approval letter until the council invitation for the ceremony? Just waiting for that! Thank you
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    I spent many nights over 3 years in 3 hospitals and my only cost was a few pharmaceuticals. Yes, private health insurance can be a big asset. Cheers, Bobj.
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