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    Timeline as below: RCB applied : Sept 2017 and approved in Oct 2017 Nomination and Visa applied : 26 Oct 2017 Nomination Approved : 24th Oct 2018 Requested document such as : Medical examination, Form 80 & Police Clearance Australia and Overseas Submitted all requested document on the last day of the 28 days period - 21 Nov 2018 Visa granted - 26 Nov 2018 Total wait time - 13 months State- QLD Numbers of applicant : 2 Occupation : Conference & Event Organiser Onshore
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    Hey guys! I just received an email from my agent that my visa 187 has been granted. All the best to those who still waiting!
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    You've posted this thread before PB, i'm too pressed for time to find the old one to merge .. but honestly, why does it matter what other people do. Peoples nationality isn't defined by the team they support.
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    I didn't read anywhere that the agent was condoning people entering/remaining illegally in countries, just that they had been successful in getting them visas despite having an illegal status. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the agents who post regularly on PIO have also been successful with visa applications of previous overstayers/illegals. OP - your situation is complicated so it's good that you're working with a migration agent. Hopefully your partner can end their illegal stay in the UK so that they start moving on the right path from an immigration standpoint. It's quite likely your partner visa will get a lot more scrutiny given his history of illegal status so having strong evidence of your relationship over a long period of time would probably be beneficial.
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    Had plans to visit this place with some friends tomorrow but rain is forecast. It's a 25 acre rhododendron garden not too far from here.
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    What are you on about? You should have been at the MCG for the IND V AUS T20. All the English were backing India rather than Aus
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    the view at night from the top of Portsdown Hill , Hampshire ...
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    Good Morning All, Hoping we hear about more grants today.All the best.
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    ...................... and when I say I couldn't care less about England - I meant as in any game of sport - not the actual country which I do care for very much.
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    I am a Saffa living in the UK, I would never drem of supporting any team over by country of birth team in ANYTHING. Poms are the only ones I know who try and become what they aint. Ask an Italian living in England what he is and he will say Italian, ask him if he would support England over Italy in a football match and he will laugh at you. If I lived in China I would not be Chinese, if I lived in Spain I would not be Spanish etc etc, this honestly does make me smile and honestly I cannot get my head around why those not born in Oz want to be Australia, I can see why someone who has spent most of his life in Oz thinking of himself being a plastic honorary member but those who have been there a few years It only happens with Poms, no other Country.....Why? The funniest is when some start talking like an Aussie after being there less than 10 years.
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    Hi all, My husband and I have just had our 189 visas granted and are hoping to move out to Queensland in the new year. He is a builder, he has an NVQ level 3 in Bricklaying which I believe is equivalent to an Australian diploma and he has over 10 years experience. The Queensland license requires an Advanced Diploma. I believe he can apply for the qualification through recognition of prior learning but can’t find much information online about how. Has anyone done this? Would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Cerys
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    Exactly! I often barrack for Fijji and Tonga when they are playing rugby.
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    Do you live in a damp little cave ?
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    maybe they had bad experiences in the uk. Most poms I knew/know still love the uk and will always support their country of origin the ones that don't are a bit of a laughing stock by poms and real aussies i'm afraid.
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    If this is true, it's about time the UK started checking visas when handing out NI numbers or is this far too simplistic. There are probably tens of thousands of illegals doing the same thing.
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    I thought I heard somewhere that the "5th largest economy" is based on the money flowing through the London financial services sector (other peoples' money) rather than any real productivity.
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    my great grandson has learnt to crawl ... unfortunately it's backwards ! ...
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    I wish you all luck, especially those waiting for so long!
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    Silent reader - just got my golden email today. I'm JS in March 2018 in the spreadsheet. I applied for nomination and visa on 1st of March, 186 DE, University Lecturer, direct grant, no contact whatsover. Perfect timing, leaving work now to celebrate! Good luck everyone!
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    It is @Toots. I really like it. Still getting to know the area. I work full time and having to get furniture and things for the house I haven’t had much time, but now I am more settled I am starting to explore a bit. The area has been really pretty with the autumn colours. The Christmas lights go on next week. My commute to work is much better than in was in Australia as well which has made me very happy also. Amazing the difference that can make. Generally, life is good.
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    Just checking, is that 75K including superannuation, or is superannuation extra? I'm guessing it's likely to be excluding super, because otherwise it's a very low salary, but you should make extra sure. Consider that you're coming on a temporary contract with a 482. You're not migrating to Australia, you're just coming for an adventure - which isn't a bad idea, while your little one is still young enough not to have to worry about disruptions with schooling etc. However, you need to budget on the assumption that you'll be going home again in a few years. A lot of people read that you can transition to a permanent visa and think it's an easy process but it's certainly not. It's far from guaranteed that you'll be successful and in fact, it's getting more difficult all the time. Most people on temp contracts do end up going home at the end of the contract. So plan accordingly.
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