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    Haven't you posted the same absurd comments before under a different name??
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    More coal being exported than any time in last ten years at Newcastle port from what I was reading the other day , The coal being exported burns at much higher temp thus it’s clean coal tag Big problem certainly with wind it’s so uneconomical and unreliable if you take away all subsidies it’s a non starter It’s funny how op only bags out Australia , it’s been proved that if Australia turned all coal power Off and went completely green energy it would make no difference to global warming , the problems lie with China and India
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    I think some people just don’t feel pain as much as others - nothing to do with being tough or having to cope, they just experience it differently. I know I have found on several occasions that I just don’t seem to feel pain that badly compared to others that have gone through the same or similar thing. I’ve had a tendon repair and only took a single pain killer immediately after surgery and didn’t take any after that, not because I didn’t want to take them but because I didn’t have any pain so didn’t need them. I’ve been the same with other procedures as well. On the other hand there are some people that just would not have coped in the situation you were in and would have ended up unconscious from the pain.
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    +- 40 months whew. Congrats for your family overall - its very stressful for everyone involved but going to be so worth it. Hope they can get there in time for Christmas.
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    Clean coal is a reference to carbon capture rather than the temperatures it is burned (or as Trump thinks, coal which is cleaned before being burned). Good idea of yours blaming foreigners. If we all point the finger elsewhere we don’t need to do anything, especially if, as you say, it makes no difference anyway if we do. As death is inevitable and you cannot cure everyone anyway do you think we should do away with medicine, doctors and hospitals too. Or does the do nothing option only apply to the health of the planet?
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    I don't have many options that lead directly to PR. But my husband's employer is happy to sponsor him a TSS 482 visa. So I was happy to give TSS a go as we can avoid BVE but the thing is it wont lead to residency. We have to opt for another visa eventually.
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    Why would anyone English want to Immigrate to Australia? Aussies in general are anti Pom It gives some a feeling of not belonging ..After 35 years here i should talk.But i have had that feeling for many years,now i've grown to hate the place.I could go into heaps of reasons why. But it's a myth that there is a better life in Australia ,Than in England. Unless you take in what a certain click,of want to be Aussies on here say,that rant on about how wonderful it is,That never stop tearing Britain down. Or put other Brits down that tell the truth.And rant on about their bad grammer or bad spelling.It says in the Rules that u have to be over 13 years old, to comment on this site. Yet the click of wanna be Aussies's, have a mentality of less than 13 year olds. But you will have noted who these lot are. That think they own the site.And thousands are returning home. Maybe it's because of Brexit?, Or just simply they Love they own Country,warts and all it's still a great place.And home is where your heart is.
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    You didn’t. The AFL figures are audited by the govt for tax and other purposes.
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    There is nothing wrong with coal. We need it. Renewables can play a niche role but cannot provide reliable power all the time. It looks like we will examine a nuclear power plant which is a good idea.
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    It is depressing. Unfortunately it reflects the prevailing view of the majority whose primary concern is their own energy bill or their taxes now. The scientific studies are being deliberately misrepresented by men of my generation who will not be around once the consequences fully play out. Now we need visionary and creative leadership and all around the globe what we are getting are cowardly leaders seeking to take or hold power by means of promoting fear of other people whilst claiming that environmental damage is either a hoax or exaggerated. The most powerful countries are seemingly set on a path of self-destruction in one form or another.
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    my father and many more good men were killed so these twits could live in a free country ...
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    And why do you think there are still these privileged individuals still enjoying their privileges, because we have the most class ridden society in Europe. Alternatively going by your dictum, they've got it, you haven't, get over it..
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    Use the real figures, not Wiki shonky figures. Will you ever learn? Oh and girlie ball is the Pom game, AFL is for men only
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    And its the prerogative of students at Cambridge to consider Rememberance Sunday as a celebration of war exploited for nationalistic jingoism purposes. Until the mid 20's it was held on Nov 11 but of course big business wouldn't wear that.
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    Football is the most watched sport in the world and the prem is the richest and most watched in the world, its massive....AFL "girlie ball" is only watched and really played in Oz, it is so boring and iof you can catch and kick you are a star, no skill or tactics needed just girlies chasing a ball that bounces funny and confuses the not so bright players.
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    Google Medicare and the name of where you are. There will be a Medicare centre near you. You pop in with your ID, fill in the form and they will provide a temporary number you can use until your card arrives. for doctors, again, just google the doctors near you. It isn't like the UK, you can just go to any. Pop in or call them and ask for an appointment. As a new patient you will just fill in a form on arrival about your medical history. Do be aware that there are two types of doctors, known as bulk billing and none bulk billing. If they bulk bill, then there is no out of pocket cost to you. If they don't bulk bill, then you will pay a fee - usually about $70 from which you get about half back from Medicare
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    A week isn’t long, don’t panic
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    Two lots of “phallys” Cheers, Bobj.
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    Andres Segovia, classical guitar. Glen Campbell, Mark Knofler. Hank Marvin/Brian May. Cheers, Bobj.
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    Dear all, I finally received my PR! I want to share my timeline here: Application and Visa: 02/02/2018 Grant: 12/10/2018 Number of people: 2 Low Risk country Stream: Direct Entry Software Engineer Direct grant, no additional docs asked. Please update the spreadsheet (my nickname is JV). This forum helped me a lot. I wish everyone waiting for PR to get it soon.
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    Have you looked at Bribie Island ? Sandstone point , both with plenty of recreational choices The new sandstone point hotel is worth a visit and often hosts music and other activities https://sandstonepointhotel.com.au/