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    Date shown in your immi acc is related to your visa application only . As you might know we don't see information about nomination in our immi acc.
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    It is now irrelevant who is in charge, imo the EU have decided on a no deal outcome, they simply have run out of patience, the only thing that might change that is if Corbyn is elected and then only if he sticks to his words at conference. The whole thing is a farce, the EU cannot give an inch, if they do it threatens the whole enterprise, so they simply won't, TM has only one option left, an election. Whatever happens, unless she acts quickly and lets Corbyn have the poisoned chalice a no deal outcome looks certain to me, BMW have decided it as well along with a raft of other businesses I'm sure. But who knows, Boris might get what he has always wanted and be left to front it out, in which case we will have Trump 1 and Trump 2, one on each side of the Atlantic, god help us because no one else is going to.
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    Refer my previous statement - your Borat impersonation isn’t impressing.
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    It's quite amazing how little tolerance there is for understanding other peoples views, on here and in general. Can we just admit Brexit was a bit of population-vote-bait gone wrong, and move past it? Everything is ruined by the triablistic nature of politics now - "the other side is always wrong. We’d have done the exact opposite. Aren’t they stupid." Etc etc It’s all rubbish They tow the party line, because nothing is more important than the party. The party being in charge is the most important thing, much more important than looking after the country/people. Almost every vote, I turn up to be counted, but spoil my ballot The idea of democracy is important. It’s bollocks, currently. But it’s important In the end, the winner of any modern election is the guy who can tell the best lies without getting caught out too early, and the guy who runs the best smear campaign.
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    Still on the same page 48 years today
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    I had a letter from Amy yesterday ( written by her carer ) ... she must have a new key worker as this is the third letter in three months ... I only received two in three years before ... it is full of news of her ... she works two days a week ... has a line dancing class ... does aerobics ... and every Friday there is a disco ... so a full and happy life ...
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    Iknwc but the charities in Australia are wonderful ,
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    back from visiting my great grandson ... gorgeous little soul ... so good ... sleeping and feeding really well ... marks and bruises on his face are fading already ... Thank you everyone for the reassurance ... it helped me a lot ...
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    The sons are doing plenty , bless them good boys paying for most things it’s no different than camping and I’m enjoying tbh its a bit like a holiday
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    What! I just can't believe you are being left in place with no town water or power. ? What about your sons. Can't they help you?
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    I worked in NICU for many years, babies are surprisingly resilient ?
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    Hey hun if you don’t have anything then they can’t take anything from you. So they will have to go after him. Just go and live off grid and claim benefits. Also threaten him with claiming spousal maintenance http://www.familycourt.gov.au/wps/wcm/connect/fcoaweb/family-law-matters/property-and-finance/maintenance/
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    For iPhone users IOS 12.1 Pubic Beta released. Only been a few days since 12 itself released. Beta is working fine on my iPhone 7
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    my two great grandchildren have met ... lovely photographs of it ...
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    I have another great grandson ... born in the early hours of this morning ... weighs just over 9 pounds ... and has chubby , kissable cheeks ...
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    I came back to the UK 3 years ago after over 9 in Australia. Although it's taken adjustment here, I NEVER felt that 'at home' feeling down under, and it got very exhausting in the end. The old friends who were still around welcomed me back- we had all changed through life stages- but it made me truly appreciate a sense of belonging and 'being myself' again. Sometimes I walk around places in England and I well up- the sense of belonging somewhere still hits me even after 3 years back. I love going away and coming back to the UK. It's an amazing, diverse, challenging and wonderful place. For me, it will always be home, even if I travel again. No plans to leave- since getting back, i've got 'fresh eyes' and find everything so very interesting- i'm a sucker for history, and i'll never be bored in the UK. Also truly value the old and new people in my life here. I've found it much easier to make new friends in the UK. That's my experience anyway.
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    I haven't posted on here in a long time but was reading the sep newsletter and reading the site a bit saw this and can understand how hard it can be We have just come back to the Uk , after renting our house in Sydney out . we have one son 21 born in OZ and said he could come with. us or stay in Sydney but would have to move to Uni accomodation as he was living at home , he decided to come and starts Uni here in September , we have been here for six weeks so far he is missing friends and GF back in OZ but is looking forward to going to Uni so I am really hoping he can make friends and enjoy life here as I would really prefer to be in the same county as him although who knows what can happen , my parents did this and I have too left family behind to live in Australia for so many years. Nothing is for ever and I really wanted to come back as my last try in 2009 did not work out as I had hoped now I have family with serious health issues so I knew time was running out and I am so glad we are back Hope it all works out for you
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    I hear you loud and clear on this one. I am moving home next year and am scared that my children will feel the same way that I have felt for the past 30 years living in Australia. I have never stopped missing home. I am taking them over in Easter for a few weeks to see what they think with the plan of moving over in September. They are very excited now, I hope they remain equally as excited after they have been there.
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    Why are you so quick to blame others as opposed to laying blame at your own financial circumstances ? The fact that you only joined a few hrs ago and haven't contributed anything else to the forum would have some thinking that you've just come here for a whinge
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    Well, to be fair, that's not what you said. You said that Australia is only for rich people who have millions. If you make a statement like that, you have to expect people to object. I think if you'd said what you meant in the first place, you'd have got more sympathy.
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    So you've been living here for 10 years?? Your first post gives the impression you've only just returned.
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    The most pressing issue right now is surely your parents. It's a big move for elderly parents but it's doable and if they're keen they'll cope.
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    That's her problem, not yours, and how will she know if she doesn't try? She sounds like you, someone who likes to have family around, so she might love being amongst all her relatives and family friends. You know you are absolutely miserable in Australia, to the point where you've needed professional help. The only way to stop feeling miserable is to move back to the UK. You've tried everything else. You're out of options. So your only choice, really, is move back now, or move back later. The longer you wait, the more settled your daughter will be. There's no point putting it off and hoping she'll have a change of heart, because the opposite will happen. She might even get married and then you'll be stuck in Australia for the rest of your life.
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