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    Still on the same page 48 years today
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    I had a letter from Amy yesterday ( written by her carer ) ... she must have a new key worker as this is the third letter in three months ... I only received two in three years before ... it is full of news of her ... she works two days a week ... has a line dancing class ... does aerobics ... and every Friday there is a disco ... so a full and happy life ...
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    Here's one for you. https://957thejet.iheart.com/featured/marty-and-jodi-in-the-morning/content/2017-12-29-company-sells-edible-butthole-chocolates-offers-custom-molds/#.W6sKWpFXdTN.twitter
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    It's a good idea. If you can fit it in, go for it. But be aware intensive courses are good for leaning how to pass the test but don't confuse them with learning how to drive? Learning to drive is going to take time and practice.
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    When they saw me they reduced it to where I saw myself in 1 years time ?
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    Hi everyone , Thought I would share my experience of finding a job having been inPerth for a few months. It was a concern of mine as like most on the 143 visa I am a mature person ( older) and might not be as desirable as the younger applicants ( more ways than one) . Realistically Ageism must exist if an employer has a certain profile in his mind for his/her idea of the ideal candidate. So I knew that as Perth has a higher unemployment rate than it used to , I might struggle to get paid work. After our planned few weeks off recovering from the stress of selling up and moving over , the job hunt began. I have a full work history in sales and was surprised and a little disappointed when my skills were not snapped up. I am confident in my ability but found that initially I had to adjust my cv and application , generally work hard to proceed past initial job application. I was boosted by some interviews, video interviews, second interviews but it took a few goes to get a yes!. Ironically a second yes came from a previous application two days into my job so I declined. The new job wasn’t all I hoped but a third yes came after a little follow up and I start my new role in new property sales this week. So if you need or want to work , keep positive and keep trying and something will turn up . It might be on day one but if not keep trying. I would say that as every where who you know not what you know can help. Anyone who is worried or trying and would like to chat tactics feel free to respond in the forum or pm me. I’m not a careers expert but I would be glad to share my experiences and knowledge gained. I will plug my role as a new homes salesperson in the Perth area another day !. Welcome to Australia to all the recent arrivals and to the waiters , your turn will come . Good luck all!
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    But again at the end of the day its for your life so never slow down on speaking up buddy.....
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    Unfortunately that me bro...i have a quick suggestion to every one as i been rejected because of following reason.. My owner shows 17 PPL working in my organisation chart. which was true at that time but he hasn't update that..we are only 4 full time working at the moment. My owner didn't upload documents since Feb. Feb was last time he upload all documents. My owner did my nomination by himself.. i suggest everyone use MA or Lawyer. our restaurant is one of the big restaurant in Darwin ( Turnover wise and seat wise as well ). Its not always CO asked more documents they just decide the documents get in their hand.. so be careful guys . I know how hard it will be life once it get rejected once you wait almost 2 years.. so be careful what you doing and always chat with you owner about the documents...
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    It is my wtf for the day, but it is only 8am.
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    My timeline as motor mechanic in SA Visa and nomination- 16 nov 2016 Nomination file open- 12 July 2018 Ask business financial again last year and financial statements of last two year Visa file open - 16 July Ask only afp clarence again Submitted in two weeks Visa approved 19 September Business turnover is 2 million 6 people in payroll Best of luck guys
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    If that’s a wtf , you must lead a very sheltered life .
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    You do realise that many big companies have their offices abroad, I honestly find your lack of understanding on how big business operates staggering.
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    So the courts sentence on the evidence and the politicians over ride the courts and impose their own sentence..........doesn’t sound very democratic to me.
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    I think it is the travel dates. So your partner will be the person flying over within the time frame. You can collect as long as the transport company are aware and let everyone know. You’ll need the dogs number for flying that the transport company will give you when the flight is confirmed. It should all be covered by the one TOR. My cat flew in June and my cube arrived in September all under the same number. It all needs to arrive within 12 months of the TOR being issued from memory. When you email your application, put live animal in the subject line. Scan docs at the lowest resolution possible. There might be an extra information section on the application you can put your dogs dates and your partners flight so they know you meet the criteria. The gov.uk website has some good information. Good luck
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    There is no such visa for South African passport holders. You could consider a student visa. This will give you limited work rights, but will be quite expensive. Look up subclass 500 for more details.
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    Thank you for your kind reply. The processing time of 187 is ridiculous. It raises up to 23months now. What employers can guarantee nothing will happen in 2 year time? I would not go for RSMS again. Can’t afford 3rd failure.
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    I think I have to agree. What I like about Queensland is the different climates you get in one state. You have all the rainforests in Far North Qld and then the drought stricken towns of the Outback. We also have the Great Barrier Reef, the only Everglades outside of Florida and the numerous white sandy beaches. Queensland has overtaken Victoria as the most popular destination for people moving within Australia. According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) on Thursday, Queensland recorded a net interstate migration gain of 24,000 people in the 12 months to March 2018 followed by Victoria with 15,100. Net interstate migration is measured by subtracting the number of people who moved away from a state from the number of people who moved into that state. "During the previous four years, Queensland came second to Victoria in terms of net interstate movement, so these states have swapped," Director of Demography at the ABS Anthony Grubb, said in a media release on Thursday. "Before that, Queensland was the biggest gainer for 20 years, excepting a brief period in 2011 when Western Australia overtook it. "The most common move between states was from New South Wales to Queensland with 52,000 people making the move north. The next most common move was in the opposite direction with 36,900 people moving from Queensland to New South Wales." Queensland is Australia's third biggest state by population with 4.9 million people at the end of March compared to 7.9 million in New South Wales and 6.4 million in Victoria. Australia's population grew by 380,700 in the 12 month period to 24.9 million with 62 percent of the growth attributed to net overseas migration. Victoria was once again Australia's fastest-growing state, adding more people than Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania combined. Melbourne remains on track to overtake Sydney as the country's biggest city by the mid-2020s.
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    Anyone who wishes to sponsor me can leave the money behind the bar.
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    I get annoyed because someone has been parking out the front of my house. Even though I don't own the road it is still annoying. Because a neighbour has 4 cars in their household they expect to park in front of everyone else houses and then my son comes to see me and can't park in front. Really a resident should be able to park in front of his own house shouldn't he ? At least in the suburbs.
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    I experienced -25C when I was working in Poland. The Poles however insisted that wasn't cold. "Wait 'til it gets to -40C. That's Cold".
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