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    Hi everyone, finally my parents got their 143 visa granted yesterday. I really appreciate the help and encouragement from you guys in the midst of the long wait.
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    As always, it helps if you understand the bigger picture. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/27/business/economy/trump-gdp-fact-check.html https://edition.cnn.com/2018/07/27/politics/gdp-fact-check/index.html https://globalnews.ca/news/4357065/donald-trump-economy-canada-trade/ https://www.boston.com/news/politics/2018/07/26/ap-fact-check-trump-skews-claims-on-economy-gdp-growth https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/ap-fact-check-a-look-into-trumps-claims-on-historic-economic-gains https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2018/jul/27/fact-checking-donald-trumps-points-about-economy/
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    Teaching small children that if they di not worship a fictitious deity that they will be tortured for eternity is a form of child abuse anyway. Abuse can be mental as well as physical. All faith schools are abhorrent by definition.
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    NOTE TO MODERATORS: This is NOT a personal attack, it is a last ditch attempt to persuade a fellow African to live up to a higher standard so that an attitude can be adopted which actually does something towards stopping the killings in South Africa...OBVIOUSLY, PIO wont stop it just based on "chewing the fat forum"...but its a start I think you have a problem with cherry picking from statements (and quite possibly from facts too)... You said Zimbabwe was a bread basket till the farm invasions. I said...NO, It was a bread basket till the el nino drought of the early 90's. land grabs didn't happen till the turn of the century... The land grabs deinately happened in Zimbabwe...it was not pretty, it was not right (the method), it was immoral... but LAND REFORM was necessary...do note this...LAND REFORM DOES NOT MEAN EVERY FARMER SHOULD LOSE LAND! It means eactly what the phrase says... Land reform...a reassement of how the land is being used/appropriated The factual cherry-picking you do relates to statements like "I have friends who still call it Rhodesia..." stop lying... I don't know any white person from Zimbabwe who calls it that..... if it is true that you have friends who call it this then.... (BRACE YOURSELF) You and your friends are a bunch of racists...... because if you insist on using a colonial name on an independent country, you are actually showing a lack of understanding of the true reason behind the people who sought, fought for and were granted independence... recognised by almost the entire world except...well... the great minds like you and your friends... It is people like you PerthBum, who make it hard for people of colour like me, to fight for white people being killed and maimed by desperate black people... How then do I justify standing up for white people when people like you insist, on public forums, on using terminology that stirs up emotions and reminds people of bygone eras? If you keep mentioning Rhodesia, you remind people to "pick up the AK and fight the white man"... If you decide to become a rational human being and bring intelligent debate (I have seen evidence of this from you) and it gets combined with the black voices willing to stand up for White Farmers, we might actually be able to stop a second atrocity happening in South Africa... Its too late for my Zimbabwean White Farmer Brothers who suffered, but it cant be too late for South Africa... but go on... after all.,.. you and your "Rhodesian" friends know best don't ya?
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    Imagine there was a business, say a burger chain, that had as many outlets in towns as the Roman Catholic church has, if the workers in that burger chain had raped as many children as the RC church has… Do you think that business would still exist? Do you think that anyone would be gladly sending their children there for a burger?
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    I don't remember Mugabe ruling Rhodesia...... hey, you wanna play smart, be my guest...don't try to play smart, get caught out, then try to play smart on your way out again. You are dog-whistling with your constant "Rhodesia" remarks... and when it doesn't work, you try and play smart again... own up to being "pwned" as the kids nowadays would say.
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    So is the fact that the Au government fund them - that blew my mind when I found that out.
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    Most people I know seem to refer to it as Zim these days I suggest that PB and SW continue your discussion by PM please, as neither of you are going to agree with each other and the constant bickering is going nowhere.
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    They are being sent back to Vietnam.
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    I would close all faith schools.
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    No there are a number on here who just love a wind up and divert threads to their own agendas constantly. Dog whistling seems to be a speciality of a whole phalanx of people nowadays
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    Oh dear me... you are special... OF COURSE NOT... there were tonnes of Whites people who fought for a good cause.. I'm talking about the bloodthirsty, power hungry , "arian race" types... you know... the ones who live in old notions and memories of superiority?
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    memories don't make you right... my memories of White people are full of horror...would it be fair on me to impose these moemories onto you to you young chap? NO...God no! Instead, I have ha to move with the times and realise that we are I a new world now...we need new solutinos to problems our fore-bears created for us. BUT...if you want to insist on living vicariously in other peoples memories of a country YOU NEVER SAW...bemy guest...its just one less person needed at the solution table... Mugabe, Malema and their lot are not going to have some random person stand up to them al at once...it takes the WHOLE community having rational discussions and realising appropriate alternatives...which in turn kills the fuel to their fire... they (and to an extent I fear you too...) revel in stoking racial tensions...THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO STOP FARMERS BEING KILLED
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    SO...If they are Former Rhodesians..do you mean that they left whilst the country was still called Rhodesia? let me rephrase it so you cant run away from it... Any White Person who lived in Zimbabwe after Independence, Is a Zimbabwean..they travelled to SA or UK on ZIMBABWEAN passports... unless by some technicality they travelled on another secondary (or even primary passport of other citizenship - but this excludes Rhodesia since ...hey...it doesn't exist anymore) They cant be both...they are either RHODESIANS (losing their right to talk about land reform as if it affected them when it didn't) becase they left whilst it was still RHODESIA... or they are Zimbabweans, who have every right to seek legal reparations for what happened to them after 2000AD. FORMER RHODESIAN - a person who was formerly a Rhodesian.. they are something else now, since Rhodesia doesn't exist... they are easily reffered to as African...Zimbabwean...Zambian, South African, British..or whatever new nationality they accepted and live in.
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    Zimbabwe stopped being the "breadbasket of Africa" in the early 90's...stop spouting lies... For a while Zimbabweans had to live off subsidised/heavily discounted grain from Kenya...after that was a great IMF crime that led to debt, then the fuel crisis of the late nineties...THEN came the land grabs out of desperation to keep power by Mugabe and his cronies
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    It doesnt matter small minority, large majority..... we dont need them. Hang the lot of them.
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    https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/08/26/catholic-church-investigated-victims-priest-sexual-abuse/1089349002/ Small minority!! They were all either at it or in on it. 300 of them in just a single US state. Just scale that up.
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    AT LAST. Just a week short of 8 months since our first AoS submission and our daughter has received the approval letter. Hard to believe that we are a step closer!???
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    Someone had to jump on the 'African gang' bandwagon again. You have been explained to that Africa has over 1 billion people and 50 countries. Those so-called gangs in Melbourne are overwhelmingly S. Sudanese and I don't get why the 49 other law abiding nations potentially in Melbourne are getting a bad rep. This is like you lot getting blamed for what some guy from Lithuania has done to someone in Footscray just because you are both White and European. Black folk aren't all the same you know like a lot of Aussies seem to think.
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    I think as admin and mods we expect you men to act like big boys and not throw silly tantrums and personal remarks so we don’t spend every second of everyday monitoring the forum
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    Yes. Most definitely. I find the U.K. much friendlier in general although big cities everywhere aren’t the friendliest of places. In the sticks, though, I walk a lot and the general “hello” rate would be much higher in UK and, interestingly, if I’ve struck up conversations in Aus with casual walkers, they’ve tended to be British visitors. I’m also inclined to chat at check outs - there’s often something funny/irritating to comment on and I find in Aus that people look at you like you’re loopy whereas in U.K. you’d have some banter going on.
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    I strongly recommend you get it anyway, whether you're planning to study or not. If you only have PR and you leave Australia, you can lose the right to return, ever. That would be a huge shame if you have family in Australia. Even if you think you never want to come back, you have a whole lifetime ahead of you - you can never predict the future so it's wise to be prepared. Having Australian citizenship doesn't affect your British citizenship in any way.
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    The stock market has been primed for a decade on, essentially, fake money. The corporate tax cuts this year in the USA has encouraged a further round of stock buy backs when all the money from QE was starting to run out. None of this has much really to do with Trump but he is being given credit for a bubble which is being primed to burst sometime in the next year or two - austerity can only buy so much time. This interview summarises it quite well.
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    Good news today! We had sent a FB message to the boss of the agency via their facebook page, pointing out thwt we hwd been waiting patiently for a reply to our three requests for a breakdown of the figures cited in their recent invoice. We actually got a response, saying that he would hand our message to his property managers. We went to the agency office a planned and asked to speak to our agent. Incredible response ... Ushered into her office and very pleasantly she explained that she had been "looking at the options." Incredible. I told her that we had been advised that an agent represented the landlord and any agreement made by the agent could not be subsequently overuled by the landlord. Well there was a bit more waffling and then we got down to the nitty gritty of her strange credit balances. Eventually we agreed to leave the figures that I had taken along with her and she would call us. They caved. Text this afternoon agreeing to charge one weeks rent, new lease fee and gst plus advertising. We are now getting a substantial refund on top of our bond. IWe even got an apology. So bumblebee, keep everything, and get them to sign any agreement. Be prepared to get nasty if it all goes pear shaped and dont trust a word any of them say. Good luck!
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    So the reason the government is fkng up is because it's a 'Black government' rather than an ineffective one? And Black farmers in Zimbabwe haven't failed to run farms either so stop with your fake news. Are you a Boer by an chance? If you are I'm not surprised they kicked you out of there with your superiority complex BS. And I heard they're many of your lot in Perth too. Stay there.
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