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    OK ,sorry I have offended anyone, that was never my intention. Australia, was very good to us. Imagine your house increasing almost 4 times in value and what that does to your life.. I have never forgot that its all thanks to Oz. If you want something else positive about Oz from me... I always admired and respected their government how they looked after their own and how migration was properly controlled. Also on the plus side we beat the Swedes today....I am extremely happy today what a perfect day in beautiful sunny and hot England.
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    I hesitated about replying Ramot as I am not looking to be confrontational but having reread the post you quote I am a bit bewildered as to why @Chortlepuss views on life in the UK might be interpreted as critical of Aus? The OP is (or was) considering a retired life in the UK and I guess she would therefore appreciate knowing that a recent visitor found it a friendly place with plenty to occupy retired people, especially as perceptions might be different given the current political climate of austerity. I accept that it is probably helpful to point out that much of what the OP is looking for is available in Aus too but, tbh, I can’t see how Chortrlpuss was (directly or indirectly) criticising Aus or perpetuating the myths you refer to. Anyway, Livvy - I am sorry you have decided to withdraw from PIO, but hope you find the support and peace of mind you need and deserve. And Cortlepuss, the Mumbles is beautiful – your sister has taste?. T x
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    I retired back to the UK after 10 years dragging my wife back with me, I just simply found there was too big of a gap between me and the Australians culturally,not all Australia's fault, my wife had a good job but I felt that she was being squeezed out slowly by a new chairman and changes in the politics of Qld so I felt strongly the we should be ahead of the wave and move on our terms. We can just about live on my state pension and local govt pension here, I took the precaution of paying NI whilst we were in Australia and that has paid off. We found out to our cost that work in the UK, to our eyes anyway, is even more pressurised than in Australia with the exponential growth of a need to 'suck up' to anyone in charge. But she has managed to retrain and is on the cusp of completing an MA in 2 years rather than the 4 or 5 in Australia and she will be able to start in private practice later this year. But we both miss the natural world of Australia, the fantastic house and pool, and it has not been easy, two exhausting house sales and purchases and the disappointment of a job that went wrong after only 6 months. We have now seemingly lucked up and landed in a nice area of the country with good neighbours, we love the choice of food in the supermarkets with a choice of more than 2, I find I am more in tune with people than in Australia. Did we do the right thing, for me yes, for my wife less so, the job back here fell apart badly but we have managed to move on in a way that I think we would not have beenable to do in Australia At a feeling level I feel more of a connection to the UK and Europe is on my doorstep where I can have a completely different experience culturally and scenery wise which s a big plus.
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    I work at this hospital. Not one member of staff I've heard believes she is guilTY Over the period of time before police investigation the hospital baby unit was condemned as unsafe. Lucy has become a scapegoat when the real culprit is the hospital management. And as for strange mottling on the babies....lack of oxygen when they were falling. ..isn't that what happens? ey points from the damning inspection report in November 2016 Staffing on the unit was 21 per cent than the recommended safe levels in 2014/15 One infant needed resuscitation for several collapses over three nights - but information about this was not shared with the review team Pathologists at nearby Alder Hay Children's Hospital performed autopsies on "most" of the infants - but these did not include toxicology, blood electrolytes, or blood sugar tests The report slammed the hospital's "remote leadership" - with one medic describing them as "arm's length" from the neonatal unit The hospital's reporting policy for unexplained neonatal deaths was inadequate After resuscitation several of the infants had an unexplained sudden mottling on the arms and legs (and the chest on one occasion) Doctors noticed that many of the infants were surprisingly unresponsive to standard resuscitation procedures A panel on safety in the neonatal unit was poorly attended - with just seven of the 20 panel members turning up to a meeting in May 2016.
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    Sorry didn't mean to touch a nerve....but isn't this a forum for Moving Back to UK..?? I just don't understand why people who are settled (and no doubt happy down under) feel anger towards anyone who sings the praises of our homeland. Why the need to shut other people down just because you don't agree with them ? If you are happy down there then that's fantastic. we are all happy for you too...But can we be happy and positive about UK too....? I mean after all it is a Moving Home To UK forum. Is that OK or are we just not allowed ?
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    Its hard mentally sometimes, " have I done the right thing " This week it's 80 degress in uk and pouring down in Perth ! Apart from that, we decided to have a few weeks off to recover from the stresses of the weeks/months leading up to our migration. Those weeks were a blur and nothing to do with the alcohol. With our house sale, disposal of stuff we were not taking, leaving party to arrange, sorting the stuff we were sending in the container, trying to visit friends and relatives and just not having time to do everything. Even up until 2 am the night before we flew sorting our baggage weights and even then the taxi came to pick us up at 8 am and were not ready and were 10 minutes late. In honesty that would be no surprise for me but my wife is mega organised and she struggled. So yes I would say plan a long way in advance and perhaps don't book the first available flight like we did. Try and get your friends and relatives set up with email, skype, watsapp etc so you can keep in touch. You are leaving a lot behind that you will miss a little when you get here. But it's been 4 weeks and we are living in Perth with our Daughter. Our son has been over from Melbourne so the stress was all worth it as they are the reason we came. We have eventually bought a car ( they are twice the price by the way) and just had offer accepted on a block of land that we are going to build on. We are not retiring and now we've had a few weeks off to complete the paperwork we are starting to look for jobs. Yet to see how Australia views the 60 + as far as being job candidates. One thing we have done is get our seniors cards as soon as we could. They are great ! free travel , discounts in many cafe's and restaurants etc , even money of driving license and rates plus lots of other perks, just for being old !! . First time I've been happy about it. Read up on it and get one asap . The Perth sky is nearly always big and blue, the sea is turquoise and the sand... sandy coloured. But we have left behind everything we know and are used to. We are starting fresh and at our age we wonder whether we will get to the comfy stage we had in the UK. But I can hug my daughter every day, talk to my son who is now in the same half of the world as me, if any of us have a problem we can all be together within a few hours and that makes it all worth while. The waiting room can be frustrating and the journey is emotional even when you eventually get here but it is well worth the wait. Good luck to everyone and keep looking to your future with your kids. This forum will be a great help , thanks.
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    A huge congratulations to all those who have received their visas since 1st July, hope the momentum keeps going for those in the waiting room? Also like to say great post @gafuk honest thoughts, and huge encouragement to everyone waiting for that move to Australia. As for us house is on the market and in process of getting shipping quotes, so another bit of a stressful time but exciting too? Still learning from this forum . Good luck everyone ?
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    Get professional advice. PIC 4020 is serious, don't try and do it alone.
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    I am from Dec 2016 as well. I called to imm department myself 3 weeks ago. Two weeks later my nomination was approved.You have to be proactive.MA will not help.Also you can ask local MP to help.I am a doctor from Canada, DE.
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    Well I still don’t know what it was, but we had a happy ending. I covered it up with a plastic bowl (using gardening gloves lol) then waited for hubby to come home. He scooped it up and released it outside in the shrubbery. He said a big boy like that would eat all the bugs. I have it on video but can’t upload it for some reason. I hope I don’t meet him again when I’m gardening.
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    With my pedantic hat on, this section of PIO is titled 'Moving Back to the UK/ UK Chat,' with its purpose clarified as “Are you an expat in Australia moving back to the UK. Use this forum to discuss the move back…..” which may go some way to explain why Home & Happy is confused that people who do not share his/her experience or views respond negatively to his/her posts. Personally I take extreme opinions about living in either the UK or Aus with a large pinch of salt. Occasionally I feel the need to challenge an outrageous or misleading statement, but mostly I accept that discouraging people from posting their thoughts doesn’t actually change the way they think, and in all probability a small minority may well share their views. So I’m happy for everyone to post away so long as everyone else can challenge and provide balance where necessary. The only real issue is those posters who think patronising and rude comments add weight to their argument, when in reality it probably achieves the opposite (and not suggesting anyone has done that in this thread btw). T x
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    Thx for help, i was so worried thx
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    Must be all those Poms: much higher percentage in Perth than any other Australian city. ?
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    (speaking as a member and not a moderator). Actually, the forum is and always has been a forum for those wishing to migrate to Aus, this section is just a sub section for those wishing to discuss a move to the UK and get some support. You are more than welcome to sing the praises of the UK, but your posts are often very derogatory towards Australia and those who have made their home here. I understand that you were very unhappy with your life in Australia - fair enough but you need to quantify your comments and make them personal to you - not rude, exaggerated and all encompassing to the whole of Perth/WA and Australia. I certainly respect your views and opinions even though they differ from my own experience of living in Perth .. perhaps you could afford people the same curtesy?
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    What a great post, thanks for taking the time to write this gafuk. It's good to hear an honest and realistic account of your first few weeks, which I'm sure others who've already made the move can relate to. Good tip about the seniors card, I shall certainly look into that. Like you I am moving to be near my children - daughters in Sydney and Kiama, and I have 2 small grandsons. The wait is painful, especially as I'm doing this move on my own but I'm determined I will get there. Posts like this keep me, and I'm sure many others, going. Good luck in your new life, you deserve it.
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    If you keep saying it often enough I might start to believe you. ?
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    You say your husband's side of the family (who live in the UK) will help you to adjust to a new life there ....................... I'd say go for it!! I agree with Starlight - start planning a move very carefully and gather all the information you need to know about your move from your UK relatives. Do they live in the Southport/Ainsdale area? If so, find out from them about housing etc. Not seeing your sons will be no loss - in fact I think it would be a relief to get away from them - and you have no close friends in Australia so really you have nothing to keep you here. By the way the UK is definitely not a shithole! I hope everything works out for you.
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    I’m sure Exmouth is great for retirees, but in case you don’t know so is Australia, Sorry it just makes me a bit cross as someone who retired 15 years ago that there is this myth that there is nothing for us here. We have every club/activity you can think of, and yes also U3A. Probus groups, Smith family, men’s shed, to name just a few, plus the weather is better for my old bones. I go back to UK for about 3 months every year, won’t criticise the place, but do have a fair idea that you can have a good retired life in both countries. Also I tend to smile at people in both countries, and find very little difference in either. It depends if you are comparing like for like. Not many smile in Sydney or London, but smaller places are generally more friendly.
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    This is when you start to break down, and you start to lose the concept of cause and effect. It's a big complicated world. You can't just put everything in a basket that is bad and say the EU did it. We are about to leave the EU, and it looks like nothing will change. Who are you going to blame next?
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    http://www.politics.co.uk/blogs/2018/07/06/week-in-review-wherever-brexiters-look-they-see-dead-ends A good article summarising the ineptitude that's integrated itself into the capability of the UK's populace.
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    Hi Livvy, I've just returned to the UK after 30 years in Australia and what I really notice is the kindness of people. To give you an example I am a carer for my profoundly disabled son and here absolute strangers say hello to him all the time. In Australia we were invisible. Rarely did anyone offer to help or say hello. I think you will find the same kindness when you move back.
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    Turkish delight is nice too. We used to call it 'diet chocolate' ( not very convincing )
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    Also sharing and watching! DOL: 9th June 2018 medical requested: 10th June 2018 attended medical/uploaded: 16th June 2018 I have been living in Shanghai for 7 years so not sure if that will effect processing time! Uploaded all evidence pretty much immediately after lodging. It seems last year’s UK applicants moved along very quickly! Fingers crossed that continues! 
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    I think this is why migrating for us has been like a duck to water - we were a set family unit of 2+2 and have always had a focus on that. We miss friends etc. but overall has been a good move for us. It actually wouldn't matter where we were tbh (before Australia we were set on a step via New Jersey), just so happens at the moment there isn't anything that would get me out of Queensland. It sounds like @Banana707 made the right call - good luck with your life back in the UK!
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    I can fully agree and understand that statement . thank god I chose well . 5ft 2 in and carrying our immediate family , and the responsibilities of an extended family on her shoulders . someday soon ,all those responsibilities will lessen .....we will hold hands , walk forward and say " job done , our time now " ?