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    Hi all, I have been following this forum for quite a while now and I really do feel as all of you.. Immigration is making it hard for us, the people who have besn doing the right things all the way... there is no day that passes by and I wont feel stressed, worried and feel some kinda of anxiety.. this has become very obsessive to the point where, I have had tough times to sleep at night... May the whole process goes smooth for all of us and may we all hear positive news... amen ??
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    I think you'll find that you have to lodge a new visa application and start afresh if you want to apply for a 143 visa: the 143 is in an entirely separate visa class to the 173, and there is no Ministerial Direction in this regard that allows for the substitution of the lodgement date of the earlier application in the later application (unlike 103 applicants who switch to a 143, or an 804 applicant switching to an 864). Best regards.
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    There is wrapping one self up in ones flag (jingoism) and then there is being patriotic, they are different things. The latter is genuine love for your country the other is nationalism, which is assuming and expecting your country to be superior to every other. Jingoists and nationalists confuse their view of their country with patriotism, which is what most Americans do. Trump epitomises jingoistic nationalism, which plays very well to his equally jingoistic core voters and followers; but even he, as has been proven with the Mexican Border debacle around child separation and not being able to find families split up, by his policy, can only take it so far. In the midst of national US bi-partisan criticism (read withdrawal of support, not just speaking out) International criticism and even well respected Rabbis and survivors of Nazi atrocities within the US ( a key Republican voting group, that only a suicidal American president would be fool enough to go against), calling him out on his dehumanising treatment of the children of expelled Mexican families akin to Nazi treatment of children - so he had to draw the line. Resulting in him changing the legislation, so that this horrific children in cages policy wouldn’t continue. He will no doubt still be a jingoistic gobshite, playing to his jingoistic supporters, but he has realised he doesn’t have free reign to act with impunity, spreading false jingoism and dehumanising entire groups of immigrants or even those groups within his own country he doesn’t agree with. Even he knows when he has gone to far, and there are more non-jingoistic people in the US, and worldwide Including some of his rich supporter groups (as opposed to the US version of Bogan, supporters) - which means he has had to tow the line. This is a good thing.
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    We have driven from the Sunshine Coast for the day, but only went whale watching that time. Other time when we went round Frazer we spent the night in Hervy Bay, You get the ferry I think from Rainbow beach? so not so far to drive. You can stay on Frazer Island and take an organised tour. The driving will probably depend on the weather, wet and muddy might not be much fun. The island is interesting and fun to visit, but avoid the dingoes!!! To be honest I think you are pushing it. Lots to do on the Sunshine Coast, but I’m biased. The zoo, under water world are recommended if you have children.
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    I like Twinings Morning Tea and also English Breakfast. Dilmah is nice too. I'm not that fussy though, Liptons is fine too so probably any black tea is okay.
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    Hi Guys, Just a silly question came in my mind which i would like to ask you guys. Any one in this forum who got is nomination or visa approval on any Sunday?
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    You''ll be fine on $145k. Be careful when thinking that Melbourne and it's suburbs may work the same as they often do in the UK - live further out, more family friendly etc, it's not always the case. For example I've not heard much good in respect of Reservoir, Preston is also a bit grubby! You could try looking nearer Northcote. Moonee Ponds, Ivanhoe or jump across the Yarra - I really like Templestowe and if I had a young family this looks like a great place to set up (with a good bus service along the freeway back to the city) with Warrandyte not far away to escape the city, and Doncaster shopping centre a short drive away.
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    Rules about insulation levels etc vary even by area within a state. The Adelaide Hills for example have higher requirements than down on the plain/city. We built our house ABOVE those requirements for both insulation in walls, ceiling and have double glazing. Sitting snug this winter. Easier to do from scratch though amazing how few people bother to upgrade, they would rather have a fancier kitchen.
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    Let's hope you get a reasonably timed grant!! Ugh the deck uttering, that's one bit I hated but we were determined to just have a 20 foot container so halved our belongings!!! Still bought my library over tho lol
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    We have been for a day, but we didn’t take our 4x4 over, just went on an organised outing. It was great fun.
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    I think you are in denial @ssiri. Reporting on a murder or acid attack is not sensationalist reporting. It is happening. Just because it hasn't happened to you or your family doesn't mean there isn't a serious problem in London.
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    An RRV is $365, it does not matter what PR visa you are on. Your visa has not expired, just the portion that allows you to travel freely. If you go the home affairs website it will give you further information regarding the criteria that has to be met.
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    first of all you must understand system 1st step In RCB your employer need to demonstrate that how position is existed, how you are selected out all the candidates with the help of advertisements, interviews and salry etc secondly nomination means business financials and potentials to sponsor you for full time two years third is visa in which your qualifications and skills like experience tested I'm not expert its just my understandings , don't know why your lawyer did not apply for RCB at first place hopefully it will help you
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    Must be that world famous Aussie rules stuff that the whole world is queuing up to see, that is Broadcast world wide and has a tv viewership and followers of billions, world wide - don’t you know?
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    If you are nearby then would.give it a go, we are doing Moreton for our exploratory trip ?
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    Nomination approved friday... Police checks required again...
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    Absolutely loved Line Of Duty. Just need to get access to season 4. The first 3 seasons were really good.
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    Well finally got underway with the reams of paperwork and admin yesterday to sponsor my 3 fab children . Medical booked for 13 july for them all. Afp applied online and had email this morning to say its been posted out. Let's hope the rest of the process as quick. I want to be back in Oz by January. My application for 102 visa has to be posted anyone know who you can get to certify all paperwork birth certificates etc. Am in the UK. Anyway hope to have application sent off end of next week once all completed. Let's hope British police clearance comes as quickly
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    Absolutely spot on. It’s one of the best cities in the world. Knob*eads in Sydney not withstanding, Sydney scrubs up well to. [emoji106]
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    Wow - it must be a good time for Office Managers! Nomination approved today!! Office Manger Qld 187 DE Applied both nomination and visa October 2016. Finally!! Just to wait for the visa now!! ?
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    I understand. I did on the end of August 2017. It bothers me too. Everyday I wish I will receive the golden email. but hasnt got me yet so far ....
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    Could not think of anything worse than American sitcoms...And Australian sitcoms....And UK ones, as well. Cheers, Bobj.
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    Sensational headlines that effect a such a tiny tiny minority of the population, the vast majority see as much crime or are involved in crime as you living in Oz.
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    Immi have just requested for police checks after getting my nomination approved yesterday.. hopefully not long to hear the good news..
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    143 up date, we had an email from our Agent asking us to apply for our Police, Medicals and to lodge the Aos paper work to Centerlink. This has all been done, the only trouble we had was with Centerlink, this has now been sorted. Centerlink are very busy in this department so I think it will still take awhile. I was also told that if you applied for your 143 visa before 1st April 2018, the changes that were made regarding the new earning threshold would not have effected you. All the upset we went through trying to meet the new threshold was not good at all, even thou it has all been reversed, this happend 23 may 2018. hope this helps, good luck x
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