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    70% in 36 months 90% 1000 years ENS 186 TRT Heard it here first guys and gals!
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    If I pass away before my visa is approved can I appeal my death to the AAT? Anyone been in this situation, if so what documents did you require?
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    Pahhh I read the first line of that and I felt my stomach drop to the floor, then read on haha
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    Careful Quoll just in case those ex words set off an alarm !! I get picked out on every internal flight and the last time from Perth to Heathrow, and I dared to suggest they needn't read out the search card as I knew it off by heart. That cost me an extra long search !
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    Yes, great news indeed. As Snifter says, do keep records but no need to get too anal about it. The big one is the one you have just got - now the onus would be on them after two years to prove that your partnership was not genuine and continuing.
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    What about sitting crosslegged palms up and repeating the word pom.
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    Hello everyone, So I checked my email today whilst on a school trip and that email we’ve been waiting for was just sitting there! Visa granted!!!! My question is - what next? I read the email but I thought we’d have to had over our passports for the visa to go in but it mentions nothing about that? Thank you!
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    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has shared advice and experiences in the short time I've been posting on the forum. So pleased to say that my temporary 820 partner visa application was granted, on the 29/05/2018 (My Birthday!) 5 months after I applied on 17/12/2017. For those who are applying for the same or similar visas, I had a medical April 17th and was not asked to an interview. I would be happy to answer any questions about documents uploaded, forms submitted etc. It's a massive weight off our minds so thank you to the PomsinOz community!
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    Sometimes you need to use humour (badly) to get through the wait....if you don't laugh you'll cry right? Hoping for some more good news today ?
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    I wish to see the update which they made in January this year, 75% in 6 months and 90% in 8 months.
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    Yes, or may be on coming monday.
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    ......house sold earliet than expected hence early departure from the UK
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    Thanks again. We're here on our second year after 6 mths back in the UK, but would have to leave again in September until.visa issue. Here on the 600 visa. and hoping for 143 soon. Our two children are here and we like the place and weather. Not sure about certain Aussies or creepy things but when we get our visa we can avoid centrelink. Ha!
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    Mine just took just over 3 months from application to grant. But it was a very simple application as a single applicant. Good luck to everyone still waiting
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    If you applied January with no case officer contact to date. Then get ready for good news any day! Good luck!!
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    No probs, I just thought it may be another avenue if getting another assurer was difficult. I remember the process as one of the most stressful of my life - constantly thinking we'd cracked it and then finding another tack under our wheels! We got here in the end, hope you get here soon. It really was worth all the hassle!
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    They didn't in mine. But I sent a cheeky email thanking them and asking if I'd have to wait until ne FY. No answer We just have to wait. I'm trying 'Mindfulness"???
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    Yes we had to buy the house we ended up with in a hurry - there really was another offer on ours (we know because they shared the cost of the survey!) We viewed on Saturday, went back on our own on Sunday to look at the outside and met the owner by chance, had a chat. monday we surveyed and Tuesday exchanged contracts. Terrifying speed but it was a cheaper house so very desirable ... The others made a higher offer but our seller let our original accepted offer stand and sold to us ... Msybe the chat helped ... So some people are honest about it all and this particular agent was very good.
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    Yes, the frustration must be immense just not knowing. We chose our current location based partly on house prices being affordable ... Then sat and watched them climb as the exchange rate plummetted. We have been lucky to find a place that didnt twke all our money although it was a sharp downsize from what we had in the UK! We too wre renovating Nyorksgrannie ... Hope yours is going as well as ours (touch wood). The thing about the endless uncharted waiting is that you can't plan properly - I really hope the Au govt sort out the visa situation so that at least people have a realistic view of the time scale and costs when they fork over the not insignificant first VAC. A private firm carrying on the way of immi would risk being sued for false representation ...
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    Very sorry to hear about your predicament. I hope its a little consoling to know you are not alone in your decision. There are many others. Brexit vote broke us but we eventually managed a reasonable exchange rate. Melbourne house prices became very difficult but things are at leas t stabilised. We have to build to survive if some cheaper land comes up that is. We are 6 mths into our second year here and three yrs four months from application. Centrelink messed our AOS APP up twice. Since complaining we've been told up to 10 days to an approval letter. When we get our visa is guess work but like you I'll still soldier on because if not soon we will never be joined with our son and daughter in our old age. I really hope it works out for you and thank you for sharing it will be consoling for others and shameful to Australian politicians and customer services. Best wishes
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    I got mine approved on Saturday 186 applied in August nomination approved in March asked for medicals and Pte for my husband submitted on 19th April got approval on 12 may good luck to you all??
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    Be careful if you have small dogs. A friend spotted adders when out walking on the moor near her house (in Scotland) a few days ago. The warm weather has brought them out earlier than usual.
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    I'm not surprised they are cracking down on it, it' nothing more than a huge pyramid scheme. You might as well invest in a brown paper bag full of sand.