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    I get a Queensland Seniors Card, which gives subsidised travel on public transport. I got something similar in the UK. I will never get an Australian pension (at least I don't think I will, as I believe it's means tested) but that's ok - I get my British State pension (although it's frozen at the rate when I left the UK). I do have to pay for prescriptions - these were free in the UK - but it's not a big deal. I will be happy to get back my AoS bond in 10 years time - if I die before then, my daughter can spend it as she thinks fit. So I'm not much worse off than I was in the UK and I'm perfectly content with that.
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    Hi everyone! Silent reader here. Finally after 11 months. PR granted. Applied nom/visa 186 try last 27/June/2017 as cook. 4 applicants. HR. Nomination approved last 14/may/2018, CO requested new AFP as mine was expired. MA relodge AFP 25/May. Then My MA called me this afternoon for the good news. I'm really happy. Have faith my brothers and sisters. PRAY... It works!
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    You cannot get the aged pension until you have been there for 10 years. Fair enough though, you can't move somewhere and expect to start getting given money for the rest of your life.
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    Do the right thing, @The Pom Queen And smack her in the gob.? Cheers, Bobj.
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    Hi Everyone I have been a silent follower for a long time just got my golden email 1 hour ago Occupation : Marketing Specialist LR Country / 3 / ENS 186 TRT Application & Nomination : 26/10/17 Medical : 23/01/18 PCC : 05/02/18 No Futher documents request both Application & Nomination appoved :06/06/18 I Hope that everyone on this group will also get their Good News soon. Stay strong
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    The card gives you additional discounts as a pensioner. Many Australians don't get that card either, it's a subsidy for pensioners on a low income. If you don't qualify for the card, you still get prescriptions and Medicare benefits at the normal rate. That's what your visa fees pay for.
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    Solid day today!! Congrats @JrMs and @Speedbird73 - enjoy your freedom and keep your fingers crossed for all of us! @Speedbird73 good to see they're moving to applications later in the year too!
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    Not quite. The NSW Seniors card is available to everyone who is over 60 and retired. It is this card that qualifies you for the Gold Opal plus some other, lesser perks. Other states might have an equivalent. Funded by the State Government. The Commonwealth Seniors Health card is harder to get nowadays but is basically for people who meet an income test but DONT qualify for an Aged Pension. Eligibility for this one changed a while ago. Super income used not to be counted in the income test, but is now. It is this card that qualifies non-pensioners to discounted scripts. It is much prized by self-funded retirees and as its name suggests is funded by the Commonwealth or Federal government. Then I understand that there is a Pensioners Concession Card with reduced price scripts and other discounts. Obviously it is this card that Aged Pensioners and other Benefit recipients get automatically.
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    What I will try to find out is should the need arise that you need in home care before the 10 years is up, do you qualify for subsidised care or be whacked for higher charges?
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    @samlab that is correct it is all down to the individual agent. I’ve known people with no income but over a million in savings refused then I’ve known people arrive with no job, savings under $10,000 and be approved. What gets me is that half of these applications don’t even make it to the landlord. ‘If the Property has no other applicants I would try and find out who the owners are (sometimes a note dropped in the mailbox) and let them know you are interested. Also some properties may have a couple of agents representing them, so do a quick google search.
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    Always been a pet hate of mine since we moved here, and I mean from Poms not Aussies. Don't remembering encountering it in the UK. My sister-in-law is a prime example. She lived in a 2-up 2-down in Liverpool, had a Ford Fiesta. Over here, they have a mansion in Mullaloo, 2 4x4s etc. and all she does is bag other suburbs and people. Sometimes I think this place attracts the worst type of people, she's a massive gobshite.
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    Hopefully by August/ sept. I’ve got a 5 year old too that I want to settle in before starting school In jan. exciting times! Now to write a list of things to do... wow .... where to start...[emoji848]
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    Nothing more boring and sad than someone who tells everyone how well they are doing or what a big house and swimming pool they have and how expensive their car is, not real people.
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    The Skull, David Klemmer might oblige. He has been known to wave his hands about. Cheers, Bobj.
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    Agree, because it simply means more to Qeeenslanders and always has. Wouldn’t mind if they ‘brought back the biff’ tonight
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    As far as I can make out, you have to ve resident for at least 10 years anyway, so it makes no difference. Have I got that wrong?
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    State of Origin, game 1 tonight. Gotta pick the Mighty Maroons; even if the superstars have retired, or are injured. They have “ticker” to carry them through. Cheers, Bobj. D Day, 6th June, just a small reminder for those valiant young men of WWII
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    Hi All, Sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong place, but I wanted it to land where parent visa applicants are currently reading. It looks like government are trying to pass a bill (*subject to legislation) to have newly arrived migrants granted PR after Ist Jul 18 wait 4 years before they are eligible to the Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card and a number of other things: https://www.dss.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/05_2018/updated_original_factsheet_-_encouraging_self_sufficiency_for_newly_arrived_migrants_-_4_year_narwp_1_0.pdf I think Allan Collet originally posted the above link. My understanding is this card is access to Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme prescription medicines and certain medicare services at concession rate. If this is passed I’m wondering exactly what you get for your PR at in the region of $50K a visa? Or am I missing something? Should we start writing to the Greens, etc who supported the Assurance of Support changes?
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    love reading this after 18 years back in UK and as a single parent with 3 children in tow have put wheels in motion to move back. my children have never lived in oz and are scared. However since I stepped off that plane in Darwin back in the 8os my heart and soul have belonged here can't wait to return accepted offer on house yesterday hoping to be back in the sunburnt country in 2019 x
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    Sorry but I didn't use anyone to write mine. I spent a lot of time and done it myself based on my own circumstances and skills
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    I think it must decrease maybe after 2016-2017 files are cleared because I don’t think a lot of people will apply after policy changed...if someone was with 3 years experience that means they have had qualification 3 years ago...they should have already applied before. My MA said so...hopefully it will become true! Love you all!
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    Pay to hear someone air their views. No thanks.
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    Hi Susieroo, having just gone through several months of going to open days (central coast NSW) you do not meet the owners. We looked before we had our residency to get an idea of areas and prices and have now bought, we have not met the owners so not had the opportunity to discuss anything. It is very much ‘buyer beware’ here in that people do extensions but having got planning permission don’t get it ‘signed off’ and council offices records are poor. When we said to our conveyancer we wouldn’t be able to get insurance in the UK in those circumstances we were told many people don’t have insurance in Australia! We had seven days from signing reservation contract with small deposit to get surveyors, pest inspectors, round (which only give a little reassurance as they can not lift carpets/flooring etc and cover themselves for anything they might not have spotted). We then had to pay balance of deposit (non returnable) and completion is usually 42 days from then. We found the estate agent very helpful, we had met several times at other open house days (which incidentally are only open for 30 mins on a Saturday so it is often a mad charge round from one property to another). We had put in an offer for our house within the price guide given, and had it accepted but before we got to conveyancer to sign the contract another offer came in which the agent had to inform the seller of. We then had a best offer by noon situation which we fortunately won but at quite a bit more money. Sellers here do not have a document to complete like in the UK which discloses who owns boundaries, whether there have been disputes, whether anything has guarantees, has it been re-wired, etc etc - it is all done pretty quick but seems to us rather risky. I don’t know if it is different in other states. I know you were also interested in buying land or a new build, we had thought of doing this but blocks that came on the market were either extremely steep, heavily wooded (which we would not have been allowed to remove) or very narrow. The ones with a new build package were not in areas we wanted to live and on huge housing estates with little space between the houses although some had nice interiors it depends what you want. You may have much more luck where you are aiming for but here in central coast many Sydney-siders are moving to the area for better quality of life and more affordable housing which has pushed up demand and prices. Good luck with it all, you are right to research as much as you can.
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    I went back after 30 years and I didn't settle either. To be fair, my family are scattered all over the south of England, so it was never a case of being able to see them every week. But I found that they all had their own lives and I was lucky if I saw one or two of them once a month! My former friends all had new lives (and they didn't live nearby either) so those friendships were never revived. So in the end, it was like being in another strange country, having to make new friends all over again. If you can go back to your home town, and your family and old friends are all still there in close proximity, then that would be a totally different story.