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    I'm sure that the OP has got some answers to their question or food for thought. As the thread has descended into personal comments I'll close the thread
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    Jessie in his old chair catching the breeze ?
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    Thinking that these antibiotics better work .. my fourth lot since Xmas .. at least we're trying a new one.
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    True photo of a 186 visa applicant waiting for his approval:
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    We take the ... "the receptionist never smiled" type comments with a pinch of salt .. maybe they were busy? If something was wrong and the hotel put it right then that's ok for us. I do think that some people e.g. book 3 star and expect 5
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    Read a review on the Kimberlies...Woman gave 1out of 10 because 'it was too hot'. Cheers, Bobj.
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    Some vile people about and they have kids makes you fear for there futures ?
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    It sounds like you're trying to import the employer's nomination application? If that's the case, it is not possible. You are not the applicant so you don't have access to import their application.
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    Hello, New waiting times are the same Last updated: 20 March 2018 (for month ending 28 February 2018) Cheers Adam
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    I worked from home, here in Sydney, full-time for 11 years from 1997 and then on the odd occasion for another five years. I supported a large mainframe IT system remotely via a dial-up link originally and then used Citrix in later years. Loved every minute of it. People used to ask me if I was ever tempted to do the ironing instead of working. As if! I loved having no-one looking over my shoulder all day, being able to sort out my own hours, work in my nightie if I wanted to and not have to be part of any office politics. When I finally did return to working in a huge open-plan office, I was amazed how noisy it was and how little work people actually did as they were permanently being distracted by other people moving about, other people's phones ringing, having to break off whatever they were doing to attend another meeting. I was far more productive at home and enjoyed it more.
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    @TinaH there was only a mistake in IT return. Later on it was rectified. Expecting a big jump this week ?
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    Haven't seen agile used in that context before. It's generally used as a development methodology. But I get what you mean. You would probably use the word digital to describe what you mean. Although strictly speaking I've never considered that a correct term. But yes, being able to work remotely is brilliant. I can work anywhere with a laptop. I could use a phone, but it's limited for what I do. It's one of the things the UK is leading the world.
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    Since way before 2008. I was using Citrix to remote in to a customers environment back in 2000. Not sure how accessible that kind of software was from home at the time though and certainly not while mobile. Dial up internet was still the main internet connectivity at that time and that was slow. Being able to connect all the time is a bit of a double edged sword. Great for flexibility to work whenever and wherever but unless you are really disciplined it can start to eat in to your non work time and take over your life a bit.
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    Trip advisor is ok. Have to be discerning though - some go to a three star hotel, in a tropical location and then complain they had fans not air con, for example. Clearly they were expecting quite a lot for the price and complained when reality didn’t match their expectation. So take with a pinch of salt - and check all the reviews. If there is a significant pattern of complaints, then there may be something to it, otherwise it could just be someone who is a curmudgeon venting their spleen.
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    Good time to fly. Take an empty pillow cover with you. If you find you have a stretch of four to yourself, fill it with the little pillows and excess blankets and you have a full sized pillow. If you miss Easter, you may get a stretch of four down the back of the plane. They don't let you take water on board to Australia, so take an empty bottle and ask the hostesses if they will fill it. If you get in a taxi in Perth, make sure you know where you are going, as the chances are the driver won't.
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    Just think Positive always..Everything will be fine. Everyone visa will be approved. Don’t Stress and be panic... Stay Positive..[emoji4][emoji4][emoji1303][emoji1303]
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    Alrght, so I guess tonight it is time for me to open the bottle of champagne I have in the fridge which I bought when I submitted my visa application on the 17/11/17 with the hope of celebrating the granting of the visa. Haven't read the grant letter because I am not able to see it on the "Messages" section, but I was just very intense everyday looking at my immi account online to see if the "Furhter Assessment" status changed to "Finalised", which just occured 5 mins ago. Reading the word "Granted" next to my name.. ohh my godness.. It is the best feeling ever.. The most anxious wait started on the 14th of Feb after additional documents where requested, but I am glad today the wait is over. Hope you all get yours soon. See ya when I see ya dudes!!
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    Well, Tonight I’ve accepted a job offer, I’m slightly terrified! I’ve lived in Liverpool for 4 years, own a small house and have a huge group of amazing friends. I always knew I’d move away sometime, this is the longest I’ve been anywhere. I’m a compulsive explorer and mover. I’m heading to Perth to manage a company, they assure me that the visa agent says as they are accredited it’s 2-3 weeks (priority based on business need). I’m skeptical, but with my notice period I could be there in 2 months!! Due to location of two offices, frequent flying and wanting a decent social life, I’m looking around Vic Park. Has anyone any tips? Are the surrounding suburbs OK? Can you get a decent house (not apartment) that’s quite modern inside for ~$400 PW? So many are proper Aussi 1980s throwbacks I see online!! Are there any rugby (union) clubs that play at a somewhat social level in the area? Im a bit rubbish and my commitment waivers with work, but it’s a big part of my life. Minds running at a million miles an hour slightly terrified of leaving my good life, but i never miss an opportunity and can’t live with ‘what could have been’?
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    I agree with you but I think this is too soon to see the impacts... All 457 people can still apply so I guess there'll be a lot of applications in the coming months but the processing time should reduce afterwards [emoji5]
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    Actually I'm with Sunset on this one. Success can mean different things to different people. If a kid grows up with a burning desire to be a bus driver and becomes a bus driver surely they have succeeded? Or do you think you can only be considered successful if you are in a high paid job? To me being successful in life is about achieving what you want to achieve (what ever that might be) and being happy with your life.
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    When I left school in the 60's I think it was something like 5% of school leavers went to uni. The rest, like me, mostly went straight into work. I went to the NCB as an apprentice fitter. These days it's totally different. Kids ponder whether to have their "gap year" to go travelling before they start uni or during one of their years. Most of my eldests friends (he's 28 now) went to Uni. We were lucky our lad did an electrical apprenticeship straight from school. I don't think uni students are any more intelligent than people that don't choose to go. I always thought my mates who went were super clever. I went to Uni and did a Computer Science and robotics degree when I was 30. Realised that it's just getting your head down and playing the game. Anyone of average intelligence could do a degree. I've seen a lot more clever people than me fail 'cos they thought they could breeze through without attending or going to many lectures. Lots of them had great results at school. A levels galore but didn't commit. I don't understand your trying to link peoples views on immigrants with intelligence. There are clever and not so clever people hold views on all sorts of things. Doesn't mean they are right or wrong just because they don't agree.
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    Once you have been grantet PR, you do not have to update the immigration department.
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