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    It's quite noticeable. According to the TV/radio and press, home invasion is a massive issue in Melbourne. The media always state it is carried out by people of "African appearance". What does that even mean? Africa is an entire continent - you can't look at someone and say they look African I think the media mean they were black, it would be a better description, but they so hell bent on whipping up the immigrant hate (oh the irony!). Then the next article goes on to talk about the latest car crash and the nationality or colour of the people involved isn't mentioned. I guess they were white Aussies.
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    Hi all, Silent watcher of this forum since September. I'm happy to say my PR was approved today! Yay! Visa type: 186 ENS Direct Onshore Country risk: Low Occupation: Public Relations Professional (STSOL Level 1) Nomination lodged: 29/09/18 Visa lodged: 29/09/18 Additional documents requested: 01/02/18 They wanted more information from my org stating the need for my role. This was done in the form of a letter and we also included the org chart that showed I report directly to the CEO. Nomination approved: 02/03/18 Visa approved: 02/03/18 I assume my visa was approved so quickly after my nomination because I had everything completed (medicals, police checks etc.) and attached with my visa application in September. I'm a bit in shock but very happy this is all finished. I will say after reading the forums for the last couple months that no application is the same and immigration is unpredictable in how they assess and process applications. I know we are all here so support each other but I felt (my opinion) comparing each others applications wasn't always helpful. Anyway! Best wishes to all who are waiting. I really pray that there's a big move of applications this month.
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    I moved back and forth several times before deciding to stay in Australia (as a single person). Ultimately no place is ever perfect but my quality of life here is better. In my opinion once you move away from home something changes in you and even if you return home later it will never feel the same again.
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    No, I'm not talking about how they identify themselves - I meant the description of the "perps" in the media. They say "of African appearance". Africans don't have an appearance. My mates from the African continent are fiercely proud of their countries but when faced with people lacking in geography skills they say they are from Africa - it's just easier all round
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    Basically, that's what I gather from Oz news sites myself. They seem to put ALL African people in a box too but white individuals can be afforded individuality. I have talked about this here too how they keep banging on about 'African' gangs even though Africa has 50 odd countries of which the Melbs gangs are composed of a small minority of South Sudanese young men. So by saying African they are completely disregarding the Kenyans, Zimbabweans, South Africans, Eritreans, Batswanas and other tens of countries there. I reckon they do it on purpose to create an atmosphere of fear then they can justify their biases. Unfortunately over in Australia, and also many poms here can't see through the bullshit as you will probably see on the comments that will follow below. These people of 'African' appearance could be Caribbean, American, British or from anywhere in the world. What does African appearance even mean? Can't they just say Black if it is really what they mean? So backward. If a white man from Kent robs a shop in Melbourne are they going to say a man of 'European' appearance? No. They will say an English man robbed the store. Africa is bigger continent than Europe but is dealt with as a monolithic group. Go figure.
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    The people themseles identify as African and call themselves African. Ao it is hardly racist anymore thatn calling you however you identify yourself. I'm not sure why but people from Africa seem to identify more as "African'' than say Kenyan or whatever the specific country is they come from. It is a cultural thing.
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    The majority of crimes in Victoria, unsurprisingly, are committed by people born in Australia. The second-highest cohort were New Zealanders, which are the fourth-largest migrant group in Victoria. However, by pulling out particular offences you can highlight certain groups. For example, in charges of riot and affray, people born in Sudan made up 6% of all recorded offenders, compared with 71.5% born in Australia and 5.2% born in New Zealand, a federal parliamentary inquiry reported, citing CSA statistics. https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Joint/Migration/settlementoutcomes/Report/section?id=committees%2freportjnt%2f024098%2f25141
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    At the end of the day, brexit cannot be delivered to everyone's satisfaction without breaking up the union or damaging the country. Computer says no. You can't get the sums to add. There is no solution that works. Don't even think about making people happy. There is no solution that even works. And in trying to solve the unsolvable problem, the Tory party is falling apart and looking like fools. Corbyn should be unelectable. But he is looking like a sure thing atm. May needs to pour the poisoned chalice that is brexit into the bushes and get on with running our country.
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    Perth. I'm having to put up with this thirty degree heat. Apparently the damn pool is out of action next week. Tragedy. I may need to head for the beach.
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    You can change your behaviour, but you can't change your feelings. I was watching a video only yesterday from a psychologist, talking about how harmful "positive thinking" can be, if it means suppressing your true feelings and forcing yourself to pretend to be happy. Very damaging, apparently.
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    Malcolm in the middle.
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    short answer then is yes we did it & it was better than i expected.
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    Thanks guys I appreciate your advice. Its a definite that we are going to for the PR, we have made up our minds. We are aware the rent prices have increased but in the area we were before it's affordable still. I would return to work there once established and childcare is found. There is a rebate as far as I am aware in Australia so with a reasonably priced care it would be ok to cover. I have the option of going back to an old employer/friend of mine where I was on a 3 figure package including car. My partner would be hoping to eventually get a set out position for a shopfitting company which could pay in the region of $75k+. I'm not worried about rent or a mortgage thete as we are ok not living so close to the city. Its not the same hete at all living away from the city. The commute is the same distance/time but the areas are sh1t. Nothing to do unless you drive to the city. Crap weather where it's too cold or wet to do anything fun. I'm not sure about rent in the UK but here in Ireland you could be looking at rent of €1500+ a month on a combined salary of about €75k... That with full-time childcare with no subsidy at all makes it really unaffordable and thats if you can find somewhere to rent. There is a total house shortage here. I guess my main question was has anyone done the same as we are planning and did it go as expected?
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    In my case, to give my Australian wife the chance to be nearer to her folks, and our kids the opportunity to spend some meaningful time with their maternal grandparents before they pass on. Lifestyle-wise we pretty much live as we did in the UK really - except for me having to get up in the middle of the night if I want to watch football! My wife and I work longer hours than we did back home, but we've both been promoted since moving out here so we earn more and have shorter commutes which is great. But, like most middle-aged couples anywhere, our weekends are generally spent running the kids to their various sports and social activities and doing chores around the house. Once we're done, we generally flop into a heap with a glass of wine and some Netflix!
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    Gosh that's a big question. There are two kinds of superannuation funds - retail funds and industry funds. Retail funds are run by banks and insurance companies and like all bank and insurance products, they are designed to make money for the banks and insurance companies. Industry funds are run by the trade unions and they are not-for-profit. Once upon a time, each industry had its own fund ( Hostplus for hospitality, Cbus for construction, etc), but nowadays anybody can join any industry fund. Financial advisers will say you should look at performance not fees, and that some retail funds perform so well that it cancels out their fees. Personally I prefer not to give any more money to the fat cats, on principle. There's a guy called the Barefoot Investor. You can find his book at the library and he recommends the best value super funds, credit cards etc. I think he's currently recommending Hostplus. I'm with CBus and they're fine. I know a few people who are with Australian Super and they're fine, too. https://barefootinvestor.com/ When you start work, your employer will try to put you into a fund of their choice, but don't let them. You are entitled by law to choose your own super fund, and once you've got it set up, you can take that fund with you from job to job. So choose the one you want, and ask your employer if there's a form you need to fill in to notify them of your choice. What else did you want to know?
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    Yes, and he wants to build one to France. Can't he learn from his mistakes?
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    Was listening to ABC yesterday and learned that Australia has the highest level of gambling per capita in the world by far.
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    Never go near the pokies. Hate the bloody things. I know a woman who plays the pokies 5 days a week. She goes to the pub at about 3:30pm and plays for approx 4 hours has her dinner at the pub then comes home. Quite sad really. She says she's lonely since her husband died a couple of years ago. Her daughters and their families are in Hobart so I've suggested she sells up here and moves to Hobart but she seems to have got herself in a rut. She's fairly well off so it's to be hoped she isn't gambling away her money. I don't think she's that daft though.
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    A significant number of Brits hate whoever or whatever Rupert Murdoch tells them to hate. Politicians in Britain have been acutely aware of this for decades. Corbyn is trying to face this head on but I don’t rate his chances. Murdoch rules Britain.
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    They are 14 tomorrow, 12 and 8. All girls. It’s a hard choice as both countries offer a good lifestyle. First time round I hated being in Australia, although I enjoyed travelling round for ten months as a family. I was overjoyed about going home and loved being home. My husband yearned to return so he came back first and eight months later we returned as being apart was extremely difficult for all of us. we returned last January to a different area than before and I have to say its been difficult to make the decision. The kids are thriving in the senior school here but when we dicussed this, they said they would thrive any where as they like learning. Since 2013 they have never wavered they just want to be home, but they do like the fact they have options for the future as they are now citizens. As a family we make decisions together, we as adults have a good life in both countries but we also miss family and friends. Family and friends have never pressurised us. one thing i would say is that my Aussie mates understand the readons we are heading back, my ex pat mates don’t, although when speaking to some of them truthfully they secretly hanker to return but cannot due to partners/ other commitments. Good luck, it does take a while to settle. PM me for a chat if you want to.
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    Look all joking aside it's pretty clear that neither country just automatically gives kids a better quality of life, for our own boys this country is definitely giving them a better life BUT if they were into say surfing then Australia would win out obviously. The idea that Australia gives kids a better quality of life is foolish and quite frankly wishful thinking.
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    Hello Stuart, As I am sure you know DIBP are currently only inviting EOI's with 65 points for SC189 visas - although they it seems they have almost cleared their backlog and the invite mark may reduce to 60 points in the near future. In light of this (if you can manage 60 points with out state sponsorship) I would recommend you apply for both a SC189 and SC190 in your EOI as there is no downside to this. NSW invite people to apply for state sponsorship by points score so it is unlikely you will be invited with 60/65 points. South Australia are currently sponsoring your occupation and their process does not rely on a higher points score so I would recommend you consider them as an option. Of course your other option is to re-sit IELTS or try the PTE ACADEMIC test which many find easier. I hope this helps. Regards
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