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    We are the same but have been here 11 years. The locals are friendly always willing to help, local shop staff ask about the kids and despite living on acreage we know our neighbours sideways and across the road. To an extent i think it does depend on the sort of person you are, if you smile and are willing to talk to anyone and help where needed, you do meet happy friendly people. Walk around grumpy like your king dick or the world owes you living and people will avoid you. My best friend now is someone i met 9 years ago via my youngest making friends with her child at school, its was great as she knew we had no family support so would offer to mind the kids if we needed ,collect them from school if i was stuck somewhere etc. Hubby fishes regually with his friends (2 or 3 of them) ,they too have been friends 8 or 9 years now, (mix of aussies and poms)hubby isn't one for small talk and meaning less friendships so its good he has these guys to get out and about with. Don't get me wrong we have come across some real pricks whilst here but thankfully not that many and none i have to see often if at all anymore. Cal x
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    In fairness you did it as a family unit and were all up for it. The OP's move could signal the end of her relationship - that's an added dimension to consider. Whilst I don't think I would ever move back to the UK - as Quoll says my OH would be far more important to me, and if he went back then I'd be with him.
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    Hi All, Just had a friend receive his PR. Thought I would share the timeline for those interested Occupation: Retail BuyerVisa type: 186 ENS DE Onshore (2 people)Country risk: HighOccupation list: STOL. (skill level 3)Nomination lodged: 20/09/17Visa lodged: 20/09/17 Visa Granted : 06/02/2018 Seems as through newer applications are being processed very quickly! Hang in there all...
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    @Banana707 what a tough situation for you. I would say though that it is rare that the feelings of homesickness etc go away and you have to go with your gut feeling and do what is best for you. Leaving someone is hard but, as lovely as I am sure your man is, if he refuses to leave Aus for you, even for a trial, then where are his priorities? If he loves a country more than you, even with the best intentions in the world, then I think you must follow your heart and be where you need to be. I would reiterate that this isn’t a criticism of your partner but I am speaking from absolute experience. Go. If it doesn’t work out in the UK, then Australia (and maybe even your hubby) will still be there. Best of luck. You’ll be ok whatever happens, promise ?
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    The stockmarket is a perverse beast. It is actually falling heavily because the US economy is doing so well. It sounds crazy but it is true. Because the US economy is now doing so well eveyone in the market know the days of quantitive easing and easy money are coming to an end. Interest rates will start to rise too as an outcome of a stronger economy to ensure inflation doesn't become a problem. So people start to sell. It does become crazy when everyone thikns they have to Sell, Sell, Sell. Hopefully it will level off soon.
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    My vet also wanted me to give our cat chicken necks. Although the most I could get her to do was lick it and she ate a small amount. I tell her it is good for her teeth but it is too hard work for her to eat and she isn't interested it seems. Although she eats stuff she catches outside so that can't be it.
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    It's ok for pussy cats though? Our old man is 21 and only likes raw meat- he is as fit as a fiddle and looks like a pussy half his age. Lucky boy. He also likes lactose free milk. Not that he's spoilt or anything....
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    What is the point in these stories of showing a photo of a random snake. Not like we don't know what a snake looks like. That snake in the photo is innocent of this crime and should sue the Daily Mail.
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    how is he spreading fascist propaganda, if rape levels are up and loads are being implemented by immigrants he is stating facts.
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    do you know how many EU Citizens are in UK Gaols ? ... I could literally call a friend now who works in a London Cat B nick and get a figure for one wing right now ... unless you actually know the figures on people in jail, and of nationality then I suggest your comments are unfounded .... I assure you, even as early as 2003, there on average 50% EU nationals in a jail .... I recall one landing on the 5's where English Prisoners refused to go as there were to many EU nationals trying to run the wing.... again, you claim a lot when in fact you really no nothing of the jailing system...the amount of EU nationals re offending is worse than the indigenous population
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    Never mind Hettie, once you hit the real workforce I'm sure the world will find your media studies skills invaluable.
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    What are everyones thoughts on having a clean up of the spreadsheet? I see a few people including myself have updated their entry to say that they are still waiting. Think thats a pretty good idea. I imagine there is a good portion of people who have received their visa and then left the forum. Might bring a bit of a hope having a spring clean! Perhaps after a month of being asked if they are still waiting they can be given a different colour or moved to the bottom? Just a thought anyway.
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    That sentence sounds like something I could've said about my previous partner. When we split up, I was still fond enough of him to care about his welfare, but not enough to be stuck with him for the rest of my life. I often said that if I could have wrapped him up and handed him over to a nice woman who'd look after him properly, I would have walked away a lot sooner. If it's really over, then you're right - don't drag it out. I wouldn't even offer the option of following you later, it just gives him hope that you'll weaken and come back. He will be hurt, but he's going to be hurt no matter when you do it. It hurts a lot less if you rip the plaster off quickly.
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    Loch Leven, Kinross, Scotland
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    Unlock your mobile phones before you leave the UK
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    Driving down to Newcastle area at the moment, Photo from Carson's lookout near Gloucester
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    There are a number of development projects announced or underway in Brisbane that are projected to be up and running by 2022, each bringing its own unique quality to the city. Below are some featured projects that will help take Brisbane to new heights. 1.Queen's Wharf Queen’s Wharf Brisbane is set to attract new visitors and investment as it reconnects the activity of Brisbane’s defining parts of the city like the Botanic Gardens, the Queen Street Mall, the Cultural Precinct, South Bank, the Parliamentary Precinct and the Brisbane River. Queen’s Wharf will include: Five new hotels– including premium brands like the Ritz-Carlton Three residential towers A new department store Approx 50 food and beverage outlets A riverfront moonlight cinema A Queensland Hotel and Hospitality School in partnership with TAFE Queensland. The development is expected to deliver $1.69 billion annual increase in tourism and $1.39 million additional tourists per annum, along with $4 billion to the Gross State Product. 2. Northshore Hamilton In the next 20 years, Northshore’s primarily industrial area will be transformed into a $5 billion vibrant riverside precinct. It will cater for 15,000 residents and become an employment hub for approx. 15,000 workers in retail precincts and office parks. Northshore will include 2.5km of dedicated riverfront, with a mixture of parkland and community space. These spaces will complement the combination of residential, retail and commercial opportunities on site. The initial works on this project have included 700 apartments across five towers and also includes retail and commercial space. 3. Brisbane Airport Redevelopment Brisbane Airport Australia is currently on the way to delivering the country’s best runway system with the $3.8 billion New Parallel Runway Project (NPR). While the airport has some 100 other projects in the works for the next 10 years, this NPR is considered the biggest aviation project in Australia. The runway’s pavement will be 3.3km long, 60m wide and will have 12km of taxiways. It will create 2700 construction jobs to complete by 2020. 4. Howard Smith Wharves The Howard Smith Wharves project covers a 3.43 hectare riverside precinct which will connect the New Farm Riverwalk and the CBD and revitalise Petrie Bight. Events such as cultural and food festivals will be hosted at the exhibition complex, which will include restaurants and bars. The Howard Smith Wharves project’s key features include: A dining, retail and tourism centre utilising the existing heritage-listed buildings New public open spaces that may be used for markets and festivals A 64-room, five-star Art Series boutique hotel A hotel facade that blends into the cliff face with natural tones and textures to keep the iconic Story Bridge as the main focus Underground carpark for about 350 vehicles A 1500sqm exhibition space. 5. Brisbane Quarter Brisbane Quarter encompasses a complete city block with Brisbane River views and will include Australia’s first purpose-built W Hotel, two levels of riverside dinning and luxury retail shopping beneath a 40 story Prime Grade office tower, as well as an 82 story luxury residential apartment building. Tenants of the hotel will have direct access to Brisbane Quarter’s food and beverage precinct with alfresco dining overlooking the Brisbane River, some of Brisbane’s most exciting bars and restaurants, spa facilities and a rooftop park land. The retail portion of Brisbane Quarter will likely attract international and interstate visitors and become a high-profile location opportunity for locals looking for a signature destination. 6. Brisbane Metro While still in its early stages, the Brisbane Metro Subway system was a commitment by Brisbane City council to provide a reliable high-frequency transport system that will reduce CBD bus congestion, cut travel times and allow for the redirection of buses to improve services in the suburbs. Brisbane Metro would run on a dedicated route linking Woolloongabba to Herston, utilising sections of the South East and Inner Northern Busways, and would remove up to 200 buses per hour in the morning peak from the Victoria Bridge. When complete, the metro would be able to carry up to 30,000 passengers per hour and will run every two minutes, providing seven kilometres of safe, reliable, smooth and quick travel from Herston to Woolloongabba. 7. Brisbane Live Brisbane Live is Australia’s response to New York’s Madison Square Garden, as a 17,000 seat world class arena which will showcase international superstar concerts and performances as well as world sporting events. The complex will be built above Roma street rail lines and would make use of public transport facilities making it accessible to everyone in Brisbane. Brisbane Live’s masterplan, which belongs to AEG-Ogden, a subsidiary company of AEG and the world’s largest entertainment venue operator, revealed that it will feature a sliding front wall that opens to reveal live acts on stage, and the $450 million arena will also include a 4000-capacity rock club and be surrounded by multiplex cinemas, restaurants and bars, and a giant screen and amphitheatre catering for around 15,000 people. Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
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    But isn't the reverse also true? The OP is leaving him for another country so he probably feels very low in her priorities.
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    Maybe this is what stocks and shares gurus want us to do, that way they make a killing on the opposite happening?
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    Also Im not very good with excel but June is definitely wrong on the summary sheet. Only showing 7 pending applications which is clearly not the case!
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    Seven weeks submission to approval for 309/100 I lodged in 6 Dec 17 and was approved in 31 Jan 18. The whole process took around 7 weeks including Christmas holidays for a 309/100. I was very lucky I guess. Married to an Australian here in England for 11 years and made sure the kids were conferred Australian citizenship before applying. Overall it took a few months of collating evidence 5x888's etc and I did it without an agent. I'd expected it to take much longer based on the 11 month guidelines so was very surprised when we got the email. We're now getting the house on the market and expect to be on the ground with 7 months, though I'll be out in 3 months kick it off and set up bank accounts, driving license, rentals etc. Kids had schools approved when we went over (UK) summer 17 and interviewed - fees paid etc. I did take a lot time for preparation and I managed to do the Police/Medical within 2 weeks of kicking it off. I read a number of blogs about evidence and decided not overdo it - basic evidence showing that the relationship is genuine and continuing, but spread over our timeline.
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    @NLKelly Yes they are. And when you get here you don't need then anymore. The visa process was about 9 months for us.
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    Hi everyone got here at last just before Christmas, we are staying with our family in Mount Martha near Melbourne. Can any help with advice on our pensions, myself and my wife are both over 65 and have state pensions, and modest annuity’s. I have been told that the state pensions can be paid into an Australian bank account in dollars at a good exchange rate, what are the options for our annuity’s? Best of luck for all those who are still waiting for their visa Johnboy.
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    I would look at some of the 8km/9km suburbs on the west side of Brisbane - Sherwood, Oxley, Corinda, Chapel Hill, Kenmore, Fig Tree Pocket would all be within your commute time and are lovely suburbs with nice houses. Suburbs near a train line would make a great difference to your commute.
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