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    Its been one hell of a journey, after my partner was working in the FIFO industry for 5 years, 4 cycles of IVF, 2 live births, a miscarriage, never feeling so lonely, and so emotional,our (partners) parents health deterating we have decided to go HOME, we are so excited but it does come with its complications. Our daughter was 13 when we arrived here and is now studying at Uni, has got her circle of friends and is pretty content. Me and OH on the other hand are miserable, homesick, skint (yes we both work), we argue alot due to our circumstances and want to chuck in the towel for our life back in Yorkshire. One of the inlaws had a heart attack last year and was on deaths door and I see my mother is deteriorating with some form of dementia, my little boys hardly know their grandparents, nor their uncles, aunts and cousins. The guilt we feel for not being there for the oldies is huge, we feel so helpless and this is when you realise just how far away Australia is. We believed that moving to Australia would be a dream come true, and honestly it was for the first 2-3 years, we had our ups and downs but on a hole it was good, gorgeous house, pool, good jobs, daughter went to fantastic private school, two beautiful babies which we never thought we would have. The sun shines most of the time, but even that becomes a burden and limitation. Its a very lovely (lonely) part of the world BUT its not home, it just doesn't feel right, I feel trapped, lonely and teary, i started having anxiety, I miss my old life so much, moving here wasn't a mistake or anything. Infact I certainly don't regret doing it, its been an experience (an expensive experience) but its part of us now. We are planning on leaving for rainier shores in the New Year, I would go home tomorrow if I could, we are very fortunate we only sold one of our houses and still have one to go back to (when the tenent leaves). We are trying to line up tradies to get it renovated before our return. Our son is due to start (UK) school this Sept this year but I've contacted the UK education authority and he can start Sept 2018 as his birthday is end of June, so that works really well, I'm able to get a job as soon as im ready, thats not a problem, straight back into the NHS, so the main obstacle is my OH to get a job which he is trying to do prior to leaving Australia. Then its the heartbreak of leaving our daughter here. Leaving her has made me so sick to my stomach, but she is 21 soon and totally independent, she has her own life, she keeps saying when she finishes her course and gains her experience, she will return to be with us. (Approx 3years) I guess thats what I have to hold onto. Although she is a grown woman, I feel she is still my little girl!! We are not telling our family or friends that we are returning as too many people would believe us to be bonkers to return, yet I believe until you have made this journey you would never know how it feels. I am so looking forward to being able to pop round to family and friends for a cuppa, proper pubs, cheaper shopping, a mini mortgage, decent TV, home comforts, curry, cheap holidays in the south/west country and Europe and cant wait to drive the M62 [emoji6][emoji6][emoji6] (compared to the M1 it will be bliss) If anyone could recommend shippers that would be awesome, we used Crown to come over, but we need quotes and timing of container to get to the other side. So we can plan well in advance! Thanks Lady Tottington Sent from my SM-T580 using PomsinOz mobile app
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    Finished all the shopping yesterday so we too had a lazy one in the pool. Merry christmas everyone Cal x
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    Happy Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New year to everyone ...
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    Boddingtons! The beer of my youth! Merry Christmas! It’s a strange one this year. Our stuff is still sitting at the docks, so we’re managing with very little. We bought a tree and a few decorations, but it’s a bit sparse still . We don’t have much kitchen equipment, but I’ve made chocolate meringue and will decorate them with Nutella and strawberries tomorrow. Got a fillet of beef for the carnivores and making a veggie wellington for the non meat eaters, plus roast potatoes and lots of salads. We’ve bought a cheap outdoor table and chairs from ikea, so we’re all sorted. All five of us are together and that’s the most important thing and we’ve been making the most of our time together. I’m really looking forward to my first warm Christmas since 2007! Hope everyone has a lovely festive season.
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    We applied for AoS on October 16th and still haven't heard anything. Went in to Centrelink this week to check all was ok and they said that all was fine, just needed to wait ?
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    You could I suppose copy and paste your electronic signature. I have my signature saved as a word document. I just signed a piece of A4 and scanned back into pc and saved it to a folder.
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    At least I don't have to do another Christmas & New Year in a suburb far from the family on the other side of the world. Did quite a few of those...oh my.... those were dull, empty times. UK is the place to be. You know it is.
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    Merry Xmas fellow parents wanting visa’s.? Hope Santa will bring Immi some nice presents to put them in a good mood for work in the New year. Currently in Oz and dont’t want to go home! Best wishes and good luck everyone home or away! ???
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    ☆☆ A SHORT STORY OF A COMMON GUY ☆☆ First of all his dreams and desires are fulfilled and he gets a chance to make them true. In a happy mood are common guy from HR country gets a chance to give English IELTS exam. With numerous attempts, big budget amount and prayers he is finally able to meet his desired bands. Getting the result and passing that test makes him so happy that he almost thinks that he will be visiting lalaland soon. After that comes heavytheft amount of department along with MA endless request for. papers. A high risk country takes high risk with big dream. Then everyday his dreams starts questioning him same like his friends that " so when are you leaving". With this dream and desire he sleeps everyday that a case officer will be appointed tommorow but sadly that day seems to be 600 days long even after 600 days prepartion. ♤♤ So guys is it was a small fictional story, do comment or like if you think it relates to you ♤♤
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    Done the fried chicken, got mangoes in the fridge and about to clean a mackerel fillet. Got a good one off the rocks this morning. Other fillet went to my nexties. Also, barramundi in the frypan. Had a couple of bad turns with turkey and prawns... Cheers, Bobj.
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    We tend to get the midnight train home - which tends to have lots of youngsters getting off just going out. My son and his mates tend to have pre's somewhere (if it's ours they usually get fed as well) and don't head off until about 11.30pm. We were only chatting about this with friends the other night - when we were younger if you weren't out by 8pm it wasn't worth going out lol
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    Com on guys lets do some work on petition... plz
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    .........cooking.... .......pork ,turkey breast,beef and a chicken drumsticks .......all in one side of the oven .......will be served cold tomorrow ........sausage rolls ,mince pies and an apple pie in the other side for tea tomorrow ...........and if OH comes in the kitchen to see if anything’s ready to taste again .........I’ll cut his fingers off with the meat cleaver..!
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    I'd like to add my Christmas wishes to that, together with the hope that all those still waiting patiently for their visas will get them before too long. We were granted out visa in Spring 2016 but for family reasons we were not able to move until August this year. The ups and downs of organising the removals, the insurance, the sale of property seemed endless, and the removal bit is still ongoing. At various times I've felt homesick, stressed, worried about money, elated and sad. It's been a year to remember and I'm not sure I would want to repeat it. But it's been worth it for us to be here when our granddaughter was born ( a week after we arrived) and to get to know our two year old grandson. Most of all, to know we can meet up with our family whenever we like. I used to feel so envious of people on here saying they were all ready to go, or had just arrived in Oz ... I still can't really believe not just here on a long visit. So wherever you are in the queue, hang in there! And wherever you are in the world HAPPY CHRISTMAS and good luck with it all!
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    Nobody realises just how good we have it at home until we go away out there looking for adventure only to find that it's the back of beyond, backwards in time to somewhere in the early 1990s again and live out several years of groundhog day in a stinking baking hot lifeless suburb. When you get home, you will be like a kind of tourist rediscovering all the fun things you once took for granted. If anything its worth the move home just so you don't have to watch the insular inward looking TV they have away out there. And....no more gum trees & colour bond fences or having to water your garden twice a day to stop it from turning in to a desert If you have the money to get out of that place and get your life back, then do it. UK is THE place to be now !!!!
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    I don't fully understand the significance of Ray & Geri’s post, but I guess if it makes Australia safer, then it can only be a good thing. It looks like there will be now even closer links between security and immigration. The terrible events in Melbourne this week (although not officially terrorism) may give good reason to consider tightening immigration policies. And who knows how this could affect future parent visa criteria. My main concern for the coming year is what’s going to be in the next budget. We are still waiting for the new (delayed) parent visa to commence, and to see if there are any additional consequences for other parent visa types. 2017 has had its ups and downs, but fantastic to hear of so many visa grants and big moves this year. Particularly when following individual stories on this forum. The last few weeks seem to have been endless rounds of document requests, AOS and case officers. Congratulations to all of you. My New Year wish is for progress to continue at the same brisk pace, with the queue getting shorter, more places allocated and no price hikes. Merry Christmas and best wishes to everyone on this forum, past and present.
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    @Pertenhall So happy for you!! Things are moving fast now. Merry Christmas everyone and a blessed 2018 full of visas granted for our forumites. @Gogirl1 Way to go Girl!! Congrats!
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    .......iknwc but.......had already done a Christmas lunch .........presents exchanged..... .........drink drunk,food eaten .........but now mother and her OH’s Christmas party is canceled ..... .........the other oldies have gastro .........the OH now leaving on boxing day .........two of the sons and their plus ones not working now ..........the creature has two guests plus the grandsons and as she’s let her pool unbalance ...........their all coming here..... ...........so instead of my quiet Christmas Day with the animals ..........tomorrow I’m cooking the meats ready ........,will get to the markets early for salad and fruits ..........got all the bits and pieces .........pick up seafood to start Christmas morning ..........and I’m drinking the bottle of Baileys tonight...!!!!!
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    Yes we’re counting the weeks as well our date is August!
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    It is such a frustrating wait isn't it? Hopefully only a few more weeks before you hear something.
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    We're going to do the police checks onine tonight and have booked our medicals in the UK when we get back. Still finding it difficult to believe that things are actually moving at last.
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    Just write your reference number on the back of your bank draft. Processing after that is just a matter of days after the Visa centre receives it.
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    yes , I know scouser , my once close family is not so close now . we have family arrriving later on this month from oz . when the car pulls up outside the house , it should be happy faces , glad to see them . I honestly dread it , making small talk , hate them . very sad , because we were never brought up that way . I wonder where their " moral compass " has gone . The indifference , the selfishness ,the dismissiveness . I will be glad when they have pissed off back to oz , and they haven't even arrived yet ????
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