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    This photo is on the front of our local paper today. Kev's granddaughter.
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    Tourist visas are easy to get. My olds visited for 6 months every year for 16 years - as long as her health keeps good she shouldn’t have too many problems coming to visit.
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    I don't think that happens anymore lol I've never heard of it
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    last resting place of King Richard 111 ...
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    Hi all. Long time reader and first time poster. I know a the IELTS can cause a lot of people a lot stress including me. I just wanted to share some information of my experiences that others may find helpful... or not? I live in Manchester and initially did the academic IELTS as i needed it for my skills assessment with a 7.0 in each domain however I was aiming for 8.0 in each domain which would of meant that I wouldn't have had to of done the general for my points assessment and I revised really hard. 06/17 Academic in Manchester - L 7.5, R 8.5, W 8.0, S 9.0 I missed out by half a point and was disappointed but happy I had got enough for the skills assessment. I then undertook the general in Manchester, nearly 2 months later, with no preparation whatsoever. 07/17 General in Manchester - L 8.5, R 7.5, W 8.0, S 9.0 I missed out by one question so started revising for my next one. When I did start revising I really focused on the Reading component as I soon realised that you really had to know what the question was asking of you. I set around asking myself every question when choosing an answer, "is this what the question is actually asking?" paying close attention to the wording of the question. It's really easy to drop points on this and the margin of error is only 3 questions. Not wanting to wait I booked an exam in Leeds the next month but to my horror I found I had failed again. 08/17 General in Leeds- L 8.5, R 9.0, W 7.5, S 9.0 I have requested a remark on this but still awaiting the outcome I have requested a remark on this as I've heard that writing and speaking are the only skills that are really changed as the listening and reading are either right or wrong, I am still awaiting the outcome. I realised that I whilst you can self-improve with the reading and listening by practicing, you cannot necessarily with the writing and whilst I scored 8's before I was not sure what I was doing right or wrong. I decided to get some lessons which involved me writing some answers and a teacher talking to me over Skype, explaining where I had gone wrong on the samples I had sent them. To my surprise he pointed out some frequent punctuation mistakes and gave me advice on structure, I had 2 one hour lessons which were helpful however I feel anymore than that would have nee counterproductive as he was overloading me a bit. I went into my next test in Sheffield fairly confident. 08/17 General in Sheffield- L 8.5, R 7.5, W 7.5, S 9.0 Oops. I was convinced I had done my best writing yet although felt for sure I had gotten more than 5 wrong on the listening and the done well enough on the reading getting only maybe 1 wrong so the result is very confusing. I have requested a remark on this suspecting they maybe mixed up my reading and listening and may increase my writing. I have heard that they can not mark you down on a remark so figured it was worth a try. By this point I had become increasingly fed up with it, stressed and pissed off. I was convinced that I would never be able to submit my visa. I decided to have a break for a few months from IELTS as it was making me down. I noticed a local test in Manchester and decided to have one last shot before having a break, I did revise a bit but was finding it hard to motivate myself. I went along and took the test, not expecting much and passed. 8/17 General in Manchester - L 8.5, R 9.0, W 8.5, S 9.0 Despite it being the most recent it is the test I remember least about, I can't remember a single theme or question on the paper. I remember feeling I had failed the listening. I don't know what was different? Maybe I didn't care anymore and that helped? One thing of note to people in the north-west is that I seem to have always done better in Manchester, I don't know if there's any relevance to that? When I was a Leeds one of the examiners mentioned that soon all papers will no longer be marked locally and will be going to Cambridge, I don't know if she meant just Leeds, nationally or worldwide. I did consider doing the Pearson at one point and purchased the practice package online but did miserably on two categories. This is completely subjective but the IELTS seems to suit me, a concrete thinker better and maybe the PTE suits abstract thinkers better. I just couldn't do the describe image and retell lecture type questions but encourage people to consider it. I do think luck is a big factor on the IELTS, especially when you are half a point away from your desired score.Difficulty can vary significantly. All I ever felt revising was helping me do was reduce my chances of failing the test as opposed to helping me learn how to pass it. I would advise people to not give up. I know it's time consuming, expensive and stressful but if you can, I would keep plucking away at it. I know of one person who didn't pass until their tenth attempt and met Brits on repeat attempts.
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    @Tink, Sydney rock orchid, dendrobium speciosum.
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    @Tink, golden shower tree, cassia fistula Cassia fistula - Wikipedia Cheers, Bobj.
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    Grew up in Canberra - there’s a lot like him around with pushy parents and a sense of entitlement. However, I must add that there are loads of young Canberrans who are nothing like him! He should have had a smacked backside when he was little but with that petulant brat attitude he’s wasting what talent he might have.
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    He comes across as an arrogant spoilt brat with mental health issues. Perhaps a years ban while he received psychiatric treatment might be the way to go.
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    Baby steps, take each day as it comes. Dont over complicate things.... the very fact that you have gone back shows how much family are important to you and quite frankly your Mother will begin to worry about your own little family over in Australia being without you. Let your Mother make her own decisions, flying off to foreign lands whilst in a confused state of mind isnt healthy/and or not the best solution.... but you can work out some strategies for her visiting/holidays etc. Panic mode decisions are not the best but you will work it out given time! Emigrating can sound romantic and exciting but it has some heart wrenching moments. Very best wishes!
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    Hi, we received an invitation via our agent to arrange police checks, medicals and AOS docs on 11/10/17 ! We were so thrilled to receive this news when on a three day trip to Canberra and southern highlands, we just wanted to get back and get on with it. Well done on compiling a list of others in the waiting room, it helps everyone keep up to speed.
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    I don't know what is wrong with humans. We seem to revel in making animal look deformed. I think dogs have suffered the most. ? ?
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    Maybe, but they asked to remove a carpet less than two years old and to paint a neutral home with red feature walls. I could have refused but I figured I'd let them make it more homely. And from experience I can tell you that renters are put off by bright colours so it's a condition that they restore the place to the same colour scheme when they move out (they've been there for four years now and have just renewed for another year. Obviously they don't feel *that* hard done by).
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    So that is what those women at my supermarket are buying those large cucumbers for. I had been wondering.
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    I've allowed my tenants to replace carpet with wood veneer before, but they paid for it as there was nothing wrong with the carpet. Same with paint; I'm happy for my tenants to decorate as they see fit, as long as it's done to a high standard and they pay for it (and if it's a bright colour, they return the place to neutral at the end of the tenancy). If it really bothers you, approach the landlord, pay for it and be prepared to pay to return the place to as it was at the time you rented. Queensland has legislation that rentals must be fitted with an RCD, but as far as I'm aware NSW doesn't have anything mandating this.
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    Carpets, I really doubt the landlord/lady will change them unless they are extremely old, damaged and a safety issue. This is there retirement income and will not want to expend any money that is not necessary. And then it could be a struggle. If the area you are living in has a low vacancy rate and is popular, they will have even less incentive. I tried to get a kitchen worktop replaced during an inspection of a new rental I was viewing. The landlady had just replaced the freestanding cooker and living room carpet. The RE said to me she was an OAP and did not have the spare money to fix up the rest of the unit. Sad, that this is what the rental market has been in parts of Australia.
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    You rented the house with carpet (fitted I imagine) therefore it will have to stay unless you come to some arrangement with the estate agent or owners, but you will have to replace it like for like I would have thought! The nylon content in the carpet will be the culprit giving you slight shocks as opposed to 100% wool. If you google static in carpets there are several remedies you can try!.. Woolworths hire out "Rug Doctors" ! Regarding the electricity http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/ftw/Consumers/Product_and_service_safety/Electrical_safety.page The RE's electrician would be aware of the rules. In Europe it was mandatory to be able to switch off the oven and hotplates from a central switch on the wall.... our last house in Tasmania which was built appro 17 years ago didnt have this facility which was a constant "beef" of mine for safety reasons but apparently legal. A nightmare when children are around/and standard practice for me after cooking to switch off! Luckily now we have this facility! Maybe with all these various allergies you are better off looking for a tiled flooring premises, so easy to keep clean! Good luck! Edited... New South Wales Safety switches are only required in home built or substantially rewired after 1991.http://www.build.com.au/safety-switch-laws-and-requirements
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    .........carpet unless worn and needs replacing .........I doubt your landlord would just change it ........your electricity power board would/should of been checked by a licensed electrician .........a safety switch is compulsory ... ........each state having specific guidelines .......if the circuit breakers are in good working order and deemed safe ...... again the landlord will not change them ime .........you can get a tenants rights booklet or download one from your agent .........it will tell you what you can reasonably expect from your tenancy
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    Hey Guys, long time member here. Granted I haven't posted in a while, but it's always nice to drop by and say hi! I did a post similar to this a while back, since then so much has changed! So rolling back a few years to the beginning of our mega journey..... Back in 2009 after being together for some years, my Fiance and I decided it was time to buy our first house. We earned a modest amount of money, myself being a Welder and her being a Manager. So one would expect it wouldn't be to much trouble to pull together the money for a deposit. WRONG. You see this was smack bang in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis, and if you didn't have a 40% deposit you just got laughed out of the bank. Instead of getting Angry we decided to take a different path and leave the weather and the prospect of not getting our mid 2 bedroom terrace house behind. After 18 months of saving and planning, in 2011 we quit our jobs, took a one way flight and flew to Sydney on a WHV. It was all fun and excitement leading up to us leaving, then as we walked to the Taxi Rank outside Sydney Airport, with nothing more than 2 suitcases and a pocket full of money - we sh*t our selves. We had a hotel booked and that was it. People said we was mad, just stepping into the unknown, and told us 'at least you can say you had a go' when it doesn't work out. We was beginning to think the same. After a few days in Sydney, we decided to head north, so we hired a car and went to Newcastle. We decided that we would set up base here, try to find work and a place to rent. Prior to us moving, we both lived with my Fiances Parents, so we had no rental history. Coupled with the fact that we didn't have jobs either this made it impossible to find a rental, and stress was starting to kick in. Newcastle was proving real difficult, so we looked further afield and found a Unit in a Place called Port Stephens. We knew nothing about the area, but we was desperate. The Landlord offered it us on the basis that it was a 3 month Lease, paid up front, plus Bond. If we didn't trash it and we had jobs after that they will give us another lease. With funds running very very low, I managed to find a few weeks work back in Newcastle. The few weeks turned into a few months, and when the 6 month limit was coming up they offered me a 457 Visa to stay and work with them. When the 457 was granted we decided that this was finally a good time to get married. The family came for the Wedding, and as hard as it was for them when we left, when they seen what we had achieved and they could be nothing but proud. They was blown away with where we loved. Fast forward 4 years, my employed offered to sponsor me on a 186 ENS. The Application was lodged in December 2015, and we became permanent residents a in June 2016. After much saving we bought our first house in August that year. Then the realisation of what we have achieved really kicked in. The disappointment of not being able to afford that mid terraced house back in the UK is long gone. I am now sat typing this in my very own 4 Bedroom house, with 2 living areas and a double Garage, all of which is literally 5 minutes walk away from the beach. Summertime is coming, the days a getting longer, as a weekend hobby I teach Scuba Diving in one of Australias greatest places, Port Stephens. This is literally living the dream. When we take in to consideration that we don't have any family living over here, and didn't know a single person when we arrived we feel so proud. The Icing on the cake was in June this year when we got the news that we are expecting our first child. Watch out Australia, in February 2018 your latest citizen arrives! My point in all this is not just to tell a nice story, but to show that anything is possible if you try hard enough. It's been the scariest, most terrifying few years of my life, but also to best in my life! I have people from the UK telling me how lucky we are..... ....We aren't lucky, we just worked hard. We don't have rich families, and never had well paid jobs. We just took a chance and worked hard, and are still pinching ourselves that it's real.
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    Although the cost of house purchase is not factored in that particular survey. Looks more for shorter term perhaps ex pat business residents. I've noticed some rather cheap inner city offers for apartments in Manchester in fairly recent times. In the buy to rent mould. One slightly interesting note on Melbourne, coming out of The Weekend Australian, this passed weekend. Bernard Salt has offered his thoughts on Melbourne, becoming a more people's city, with lower incomes, ever more subsisting on cheaper living standards, as foreign students and near neighbour migrants on various visa's make do on what they have. Not sure if he considers it a good thing or not.
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    Take a look at the thread on the Victoria forum which was posted today re the cost of living in Melbourne/Victoria.
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    To record/video someone when you are stressed could be slightly difficult and rather confronting. For a couple of hundred bucks perhaps install your own CCTV camera (they are removable for your next place) and at least you can have a record of what is happening when you are away.
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    Also can anyone give me a rough figure of what annual insurance for a 70 year old with no pre existing conditions might be?
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    We now have our 405 visa, must admit it was a bit of a paperwork chase, not helped by living in Switzerland. Alan Collett did most of the work for us, no problems there. Hoping to move over in June, we are lucky we have already found a house that suits us. The State investment is paying around 1.8% interest, not a fortune but better than most UK interest rates. Dealing with the authorities here has been friendly so far, and questions have been answered in plain English. If you need any info PM me and I will try to help, but remember we are new so certainly don't have the answers to everything.
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