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    Hi Sulac, Sorry for your troubles. As above, if you are not planning to travel, why do you need the passports? If you are planning to travel, you need to engage him and get his agreement anyway. It sound like you guys need some sort of third party/mediator for agreement on anything (I'm there too btw). have a look at Relationships Australia, they run some good courses for post separation. As a Dad fighting for time with my daughter, this is sensitive topic for me. I disagree with you regarding 50:50, the children are entitled to a relationship with both parents. It is not about him or you but the children and what is in their best interests (your view of their best interests and his may be very different). If week on week off is not practical for 1 party, you can be flexible and arrange something that works for both parties (more time in holidays etc). I have just moved to Perth to be closer to my daughter (3), my ex tried to argue that 2 nights per month is sufficient for my daughter to spend time with her Dad (the same as I was getting flying from Sydney every month). She was laughed out of court. Judge gave me 3 nights per fortnight as an interim. I hope to have 50:50 by the time she is 5 and will fight like hell to get it. Children can normally heavily influence where they spend time from the age of 12 on. As your youngest is 9, they will soon be able to make their own choices. It is best to encourage your children to spend time with the other parent (presuming that they are not abusive/druggie etc). They figure out the sane from the bitter fairly quickly.
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