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    We have lived here in Adelaide for about 12.5 years now, what would you like to know? :wink: Ok, it's a great place to live and bring up kids. Everything is within easy reach (if you don't base yourself too far out in any direction - still can't get why so many people move to what is really a large town and then go live an hour's drive away!) We live in one of the Northeastern suburbs and we are about 30 minutes from the Barossa, 30 minutes from the Adelaide Hills, 35 minutes to the beach, 15 minutes to the city. This weekend, my husband and I had a weekend in the Clare Valley wine region which is about 1.5 hours drive away. If you like wines, you are so spoilt here. There is also a growing craft beer industry and a couple of distilleries ... but I'm not an alcoholic, honest! Workwise, Adelaide is challenging. It is very much a 'who you know' type of place for work, and with Holden closing down in Australia for good in 2017, there has been, and will be, a lot of people who have lost their jobs if they are in any way associated with the motor industry. If you work in Hospitality though, there seems to be a growing and thriving restaurant and bar scene in the city. Many people say Adelaide is a bit of a backwater, and many young adults do head off elsewhere at the end of their education - but a lot come back when they have families of their own, so as I say, good for families. Maybe not so good for couples or singles without kids though. We have three universities and the city is buzzing on summer days - never more so than during one of our fabulous festivals in "Mad March" - the Fringe Festival with the Garden of Unearthly Delights on a hot summer evening is an experience truly made in Heaven! If you like your sports, there is lots of that on offer - both organised and independent, and the Adelaide Oval is a world class venue that hosts cricket, AFL and soccer through the year. House prices are still fairly sensible here (although rents seem high to me) but it costs a little more to go on holiday abroad from here as not as many airlines fly direct from Adelaide, which bugs me a little! I hate having to go via Melbourne or Sydney! Climate is generally hot and dry in the summer, cold in the winter - you will still need your gloves here and some sort of heating - as well as air conditioning - is a must. Good mix of nationalities - both European and Asian migrants have made Adelaide their home over the past years - bonus is great food choices! Power costs are high compared to elsewhere though, and our speeding (and other motoring) fines etc are about the highest in Australia I reckon! We have some great schools, to suit all budgets - and even some of the great private schools here are much cheaper than their equivalents interstate. You do still find with people you meet as an adult though, that where you went to school (if you grew up here) has a bit of weight in a conversation, which is a bit weird! Also I don't know how anyone manages to have an extra-marital affair in Adelaide as once you've been here a short while, you always bump into someone you know, wherever you go! It's not a "bright lights, big city" type of place - Adelaide's charms are more subtle and relaxed. You can go to somewhere like Morialta which is just ten minutes from the city, and feel like you are in the middle of a gorge in France - apart from the koalas and brightly coloured birds you will see! Don't know if this is the sort of thing you wanted to know, ask away if you wanted anything specific and not just ramblings!
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