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    Hope youre enjoying your latest holiday, Julian. Stay away as long as you wish. Mrs CDU passed on your keys, just so we could keep an eye on the place. All good. A few things you will need to take into account when you get back: Both cars are out of fuel. Ones in the garage but unfortunately the other ran out up near Maccas. It should be ok there for the next few weeks. It was blowing a bit of smoke as i poured all the spare fuel from the mower, chainsaw and brushcutter in there just to ensure i got one last trip to the supermarket. Well it got there.......... The scotch you had was lovely. Some bottles said they were 30 years old! I polished them off so you could fill up with nice new stuff, dont forget to use your duty free allowance. You were wasting so much power with that fridge full of beer and freezer full of meat so we also managed to save you heaps by drinking/eating them empty, then turning them off at the power points. To help you feed the calf when it gets colder, ive not mown the lawn at all. You will be able to cut and bale it for winter fodder. To increase the amount of fodder available i ripped out all those space wasting rose bushes and that carp pond. I scattered some grass seed in its place. Its growing lovely! A tree fell down which will provide heaps of wood for next winters wood heater. If there was any chainsaw fuel left (see above), i would have ripped it off the spare room and cut it up. Unfortunately, being unable to do so, the tree is still poking through the roof; on the positive side, its a lovely view watching the instant creek appear, meandering through the lounge, every time it rains. Enjoy the rest of your trip!