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    Thanks guys. Just have to hope everything isn't too bad and be strong for the others. Mums staying with gran so at least she won't be alone. Well my grandad is there but he barely talks.
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    That's what they said about the slave trade, too. They were wrong. Horse and greyhound racing industries combine the worst of humanity - the exploitation of animals for human greed.
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    Now enough the pair of you. I have deleted more posts from you both. If someone upsets you so much then put them on ignore or hit the report button. I know you men like to be all macho but please, there is too much male testosterone flying around for my liking and it is totally unfair to subject all the other members to this. Just let the past go, I have because at the end of the day it only upsets you. I am now going to close this thread if anyone has anything to say please PM me.
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    Thank you Paul,one day mate