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    Happiest..................having my kids still here with me Saddest..................Finding out that someone you trusted implicitly for 30 yrs had been lying and cheating for 6 of them.
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    Happiest, coming back to UK, meeting 2 special PIO people and almost meeting another one :laugh: Saddest, making some realisations despite denial for some time, and feeling scared/sad for the future
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    This time last year my dad was in King College Hospital with tubes coming out all over him, strapped upto a kidney dialysis machine with little hope of pulling through but I don't know what those amazing Drs and nurses did to him but they got him through to the amazement of his oncologist at QE hospital woolwich who admitted he didn't expect to see him back in the chemo lounge. To see him come from a 6 stone shell laying in his hospital bed with all the ICU stuff around him to see him now, in remission and back to his normal weight and being a nuisance at his lovely retirement home, entertaining the old girls with his frank sinatra set is the best thing. I wish everyone here that is effected by this awful disease the strength to get through their personnel struggles and hope one day for a cure. sorry, i'm not good at expressing my thoughts but I know what I mean.:wubclub: ETA a special thankyou to a special person on here that supported me through these tough times:wubclub: evn though they had thier own problems.:notworthy:
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    Happiest: Seeing my 17 year old daughter change back into the wonderful young woman I always knew she was. Both my kids doing brilliantly at school and my eldest passing her driving test. Saddest: Finally coming to terms with the end of my first and only relationship, being 44 years old and realising I have spent my entire adult life with 1 person and not being with that person anymore.