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    Or, if you qualified for a partner visa you can apply onshore.
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    Okay thought I saw it all yesterday with the kind student discretely removing the humungus spider. I have been ill the last couple of days. Chesty cough / cold / flu type stuff. I have dragged myself into work mainly because of the senior exams and revision. Senior maths class today and one of the pupils says 'Miss you really ought to try some hot lemon and honey for that because it will really help.' So I say yes, I will try and make some later. Five minutes later he leaves to go the loo. 10 minutes later there is no sign of him. I am just gearing up to give him a proper scolding for wasting time loitering when this is last chance revision when he turns up with a mug of hot lemon and honey for me. He had gone off to the tuck shop for honey, the cafe for fresh lemon, and the staff room to pilfer a mug and hot water. I was really touched. Will miss teaching these guys next year. Millie x