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    I dont see where i have wrote thanks for the "happy replys" i have actually thanked everyone for there valid points which they are! However as many have also said depending on individual circumstance, i also think any move is a risk. If in the UK you move for jobs people are made redundant, house prices plummet, living expenses have increased. The only thing that stays the same is your extended family support. Notice i say extended, as many relationships sour and divorce often follows!......thats if staying in the UK. Now other than the cost to move and searching for jobs and accommodation which is also difficult, and some time of being unsettled what really is the difference? I know i for one is prepared for a bumpy ride. But......im also not prepared to sit here waiting for the reversal in aforementioned. Life is to short,i would rather go with less money, the risk,challenge and excitement of beginning my new life.As oppose to sitting for 10 years waiting till i paid my mortgage of and money in the bank.Something i COULD achieve there over time also. Now im happy to read all posts positive and not so, as all have helped me evaluate the "RISK" . Its the ones that are sarcastic by those that have not attempted or have even truly tried to emigrate to OZ, that i dont get much from......but have still read them as they have taken time to respond......EVEN YOURS......so Ty.... Good luck for your move .....10 years down the line i think you said.....make sure you pop on here for advice when the time is right for you .TC x
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    Gee it is all happening in Toowoomba, just heard that a drive through "subway" and "Coffee Club" on the corner of Ruthven St and Alderley street is about to be approved.
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