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    For a while,its because I am leaving the UK to return to Oz to help look after my Mum!I am taking 3 mths unpaid leave,and really just keeping an open mind about everything.My Mum is 82,and does'nt have a computer lol so.....unless I have access somewhere else to internet,take care everyone.xxxx
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    Chill out. I also had a wait like that on the day, I just went and did something inbetween, had I needed to come back to a different building then I would have done so, I am sure there was a reason. So what if examiner was ten minutes late, it is no big deal is it? There are some things in life worth getting upset about, this really does not seem like one of them.
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    It depends how quickly you want to go to Oz! My visa took a month from invite to grant... You have to enter Oz within 12 months of the older of your police check or medical! If you know when you want to go then it's an easy decision to make - but I waited for the CO to contact me and it hardly delayed my grant Cheers teacherben
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    It should all be on the Immigration website. We did this recently and have just done the medicals in advance of (hopefully) lodging the 186 visa in the next couple of weeks. The process was all the website - everything you needed to do to do the medicals before or after lodgement. We filled in a form and our agent then got the referral letters with the HAP IDs that we needed to book the medicals. We also got the police checks done too. The visa we are applying for seems to have a 3-6 month processing time so hopefully won't expire.
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    Immigration advised me to do before I lodged visa its up to you when u do it..health checks done through 'my health declerations' and 'e-medical client'
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    No it is not better to get them done now, it is better to wait and that is why the immigration department advises to wait. If you wanted to do them early though that is up to you, but I am not sure how you would go about that before you have even lodged the visa.
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