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    Croydon has its better areas and as I suggested is on its way up. Folk said similar things about Shepherds Bush thirty years back. Croydon as I said has a reputation but as does a lot of South London. One has to live where one can afford with a degree of comfort as well. My view is the word Chav (Council Housed and Violent) is a term way over used IMO in order to denigrate those at the bottom or struggling in society. These folk are nothing new, perhaps more of them as the pile is less evenly spread ....but the putdowns is a great example of tabloid language gaining common currency.
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    Harsh - and would you 'drop' a friend who developed an alcohol problem too, being legal & all? By the way - addictions do not develop because these people are not 'decent' - there is usually a deep rooted problem whether it is low self-esteem, depression, abuse etc. I can understand 'giving up' on support when you feel you are getting nowhere and it is to the detriment of your own health...but 'not deal' with people who have dabbled in recreational drugs I find a tad Judgey McJudge. But each to their own.
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    BritChick - payment form is Part M of the 47SP. It's included in there. You can use your debit card as long as it has a Visa/MC logo on it. If it does, you can mark it as "credit card" and it will be fine.
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