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    I worked in Burnie for 9 years and, although that was 1979-88, I think I can give you some information which is still relevant. It would certainly be a much more peaceful and relaxing life than Manchester! The town itself has a population of about 20,000 but is in the centre of very rich farming land and there are many small communities around it. It has a stunning location right on the coast and beautiful undulating land behind it with great views along the coast and inland to the mountains. When I was there its main industry was a large pulp and paper mill but that has since closed and Burnie has worked hard to "facelift" its industrial image. I'm not sure which would be its largest employer at the moment but it is the centre of engineering works for the mining industry (down the West Coast of Tasmania) and there is a large dairy/cheese factory there. Shopping would be very pedestrian compared to Manchester. Launceston (population about 100,000) would be the nearest town of any size. I had a daughter who had a very good education at Burnie High School and Hellyer College (years 11 and 12) - though I don't know what their standards are now. There is also a campus of the University of Tasmania. There was a very active theatre scene there at the time and a wonderful Youth Theatre which consumed most of her spare time. As I recall, lots of sports around the area including sailing, surf lifesaving, horseriding. I was very happy there - we lived on 5 acres out near Boat Harbour Beach, which was just gorgeous. Plenty of small acreage lots within commuting distance of Burnie if that is your style. Vivien
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    I have 4. English Welsh Scottish Irish
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    I really love Liz Earle superskin moisturiser, in fact it was only the other day I wondered what I would use in oz as it has no SPF in it. Perhaps just use at night......anyway I can really recommend it but you would need to order it online. http://uk.lizearle.com/cleanse-tone-moisturise/superskin-moisturiser.html I don't have dry skin and it is still not atoll greasy. If you lived in Perth I would take you a tub over with me to say thanks for all your good work on PIO. I don't post often but it really is a wealth of info.
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    So far I've helped 2 customers and they both like win8 now With the win 7 you need a copy of a win7 pro and a code just to get past the installer Then once installed you have to ring Microsoft to activate it with win8 code Plus some companies haven't even checked the newer laptops hardware are compatible with win7 just win8 Any questions or problems you have with win8 drop me a pm Next time you're on the Gold Coast I can give you a lesson even Howard
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