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    Just out of interest, what is a boutique immigration business? Are we talking a registered migration agent? I have to agree though that using the forums would be more beneficial. Most people already here either has a visa, or pretty much knows the general direction they need to be going in. If your wife gives good advice on a forum, rather than just trying to toute for bussiness (which actually just makes companies look desperate) then you are far more likely to get people want to use your wife's services.
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    We have never been to Australia before and are ( 5 of us) coming over on a PR 176 in jan. this site and perthpoms has been a real bonus for myself, as its made me realise that it's going to be tough , going to be emotional ( ups and downs) and that you don't walk off a plane into a job and rental. i have seen more negative comments of late ( I'm on this site every night ), my opinion is by now I know which members post I can trust and I also know a handful that seem to either slaughter oz in every sentence or seem to be out to deter people in moving over . only members themselves know the truth , but without this site I'd be moving across with rosé tinted glasses on . im glad I found this site and cant wait to start outer new adventure next year ( if I can find work, rental , school , food , etc )!!!!!!!!!! thank you ian
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    I agree with you that many people use God in catch phrases and I agree with you that many people have wrongly used fear and death threats etc in order to try to persuade people to believe in God and I also agree with you that some have 'feathered their nest' by the way they have gone about their (church/christian) business. BUT I think Jesus would also find it sickening - in fact when he was on earth He turned over the tables in the temple when he saw such practices. I personally hate it and am so sorry that this kind of behaviour has turned so many people away from exploring their own faith journey. I wish that people who professed to be Christian or loved what they read in the bible would choose to live by what's written rather than judge others for not doing so. The message in it's pure state (i.e. before man uses it for their own ends) is an amazing story, whether you believe it to be true or not. Personally I believe it is true and I try to live my life that shows I believe it's true but as a Christian I can only apologise for those who have used it for their own ends. NWM
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    The bible is a collection of books (writings) written over a span of time. Some of the earlier ones were transcribed into words centuries after being passed down through the oral tradition. Genesis tries to explain the relationship between man and his creator, the use and power of ones 'will' and the acquired ability (may be necessity) of the human species to differentiate between 'good' and 'evil'(depicted in the Fall). Following genesis the bulk of the old testament relate to a group of people, their lives, exiles, and history and how and why they were set apart. The New testament introduces Jesus as a seed from this group of people--indicating that he was created by the power of the Holy Spirit but wholly human like each one of us. In my eyes Jesus is the person we should aspire to be. What He has done many others on earth have also done. The miracles ascribed to Jesus were not performed because he was God, but because he was a man whose will was in communion with that of God. All human beings are created equal--our potential is only limited by our beliefs.
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    When JOn and I got married back on 1st May 2010 we wrote our own vows, he promised to ALWAYS make me coffee in the morning, and I promised to sometimes ask him before promising his help to others.... In short - keep making her toast and coffee, according to my husband it's better than facing a wife going through caffeine withdrawal ...