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    I've flown China Eastern many times whilst on business in China, sometimes in business class and other times in standard. My thoughts are as follows: Economy 1) The legroom is actually slightly better than in Virgin Atlatic economy - Strange seeing as Chinese people tend to be shorter than Westerners. 2) The food is not too bad - Its a bit like a small, basic UK Chinese takeaway. There are normally just a couple of options, both with plain rice and a strange warm, slightly sweet white bread roll. 3) The seats themselves are cheap feeling. The fabric is hard wearing tough stuff but a bit rough on your skin. 4) The entertainment is a screen hanging from the ceiling every 4-5 rows. There will probably be a few American films showing, with Chinese subtitles. Business Class 1) The seats are very slightly bigger with more leg room. They dont lie flat. 2) The food is pretty much the same but served on a ceramic plate, rather than in a foil dish. 3) There are only a few business class seats, separated from economy by a curtain. Small children will probably be allowed to run in and out and play with the curtain throughout the flight. General China Eastern (and China Southern, and nearly all other Chinese airlines) run late when taking off in China. You will need to bear this in mind if you have a stop-over anywhere in China. The normal delay is around 40 minutes. Chinese airports are not the most glamourous places to stop over. Shanghai Pudong is probably ones of the better ones and Guangzhou is not far behind. Howver (ladies in particular) prepare for a shock if you need to use the toilet when you're there. Whilst there will be western toilets somewhere in the airport, they're not in all of the toilet areas. Often you can walk from a nice new looking departure lounge into a smelly, smoke filled room where you go into a cubicle to do your business into a hole in the ground. As a sensible adult this is probably not too much of an issue but I wouldnt do it with children. Only half of the airline staff on the internal flights speak English - This may be different on international flights. Would I fly from the UK to Australia with a Chinese airline? If I was on my own I probably would. I dont tend to watch much entertainment whilst in the air, I prefer to listen to music and sleep. However, I've been flying with them for 7 years and the first few times I was accompanied by people who had done it before - I'm not sure I'd want to do it one my own for the first time. Its probably worth mentioning that prior to coming to Australia last month, my wife had only ever flown to California in Virgin Premium Economy. When we booked to come to Australia I decided not to go with a Chinese airline and went for Malaysia Airlines. However, this was partly due to the more civilised arrival time in Perth (3PM) and the ability to book exit row seating on their A380 double-decker plane. Total cost for two, one-way was approx 1300 pounds including 140 pound reservation fee for the exit row seating. If you'll looking to make an in-airport stop over more pleasant, why not conside the Plaza Premium lounges? You pay to get in but once there the food and drink is free and unlimited. The quality at both Shanghai and Guangzhou is very good. Take a look on Google and you'll get costs and pictures. Probably only worth it for an in-airport stop-over of 2+ hours by the time you've got to and from the plane/lounge.