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    Sick leave, in my previous job, was 10 days per year. If you had a sick partner, child, close family, you could use these days to take compassionate leave. All the companies I have worked for in Aus let ulu do this, but only 2 days in a row. Compasionate leave is not a holiday allowance either is sick leave.
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    http://www.crystaltravel.co.uk/Result.aspx?q=m0vGbiret%2biPOJ4qw7ua91nZTphM68Z%2fa6uvC9vDpg5K8s5wqrMw9xAQB1WJZIlF £572 to Sydney from LHR with China 2 stops Millie x
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    http://www.kayak.co.uk/#/flights/LON-SYD/2012-11-01 to go to sydney with china airlines the lowest is 555 quid with 3 stops or 653 with asiana airlines
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