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    Ive decided to take a huge step away from PIO......:yes: I may pop on now & then for updates on people I am fond of, I may still PM, but I wont be posting on the open forum anymore I have spent 4 years as a member on here & have over the years found it most helpful & I like to think that I have been a good member & helped others where I can :wubclub: I have PIO to thank too for meeting two of my good friends, one ive met here in WA & one that is newly arrived & I hope to meet soon :wink: I have also recently made a good group of Friends from PIO & we chat over facebook I really do wish everyone well in their ventures to, in & away from Australia.... May it be all that you hoped for your Family :cute:
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    I asked HMRC this and was told: Dear Sir, There will be no CGT if you either:- Sell within 3 years of leaving it or Rack up at least 5 full tax-years of non-residence eventually and sell at any time whilst non-resident. Not sure about to the ATO though - but bear in mind it would only be on any gain since you left. We left in 2009, and the value has decreased since then so I'm fairly relaxed about the whole thing. Ours was also family house for ten years! We have also received rental income from it, which is now taxable to the ATO since I became a permanent resident in August (not while I was temporary).