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    I know...... But at the age of 46 I have just replaced my first tap washer, without : a) pulling the tap off the wall and b) not requiring the services of a professional (and therefore expensive) plumber. I'm over the moon! Geoff (the builder, can he fix it? No! Cos he's going on the ale to celebrate his new found powers!)
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    People do say to me now I am home, "Sorry it didnt work out" my answer to that is it worked out perfectly. I went to live in another country, but decided that I liked my homeland more.
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    Very good point. Also a fact ,40% of Pomes return to UK within 4 years of their time in Oz. Lets face it most would give it a go for a couple of years anyway. How many return after 5 or 6 years? Or even 10? Do people stay because they love it or do some people stay because they cant afford to go home and just pretend they have the choice? Conversley do people go home because of family even though they prefer Oz? Its not easy to give an explanation. The only way is to try for yourself.
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    Hello Alan, Welll I am Twinsmom65, I am actually a girl not a guy:rolleyes: .... I live in Canada, was born in the UK, lived there for almost 16 years, till my parents emigrated to Canada (been in Canada since 1981). Emigrated to Perth in 2008 lived there for just over 2 years and moved backed to Canada at the end of 2010. Might try NZ next as I want to experience living in all commonwealth countries :jiggy:(just kidding !!). I love cats and reading. Hope this helps Cheers Karen:wink: