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    When I had my first child I hated breastfeeding as it involved sitting in a room by myself for 30 minutes to an hour while the baby fed. When I had the twins I decided to heck with everyone and I fed my babies wherever, whenever. I have no desire to show my wares, so a strategically placed blankie was always at hand of course, and it was the most wonderful experience. I fed two strapping babies until they were a year old. Perhaps if more women were seen breastfeeding it would lead to a trend of more mums taking the view that bottle feeding is actually out of the norm instead of the more acceptable practice? Yay for Boobies!!!!
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    I think Australia is as dull or as exciting as you want to make it. You can get out there, meet people and do things or laze around,make few friends and ultimately get bored. It's abit like asking if the grass is greener, im a firm believer in the grass is as green as you want to make it, jeez mine has turned brown a few times since we arrived 5 years ago but with a bit of effot and a gut full of determination ive made it green again. Cal x
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