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    Mate, just have a browse through my posts and you will see what I think about Perth and surrounds. We have been here 20 years, raised a couple of boys who have been through the school system here without a problem. The youngest has autism too and we've had a lot of help. The oldest (22) is an electrician earns good money working for a company in Perth but could earn loads if he went on the mines. He's thinking about it. Trouble is he has a great life here. Girlfriend, pubs and clubs at the weekend, mates with boats, so they go watersking, pop over to rottnest, drives around in a XR6 turbo Ute goes to the gym just about every night after work, was a member of the local surf club from age 7 until he started work. Perth is as busy and interesting as you want to make it. If you like sport there is everything you could wish for, a lot of it free or minimal cost. I know Northbridge gets a bad rap but I've been down there quite a bit and the atmosphere always reminds me of when we used to go to Spain on holiday. Everyone seems to be in a good mood and parties. Compared to where I grew up in Derbyshire the violence and antisocial behaviour I hear so much about seems almost non-existant by comparison. Maybe a lot of people have been brought up in cotton wool and never went out much in the UK. I for one saw heaps of trouble there every weekend and a lot of the time you can either get involved or not. When my eldest went back on holiday this year I felt I had to tell him to be careful and be a bit "street wise" as I think, growing up here, he just thinks most people will be "nice". Ah well, like I said check my other post out for further reading. Living the dream.
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    feel a bit exposed by saying, but hey ho.... I am uk, with the planning stages of getting there late 2012 with wife as main applicant with our two daughters.....i have and still do suffer from depression....moods are not good, and like wise had been offered drugs, but decided not to, and still say have to manage it, and look of ways to keep it as bay. maybe its a niave view, but i hope with better weather, and a sense of adventure it will be better for me, and better for the family....they put up with such moods i am so lucky. to be able to be more out doors, with the family, can only be good i feel for depression. i guess i will be one of those who say in a few years, its either makes it better or not, who knows ? but if i consider we were not going, i do feel then it would be tablets.....as a vital artery of a sense of fun and adventure and the possibility of being a lot more happier, with a happier family is worth migration. :twitcy::twitcy::twitcy:
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