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    lol...... I live here and I know what you mean, I was awoken this morning to the stench of raw waste that is filling the streets, we have had no fresh running water for several weeks now, the electricity was on long enough to catch some news headlines, dengue fever and malaria are running out of control, malnourished children litter the streets begging for their next meal, roads are impossible to pass due to mud slides and hurricanes bringing the bridges down forcing the sick, injured and pregnant women to walk all day to their nearest health center. Gangs of gun totting youths hang around the street corners selling hard drugs, the corrupt police force are powerless to act, not enough of them anyway, the govenment turns a blind eye interested only in lining their own pockets, the local schools have been shut for over 6 months, its just no longer safe enough to send the kids. We havnt worked for years, we somehow manage to scrape by on charitable handouts and sending the kids out to beg, I have read recently about the huge rises in fuel cost, im not bothered tho because I cant afford to buy or insure a car anyway. I always regretted leaving Oz, life was so great there.
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    what have i done today to get to oz? ......well I've had my head down doing uni assigments, and with the thought constantly at the back of my mind that getting the degree is one step closer to living my dream down under......hopefully! :angel_happy_face_ha
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    We totally LOVE it, never had one minutes of missing home. Just wish we'd made the move years ago instead of just talking about it. Chris x
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